Iran’s Largest Naval Drill

It is amazing to me that news stories reporting on Iran continue to show it going down the path of getting ready for the great Second Signpost invasion of the Middle East.  Without knowing about the Signposts of Daniel and Revelation as written about in Daniel Revisited, one can only guess what Iran might do.  But by knowing the Second Signpost we can see that all these news stories are indeed showing us Iran’s coming invasion of the Middle East.

We saw Iranian leadership drawing a red line with ISIS.  We saw Iranian leadership calling for mobilization of its Basij.  Christmas Day saw yet another news story showing that the Second Signpost is likely coming.

This news story reports that Iran was to begin its largest navy exercise in the history of the Islamic Republic.  The exercise will extend from the Strait of Hormuz south into the Indian Ocean and west to the Gulf of Aden.  This area of ocean is roughly the size of Saudi Arabia.  The potential areas where the exercises will take place are shown on the map, just off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula which could see Iran’s occupation during the Second Signpost.  (Note: The red arrows represent the directions the Persian ram would run out from Susa, in Daniel 8.)

The ocean area Iran will conduct naval exercises, compared to the potential land area to be occupied by Iran during the Second Signpost

The ocean area Iran will conduct naval exercises, compared to the potential land area to be occupied by Iran during the Second Signpost

I see this naval exercise as prophetically significant in two ways.  First, this is most likely the greatest show of naval force in the Indian Ocean and along the coast around the Arabian Peninsula, by a Muslim power, since the Ottoman Empire’s navy last sailed those waters in the 1700s.  The Ottomans patrolled the Indian Ocean for 250 years until the Portuguese navy and then the British navy challenged them.

This is yet another data point that shows the Islamic Realm as a whole is rising as a significant power in the bigger picture.  Note that this exercise is not to be done in the Persian Gulf as Iran has conducted many past exercises, but it is to take place further out in the ocean, projecting power further from Iran’s borders.

Iranian naval vessels during a military exercise

Iranian naval vessels during a military exercise

Secondly, and more ominously I believe, the Iranian navy is testing its naval support for its invasion during the Second Signpost.  When the Persian Ram runs to the south, we do not know how far it will run, but the limit is the Arabian Peninsula itself.  If Iran does manage to reach the southern coasts it will need support from naval forces patrolling the coasts.  Again, looking at the map one can see that the areas to be patrolled roughly correspond to the southernmost reach of Iran during the Second Signpost.  This additional story mentions that the Iranian navy might also be supporting the Shia Muslim Houthis who took over Yemen recently.  It is possible that Yemen could ally with Iran in controlling the southern Arabian Peninsula during the Second Signpost.

At the very least, the location of this naval exercise shows Iran has its eyes set on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, for whatever reason: Yemen and the Second Signpost included.

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  1. Do you think they may have a blockade in mind? These oil prices have got to be taking a toll on them by now.

  2. Mark,

    I was hoping you would post something regarding some type of Iranian response. Iran is muscle-flexing for a reason…to intimidate their arch Sunni-Arab enemy who wields the powerful economic sword of ME oil, the #1 OPEC oil exporter…Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudi’s are beyond terrified of Iran obtaining their long desired nuclear weapon and with good reason. They no longer can count on their long-time ally to protect them, America and have no for the first time have established a unified military command since the founding of the Gulf Cooperation Council. So now the Saudi’s have again taking out their most powerful economic weapon, their sword of oil, to attempt to crush the Iranian economy. By not reducing Saudi oil on the open market they are driving down the global price of crude to “wait it out” so to speak as the other oil exporters economies (particularly Iran) stumble into a deep recession. The other oil exporters cannot compete with Saudi oil because the Saudi family can afford to take economic losses indefinitely, not so with Iran # 8 oil exporter and Russia #2 oil exporter, respectively. Both of those national economies rise or fall on oil exports and the global demand of the same.

    This is a dangerous game the Saudi’s are playing. If your #2 signpost of an Iranian invasion takes place as current events are strongly suggesting more frequently now, and the price of oil per barrel is consistently below $60 for most of next year. It is more than likely that Iran will indeed invade Saudi Arabia in 2015 and seize those Saudi oil fields and other ME oil fields as the Prophet Daniel states. This is all so predictable now as we put the pieces out on the table and start assembling them into the near future event and it will be the news story of the year of 2015. But more importantly, it will become a final fulfillment of parts of Daniel chapters 7 & 8! Then we are one step closer to Daniel’s 70th week!

