Another Big Step Towards the Second Signpost

Iran will run out and invade in the three directions: north, south and west. So says Daniel 8:4. This is the Second Signpost.

To the west, Iran is already engaged antagonistically in limited combat with its enemy to the west: Islamic State.

We have yet to see a significant development to the north. However, Iran’s enemy, Turkey has restarted its war with the Kurds and perhaps Iran would be seen as a liberator.

But we have just witnessed a major development with Iran’s enemy to the south: Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. I believe we have just seen a big step forward to setting the stage for the Second Signpost in the south. Saudi Arabia has cut off diplomatic relations with Iran, and so has one of the Gulf States, Bahrain. A second Gulf State, the UAE, has cooled relations with Iran.

Like dominoes, the events are falling one after the other. First there was the execution of Nimr, than the burning of the Saudi embassy, then the cutting off of diplomatic relations. Historically, the cutting off of relations is a common sign often seen when two nations drift slowly towards war with each other.

The two best candidates for the longer horn on the ram, leading the charge: Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds force on the left, and Major General Ali Jafari, commander o the other four branches of the IRGC, on the right. Both men report directly only to the supreme leader.

The two best candidates for the longer horn on the ram, to lead the charge in the three directions: Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force, on the left, and Major General Ali Jafari, commander of the other four branches (Army, Navy, Rocket forces, Basij) of the IRGC, on the right. Both men report directly only to the first horn of the ram, the supreme leader.

We don’t know what exactly is next. But I believe we can know that it will culminate in the Second Signpost.  Remember to keep the actual Second Signpost as the sign God’s word tells us to watch.  All events preceding and marching towards the Second Signpost are only the preparation.

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  1. Does anyone recall the Zimmermann Note from 1917? A simple telegram during WWI sent by a German diplomat to the Mexican government asking Mexico to join a German military alliance if war broke out with the United States. The Zimmermann Note was intercepted by British intelligence and may have been the final straw in bringing U.S. public opinion towards declaring war on Germany. Why do I mention that per Mark’s post…??… I wish I had a chart of all the international travels or Iranian home reception parties Soleimani and Jafari have had just within this last year or so!

    I know the number is far higher than normal and in fact… unprecedented in the IRGC leadership but I would rely on Mark to weigh in on that. The same uptick in foreign relations can also be seen by Erdogan, Putin, etc… the list goes on… “nation against nation, kingdom vs. kingdom” and a WHOLE lot of 21st Century Zimmermann Notes being passed around in secret aligning with the various political/war interests of the Nation States involved. Clandestine diplomatic cables and meetings from the IRGC leadership are preparing for the Second Signpost!

  2. All Glory to God

    I think Joe makes an important point. I think WW1 is a good case to use in analyzing what is happening here. There are those who believe that though WW1 started in the 1914, the seed was planted in 1890 when Germany allowed its reinsurance treaty with Russia to lapse in favour of its dual alliance with Austria-Hungary (Russia’s rival in the Balkans). This situation was made worse when Russia in reaction decided to secure an alliance with France (an enemy of Germany’s) in 1892. When Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by Serbian Nationalists, it was simply the match that lit an already open powder keg.

    Today we have a similar situation where the US stuck its nose into Ukraine in an attempt to undermine Russian influence in the country (publicly breaking off the post cold war accommodation of Russia). Russia makes the situation worse by seeking alliance with the Shia in the Middle East to undermine US influence in the region as payback. Now we have a situation where Saudi Arabia has pretty much closed off any possibility of an entente between the warring Sunni/Shia factions (a foolish move IMO). So open powder keg is set because we have the Shia in alliance with Nuclear-armed Russia on one side and the Sunni with Nuclear-armed US on the other. All that remains is the match.

    God Bless

  3. I wonder if what Iran is already doing in terms of ‘running out and invading’ could partially account for the north, south and west moves Daniel 8:4 is predicting. Maybe more massive and direct invasions are yet to come (certainly in direction of Saudi Arabia), but with large parts of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon (through Hezbollah) and Yemen now under Iranian (Shiite) control one wonders if we couldn’t possibly be halfway through the second signpost.


  4. Bee,
    Some people have said this same thing. But no, the second signpost has not started yet. How do we know? From Daniel 7 and 8,and Rev 6. As I show in my book, Daniel 7:5 says the bear is ordered to gorge on the flesh of many animals (which are countries). Daniel 8:4 tells us the ram charges or butts his way in the three directions. It will be jarring, shocking, unexpected. Rev 6:4 says the second horseman will cause butchery in the entire Islamic quarter of the earth.
    Jesus even says not to scream or panic.
    Bottom line – when the Second Signpost begins, you will know without a doubt.

  5. Dear Mark,
    Isaiah 17:1 prophesy that the city that throughout world history that has never been overtaken or besieged would become a ‘heap of ruins’.
    Please look at the video on and tell me if this is not now fulfilled.


  6. Hi Brian,
    The scene also reminds me of the area of Yarmouk on the fringe of Damascus – and this verse comes to mind. But keep in mind Damascus is still a city of 2 million and most of it is still in one piece.
    The verse says Damascus will become a heap of ruins. I take this to mean all of Damascus, or the majority of it. Just wait for it. There are still many years ahead of us that will present total fulfillment.

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