Video: Islam’s Signature of Trampling and Crushing Made Obvious

Thanks go to one of my readers who has given us a link to a very interesting 45-minute video on the history of Islam and its realm.  It can be seen on YouTube or below.  It is titled Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by a Dr. Bill Warner. In making his own point about why he thinks western civilization is cowering before Islam, he presents a fairly complete account of how Islam expanded, and was and is relentlessly stomping out everything that is not of Islam. His viewpoint is secular but he inadvertently shows Islam as being the fulfillment of Daniel 2:40 (in the past) and Daniel 7:7,19 (in the end times).  Daniel 2:40 gives us the identity of the realm from which the Antichrist will come when we allow history to shed some light on that verse, by showing us that the empire represented by the iron legs that crushes all the other empires cannot be Rome, but Islam.

Dr. Warner brings up many of the same points that I did in Daniel Revisited, Chapters 1 and 5, regarding Islam’s history and its way of assaulting cultures.

Dr. Warner is trying to wake up the west in this video.  The idea that we must treat Islam as the religion of peace comes from an erroneous theory, and as he says at 44:40, if the “data does not support a theory then the theory is wrong.”  He says this in regard to the idea that we must treat Islam as the religion of peace.  But it applies equally well to the wrong theory that Rome is the source of the Antichrist.  The historical data overwhelmingly shows Islam is the crusher and trampler.  Those who say we need to wait until something happens to prove either Islam or Rome is the true source for the Antichrist need to wake up and do their homework.  For when it actually happens it will be too late.

One thing that struck me about this educational video is that it really makes the obsolete belief that Rome is the realm which tramples the world, and Persia, and Babylon, and everything, so completely laughable (no disrespect intended to our brothers and sisters who do not know) and shows it to really be a myth.  Dr. Warner is right – the history of Islam is mostly unknown to the west.  It becomes obvious that Jerome living in 400 AD, and theologians today have in common a complete ignorance of Islam.  But at least Jerome had a valid excuse having lived 200 years before Islam emerged.

Dr. Warner likens Islam’s assault on the world for 14 centuries as an abuser to an abuse victim or abused animal, where the victim is cowering and being docile before the abuser.  I can’t help but think that the Church’s ignorance of Islamic history has not only caused it to look to Rome for the emerging evil, but to look to the Rapture as the means to rescue from this encroaching threat.  A Pre-Trib or Post-Trib timed Rapture doesn’t matter – we have three more Signposts to live through prior to any Rapture.  He was also speaking at 44:10 to the west in general about facing our fears, but I can’t help but think his statement applies to the Church in the west as well.

The video also highlights the fact that much of what we now know of ancient and medieval history is from archaeological studies, where people had to travel and find these sites.  Through these digs and studies, knowledge of true history increased.  I believe this is what God meant when he told Daniel “But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” (Daniel 12:4, my emphasis)  The meaning of that last sentence in Daniel 12:4 is made clearer.  It is by people travelling and studying to increase knowledge that has unsealed Daniel.  We, the Church, only need now to open our eyes and benefit from it.

I urge everyone to watch this video while keeping Daniel 2:40 and Daniel 7:7,19 in mind.  Get your friends, brothers and sisters and pastors to watch this.  It is rare to find a secular video that supports the Islamic Antichrist theory so well (even if inadvertently) and the opportunity should not be wasted.

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11 replies

  1. Great post Mark!

    I will certainly get into this video tonight!

  2. Thank you Mark for this video: very informative and sobering.

  3. I also sent presentation link along to two church leaders who are coming around to the Islamic paradigm. Thanks for bringing it to your reader’s attention, Mark.

    Tell Joel hello for me when you see him in Denver this week!


  4. I will, good4u1. And thanks for letting me know about the church leaders you are talking to.

  5. Thanks, Mark, for posting this, and thanks to the reader who passed it on to you. I am going to also be passing it on to others here in Israel, and abroad.

    Blessings for this new year, which looks pretty stormy. Thank God for Jesus!

  6. Really puts world history in the correct perspective. Had no idea how much of onslaught Spain went through.

  7. Thanks for this video and analysis, Mark. I have sent it out to others here in Israel, and abroad. Very fascinating presentation and enlightening.

  8. Gary,
    Yes Islamic history is eye-opening. This is why Spain was so pro-Catholic in the 1500s with the Inquisition having fought Islam for 750 years on its soil. Maybe Spaniards today aren’t as aware or opposed to Islam since Islam has been contained to south of Gibraltar for the last 500 years.
    This is also why Russia is as rabid as it is dealing with Muslim extremists. It has been fighting Islam for 1,000 years and it is still ongoing.

  9. Blessings Mark, I am looking for Daniel 11, from a Muslim historical point of view. I was confident I read the article I am speaking of on your website, however I am unable to locate it. I know that prophecy and historical events are layered across time. Like the events stay the same only people, places and the timing of the event changes. It is like a Deja vu kind of thing. I appreciate your help. Linda

  10. Linda,
    I don’t see any post titled or themed along the lines of Daniel 11 on my site. It is possible what you saw was on Joel’s site. I do remember him several months back talking about Daniel 11 and saying he was going to write about it.
    You reminded me too, I’ve been doing some research on Daniel 11 (I mentioned that in a comment here) and I was going to post about it soon.

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