    See this blog post for background of my comments here:


  3. Oh, this is another fyi…I believe the “Mystery Babylon” spoken of in Revelation 18 is none other than the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia. It is very fitting that the House of Saud be utterly destroyed by the judgment of God.


  4. Thomas,
    Good question. But, no, I don’t think they have a blockade in mind. If they have in mind to cut off the oil they would do so at the fields. If they try a blockade outside of the Strait of Hormuz they know every European and Asian navy would descend on them. Though the Iranian navy is as large as ever, it would be besieged by many navies.

  5. Hi Good4u1,
    Keep in mind the author does not know about the Signposts.
    I also disagree that Russia will be brought to its knees when the author also says that Saudi Arabia is in a good position to weather the low prices in oil. Russia has larger reserves than, and produces as much oil as, Saudi Arabia.
    The author brings up a good topic though – low oil prices brought about by Saudi Arabia. This may all be another hook to draw Iran to the south, just as ISIS is a hook to draw Iran to the west.

  6. @ Good4u1: That’s a well summed up assessment. Indeed, Saudi Arabia is frightened of Iran; and Iran would like nothing more than to wipe Saudi Arabia off the map every bit as much as they do Israel. I also agree that Mystery Babylon is Saudi Arabia.

  7. It could be that a lot of events may come together at once for a perfect storm. Hezbollah is reportedly preparing for a spring offensive against Israel, which could serve as a diversion against Iranian military moves. Combine that with a Shemitah year and possible financial collapse on a global scale could spark a larger war with Iran lashing out against Saudi Arabia and defeating IS. Next year doesn’t look to be a very promising year except for war.

  8. I can see Iran using Yemen Shittes to do their dirty work of attacking S.A.

    I wonder if Iran is waiting to see whether S.A. will cut on their oil quotas in July 2015. The question is can their economy wait and handle 6 months of below $60 oil pricing. Or will they waiting until Obama is out of the picture and Europe, Russia and Japan are in deep financial recession, like U.S. In 2008-09, and then pursue an attack to S.A.
    Right now Iran has 6 more months of grace period until the nuclear talks resume. For sure 2nd half of 2015 will be filled with geopolitical strategies for all the nations.
    God is truly setting the stage for the entrance of A.C. In the Middle East.

  9. Earl,
    Yes, 2015 may be the year the Second Signpost finally appears. And if that is the case, then 2015 is the first year starting a chain of continuous years called out in Bible prophecy specifically leading to the return of Christ. But let us remember how it all wonderfully ends.

  10. Mark:
    I really think your ministry needs to reach out to our muslim friends as well. God wants the last generation of family of Ishmael and Esau to be blessed by Jesus Christ. God’s mercy and Grace has been extended to all the Gentiles, including Muslims/Arabs.

    Do you have any plans or strategies to reach out to 1.5 billion Muslims?

  11. Read earlier that a ISIL sniper took out a Iranian brigadier general in Samara. This will cause two things: a step up of Iranian forces and since there is a concern of intelligence leaks, a clamp down to oversee that anybody in the Iraqi forces are not double agents.

  12. Agreed, Afo. I’m working on it.

  13. Dan 10:20
    Then he said, Do you know why I come to you? And now I will return to fight with the ruler of Persia. And when I have gone out, lo, the ruler of Greece shall come.

    Interesting it is Persia(Iran) first…then Greece (Turkey) afterwards.. signposts 2 and 3 !


  14. Ouuu….great insight, Brian! I never really thought about that verse that way, but it certainly could be a modern application in light of Mark’s message. Thanks!


    Interesting views in the middle of this article about Saudis trying to hurt Iran will oil price.

  16. Here’s another milestone of Iran’s take-over of the region:

    Also — check out the numerous references on youtube and in articles, of the word “daesh” applied to ISIS army. Arabic word is, to crush, to pulverize. Will part of the goat’s army be these ISIS crushers?

  17. Here’s a good discussion of the meaning of ‘daesh’ – which has become Iran’s way among others) of referring to ISIS:

  18. Here’s an American general’s take on ‘daesh’, using this word rather than ISIS (or ISIL?), because the latter title confers legitimacy of statehood. The brutal army should not be so honored, according to this article:

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