Announcing Interview with American Family Radio

An interview has been scheduled with Tim Wildmon, the host of Today’s Issues, on American Family Radio (AFR).  It will take place live, from 10:30-11:00 am Central Time (adjust for your time zone), Thursday, January 15.  Tim Wildmon is the president of AFR.

This is probably going to be the largest audience so far that will hear the message of Daniel Revisited.  AFR is heard on approximately 200 stations over 34 states.  Check for your local radio station and coverage on their station map.  For those who won’t be able to catch the program, I can hopefully have a recording available.

I give God our Father all the praise and glory.

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  1. God has opened an awesome opportunity for the message to awaken the church. I pray for open ears of your listeners and wisdom on your part Mark to be given exactly the right words that God wants you to share.

  2. I look forward to the recording; I won’t be able to listen in as I live in the UK.

    Psalm 90:17

    Sally R
    London UK

  3. Great!! I will be listening to the archive you will list on your website. I pray for this message and for you daily and will blog about it when it’s listed. I also pray for Nelson as well. Love you both!

  4. That’s great Mark, Joel will be up in your woods this coming weekend.

  5. I heard you on the program today and I thought it went well. Eschatology isn’t for everyone but I love studying it and look forward to reading your book and getting your thoughts. I’ve been following Daniel11truth on the internet and seeing how he brings each verse to life. Showing how each verse has either been fulfilled and what to look for in the next one. Very enlightening.

  6. I wasn’t able to find the archive on AFR.

  7. Robert,
    I meant to do an update post with the interview posted but I’ve been busy. I’ll do that next.

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