A False Alarm: Talk of Turkey Invading Israel

Knowing the Four Signposts based on scripture in Daniel 7 and 8, both alerts us to the news stories we need to pay attention to and it allows us to ignore other news stories that are false alarms.  A story of the latter category was just run on WorldNetDaily recently.  It spoke of a rally that took place in Turkey in support of the Palestinians.  The report spoke of the enthusiastic cheering from the crowd there in Turkey when Hamas leader Khalid Mashal mentioned in a speech that Turkey should invade Israel and liberate Jerusalem.

Hamas leader Khalid Mashal shares an embrace with Turkish President Erdogan during a trip to Turkey last week

Hamas leader Khalid Mashal shares an embrace with Turkish President Erdogan during a trip to Turkey last week

Yes, Turkey has become more nationalistic and Islamist.  And yes there are those in Turkey that probably do think Turkey should invade Israel.  However, it is not going to happen in the near future with the political Turkey of today.

What is missed by people watching events is that Iran will be invading the Middle East soon which is the Second Signpost.  This is next on the Bible’s prophetic clock as written about in Daniel Revisited.

After that in the Third Signpost, Turkey will have its hands full trying to counter Iran.  Turkey will form its four-nation Confederacy and conquers the Middle East.  The Confederacy then breaks into four parts with the Antichrist rising from the Turkish part in the Fourth Signpost.  It is when the man to be Antichrist is assembling his empire in the Fourth Signpost, can we then start looking at an invasion of Israel from Turkey.

Though there may be sable-rattling and talk today from Iran and Turkey about invading Israel it isn’t going to happen until the Muslim realm has united under the man who is to be Antichrist.

Turkish President Erdogan is not to be the Antichrist.  He may, however, be the prominent horn on the goat in the Third Signpost.

We have a ways to go.

Incidentally, I have tried to get the attention of WorldNetDaily on many occasions and they are not interested in the Four Signposts or Daniel Revisited.  They seem to be more interested in hyping news events that are false alarms.  I believe the people at WND are our brothers and sisters; may our Lord open their eyes.

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  1. Yes, WND has its “issues” and can be suspect in legitimate news information and, at times, very tabloid-like. I take WND with a grain of salt unless it can be independently verified with other reputable news sources. It is a shame because it tries to focus on Christian readership, but at times fails miserably in its efforts.

    O’Reilly is really singing your second signpost, Mark. He is very worried about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons and how the entire geopolitical landscape will change as a result…and rightly so. Every time, O’Reilly commentates about Iran, I can’t help but think of your book.


  2. “We have a ways to go.” How striking. The cry of pilgrims of faith through the ages.

    Reminiscent of “the patience of the saints.”

    Probably in the time it just took me to read the article about more threats against Israel, a Christian somewhere in the world has died for our Messiah-Savior.

    We have a ways to go.

    “Even so, come, LORD Jesus.”

  3. Read this morning that another Iranian top brass got injured by an ISIL suicide bomber. Soleimani I believe it was and he is a top commander. One thing about bears is that they can be quite calm until you disturb them and then they will attack quite fiercely.

  4. Hi Gary,
    Major General Qassem Soleimani is the top commander of the Qods Force and answers only to the Supreme Leader himself. So this could be a big deal. According to DEBKA’s story he has been taken to a hospital in Iran. Two thoughts here. One, this could potentially be a major change in top players here if he dies, and two, I take this with a grain of salt because DEBKA (being Israeli intelligence) sometimes exaggerates bad things that happen to the enemy. We will have to wait and see how this story develops.

  5. What’s this junk about the Antichrist,, invading,,,, there is no Antichrist in the biblical text except someone who don’t beilive in Christ, that’s called the spirit of Antichrist,,,, its the (beast and false prophet) who do all the bad stuff,,,the leaders are just dumb pawns ,,,Christ will come tomorrow if ya beilive the churches lies,, he’ll be back when most people on earth are dead like bible says.

  6. Mick,
    Yes, the word “Antichrist” as it appears in the Bible only applies to the spirit of antichrist or many antichrists like in 1 John. The word “antichrist” is used now popularly today for the beast. I go along with that because we must wisely pick our battles.
    Whatever the timing of the Rapture may be (pre or post Trib) will reveal itself as events pan out. It will show at the end of the Fourth Signpost. Everyone get ready for the three signposts to come.

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