Follow-Up: June 7 Elections in Turkey

Just as Assad is clinging to power in Syria, and the secular military in Egypt took back leadership from the Muslim Brotherhood, so too Erdogan’s AKP lost much ground in the Turkish election this past Sunday.  For Erdogan’s plans to advance here and now he must try to form a coalition with other parties.

Erdogan leading his nation to the future in a TV spot for his election as president last year.

Erdogan leading his nation to the future in a TV spot for his election as president last year.

So what does it all mean in relation to the Third Signpost?  Basically this – that the countries involved as forming the Sunni confederacy to rule in the Third Signpost are not ready yet.  God is setting them up to be ready at the appointed time by the start of the Third Signpost.

We might have expected Assad to fall by now.  We might have expected the Muslim Brotherhood to be raging all over Egypt now.  And we might have expected Erdogan to ascend to power to be some great dictator or sultan, now.  But the people who elected Erdogan’s AKP to power in past elections are still there.  The people who elected Muhammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood are still there.  The Bible tells us that these nations will band together to fight Iran – but it doesn’t tell us how they come together and in what order things must happen to get there.

I suspect when Iran runs out and conquers much of the Middle East that will be the trigger.  A huge Shia army could very well be the catalyst to wake up many Sunnis throughout Turkey, Egypt and Syria.

Erdogan is still Turkey’s most influential politician.  He may still be the first and prominent horn of the goat.  Or it may be someone else.

As always, we must watch for that is what our Master told us to do.

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  1. Agreed, Mark. So glad you gave commentary to a confusing turn of events. Is God slowing down the process to give people more time to hear the gospel of Jesus so that they may come in faith to follow Him? We can all speculate on the “how” and have our own opinions, but the “what” is a given by God. The Middle East Sunni Muslims may not be inclined to elect more fundamental Islamic leaders until they are faced with a true crisis. This is very typical reaction by all humans. We will not act until forced to do so for self-preservation. I believe the 9/11 attacks were just such an event for Americans and perhaps so it will be similar for the Middle East Sunnis when they see Iran in crushing victory.

    Time will tell…and to keep watching.


  2. One thing I’ve learned over the past 35 years of watching and reading about prophecy is that God’s timing is right on time and mine is way off. I like the post and know that it is working in the direction you are pointing Mark. Our job is to keep trusting and obeying. Let us be prepared as Mark has said and keep telling others about our Lord and His kingdom.

  3. About 3-4 years ago I stumbled on an article about an ancient site in Turkey being discovered called Gobekli Tepe. They think that from items found there and ages of the artifacts that it may indeed be the oldest community existed as well as the oldest expression of religious faith. Something that looks like Stonghenge is even present there. It is possible that the leader of Turkey in the future might even embrace some sort of religious alliance amongst all religions because of this finding.

  4. A weakened “Sunni Federation” including a weakened Erdogan and a secularly led Egypt is advantageous to Iran. More chance that they can gain a considerable victory. It fits the second signpost better than a Sunni Federation that is strong already now.

    Do not look too much to the third signpost yet; the second has still to come first. We do not really know when that is going to happen, and what the situation exactly will be after that, and how long more until the third one.

    If the perspective is correct that the signposts corresponds to the unsealing of the first four seals of the sealed scroll by the Lamb, and that the sealed scroll is the book of Daniel, then the relevant details about the Sunni Federation only will become clearer around the time of the third seal, because God will keep some things hidden until then. And even the second seal is yet to be opened, so we do not yet know all about that as of yet too.

  5. Hello Mark,

    Big follower of your site and I’v read Daniel revisited. Initially I was skeptical of your assertions, but as I read what you said and compared it with scripture, I found it to be accurate.

    Three questions: have you looked at Daniel 10-12? Is Daniel 11-12 about the Ram and the Goat and its aftermath up to the tribulation? If so, who would you say are the four “kings” of Persia that are to arise/have risen?

  6. Ean,
    That’s a good question. I’m including Daniel 10-12 in the next book. Daniel 11:1-35 has been fulfilled in detail by past history. I believe 11:36-43 is detail for the Fourth Signpost. Hope this helps for now.

  7. Hi Mark, I have read your Book and I found that very interesting. Keep up your good work for the Lord. As a 21 year old, Your book opened my eyes literally. Thank You.

    I have a question –

    And now I will tell you the truth. Behold, three more kings are going to arise in Persia. Then a fourth will gain far more riches than all of them; as soon as he becomes strong through his riches, he will arouse the whole empire against the realm of Greece (YAVAN). (Dan. 11: 2 NASB)

    Iran has had 3 “kings” since the formation of the State of Israel in in 1948.
    •Shah Mohammed Reza Palhavi (monarch)
    •Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini
    •Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei

    Ali Khamenei is almost dead with his cancer, Will the new and 4th King fulfill Daniel 11:2 ?

  8. Hi Indian,
    Good to hear from you. A few have asked about this passage. This passage was fulfilled in ancient history, to the letter. However, IF there is a parallel to today the only way it could fit, I believe, is that Khomeini was the first king. The ram of Daniel 8 was not established until Khomeini came along. If you start with the shah, you could go back any number of leaders to conveniently fit any conceived fulfillment. That makes Khamenei the second. The third would be whoever succeeds Khamenei in the office of supreme leader. The fourth would be the second horn of the ram having grown longer than the horn of the supreme leader. Today the leading candidates for the second horn are Jafari and Soleimani.
    Hope this helps.

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