The Second Signpost Is Not Yet…But It Is Getting Closer

Many are now watching the Middle East for the truly significant prophetic events. This is good. One big question people have is what will we see when the Second Signpost truly begins. One theme that always draws questions is when Iran increases the number of its troops in the field in Iraq or Syria, or deploys ships to some area around the Middle East. I get emails and texts wondering if this is “it.”

Daniel 7, 8, and Revelation 6 tells us about various aspects of the great Iranian invasion. Keep in mind the words from Daniel 8:4:

“I watched the ram as he charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power.”

A ram is used to symbolize Iran’s attack; its troop movements. A ram charges quickly, unexpectedly, and with enough force to knock people down and other animals senseless. No animal could be rescued from this ram, so it seems that the ram’s attacks will be overpowering. What might this translate into? I believe it equates to enough military force to easily overpower and shock the militaries of ISIS and other countries around it.

Recently on May 23 Iran sent a “small number of troops” to take back an oil refinery. I did not believe that was it. Just yesterday the story broke that Iran is sending 15,000 troops to Syria to shore up Assad’s forces.  I don’t believe this is the start, either.

IRGC troops parading.

IRGC troops parading.

These forces that have gone out are meant to contend with ISIS, not overwhelm and shock it.

Also, Daniel 7:5 tells us that the bear that represents Iran will be told, “’Get up and eat your fill of flesh.” “Your fill” in the original language means to gorge and like a bear, that means many creatures, many beasts, many countries will be consumed. (This is all discussed in detail in chapter 10 of Daniel Revisited.)

So I believe the signature of the start of the Second Signpost will be a number of troops exceeding 100,000 at a very bare minimum (and more likely a minimum of 200,000), and many countries being impacted – ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Gulf states, and even countries like Jordan and Turkey.  If there is any ramping up of forces to these levels, it will most likely be quick.

Keep watching. The invasion by Iran of the Middle East is next in Bible prophecy. We will continue to see Iran posture itself in the region. Having watched for the Iranian invasion since 2005, I would say we are close.

General Soleimani, the head of the Quds force branch of the IRGC, when the 15,000 troops to Syria was announced was quoted as saying, “The world will be surprised by what we and the Syrian military leadership are preparing for in the coming days.”

Is he referring to the Second Signpost itself? Maybe.

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  1. when considering the temperament of the ram and bear… a ram can go from being a docile one to suddenly aggressive even attacking it’s owner. A bear most often attacks suddenly when its cubs are in danger or the bear is hungry and motivated for food and will go after anything that stands in its way. the option for a bear attack if it is sick but clearly the bible states that the bear is told to go and consume much flesh.. so i suspect the hunger issue. and a bear will consume great amounts before going into hibernation. just something i been thinking about.
    Both rams and bears are also highly territorial … and the greek goat is of the same mentality… a goat is easily provoked and will trample down whatever in its rage as well.
    the scriptures are very descriptive of these nations mentality and motivations for sure. interesting.

  2. Concerned that the events in Tel Aviv on June 12th will illicit a major attack.

  3. I’m going to read this post above, Mark. But I watched The O’Reilly Factor last night (6/5) and the last segment was Charles Krauthammer. The last remark Krauthhammer made was literally a direct reference to Daniel 8 and Iran obtaining nuclear weapons! Now, he did not state this in biblical terms, but politically. But those who understand your signpost theory, like me, made me have chills as I watched this!

    The writing is on the wall…your readers know it, viewers of FOXNEWS on The O’Reilly Factor know it and anyone who follows Middle East foreign affairs knows this.

    God, not American voters, clearly put Obama in the White House to further His plans to bring back His Son. America must lose her standing in the world because we are indeed ripe for His judgment. Such a painful realization! 😦


  4. Breaking news just now… Isis has put out a video saying they are about to take Baghdad and as the news was reporting this breaking news again of multiple bombs have gone off in Baghdad and the initial word is Isis is taking the city…. we know the leadership of Iraq is Shia like Iran sooooooooooo ,,, hmmmm

  5. Mark,
    I am about half way through your book and in fact am reading your second signpost as we speak. Honestly, I don’t know what to say or make of your interpretation. I am reminded of so many times in the past where prophecy writers have told us this will happen or this means this, only to be disappointed.

    Now, I’m not saying your interpretation won’t materialize as you say, what I am saying is I am cautious and watching. I guess that will have to be good enough for now. Do I think Iran can pull this off? Not really, because I can’t imagine everyone else just watching from the sidelines. I will also add this, I believe Saudi Arabia sounds like the Harlot of Rev 17, so I have to factor this into the equation as well. How does this fit?

    I’m reading and open to learn new things, but I need for Gods spirit to confirm any truth I may be considering. Thanks for sharing your research and theories regarding difficult scripture interpretations. I will continue to track this faithfully.


  6. Hi Stallion,
    Amen. We always need the Holy Spirit to teach and interpret.
    The reason the Signpost interpretation may be different from all other past interpretations is that it is the only one in modern times to consider Daniel 8:17 and :19 plainly, and to consider Daniel 2:40 with true and documented history, deeply. To that end, don’t miss Appendix A in the book. All other works in the last century or so have glossed over these verses.
    Your belief about Iran not being able to pull it off is rather common. But I remind them that Daniel 8 says the ram will do all it wills to do. If this interpretation is true, then Iran will do it. Russia and China won’t stop Iran. The EU doesn’t have the spine or money to send in a large army. Turkey and Israel might be able to, but they are 1,500 miles to the west of Iran. Only the USA would have the ability; and we would if we were not to be hobbled by possible judgment such as economic calamity.
    So as you say, let us continue to track and watch, for that is what our Savior told us to do.

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