The Coup in Turkey: Turkey at a Crossroads?

It is the biggest story of the evening – elements of the Turkish military are declaring a coup and are trying to take over Ankara, the capital, and Istanbul, the largest city. It was interesting timing that the President of Turkey, and heir apparent to the throne of a new Ottoman Empire, was out of the country when it occurred.

Elements of the Turkish military close down the bridge outside of Istanbul, which connects Europe to Asia.

Elements of the Turkish military close down the bridge outside of Istanbul, which connects Europe to Asia.

In this post and in my book, Daniel Revisited Chapter 11, I showed why Erdoğan was the best candidate to be the prominent horn on the goat when it comes charging towards Iran from the west. This is to be the start of the Third Signpost. My readers would know why this news story is potentially large when the Four Signposts are considered.

Is this coup by Turkey’s military, the end of the road for Erdoğan, or is it merely an attempt by the last organized supporters of Kemalism? Since Kemal Ataturk founded the modern state of Turkey back in 1924, the Turkish military was the vanguard of Ataturk’s vision of a secular, democratic Turkey. Four times – in 1960, 1971, 1980, and 1997 – the Turkish military has staged a coup to “reset” the government because they felt the leadership was getting too Islamist.

Erdoğan played it cool until 2010. In that year he staged a conspiracy and had the top forty officers of the military arrested, charged and convicted of staging a coup. On September 30, 2012 he declared, “The era of coups in this country will never return again.”

Since 2012 of course his Islamist and authoritarian ways have really come out.

If this coup is successful, and Erdoğan is ousted, that simply means that there will be a new candidate to be the first and prominent horn of the goat. Who it would be, I couldn’t even guess because no other politician in Turkey is such a visible would-be dictator.

If this coup is unsuccessful, then this would likely be the last dying gasp of Kemalism. After the Sledgehammer Plot in 2010 Erdoğan had all the top brass in the military replaced by people that were his allies. This is why you hear of the military group staging the coup is more junior levels of commanding, it is a subset of the military, and the top officers are being held hostage.

But you can bet that if the coup is indeed unsuccessful, Erdoğan will waste no time taking out those responsible, and tighten his grip on power even more.

We probably will not have long to wait to see what happens. I’ll report it here.  Remember our command from our Lord: “Watch.”

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  1. Im inclined to believe, as it is looking like the coup was unsuccessful, that Erdogan will as you say Mark will gain even more power and strengthen his position as the prominent horn. It will be interesting to see just how much unrest will come about in the days and weeks to come. AND if this moves the second signpost to fruition.

  2. It appears from early reporting that the coup d’etat was unsuccessful by the military to fight for their lost freedoms under Erdogan. If this is the case, surely the prior successful military acts just proves that the time of moving God’s prophetic plan had not yet come. This time it appears to be different and if dictator-in chief Erdogan retains his autocratic authority it just tells me that God is indeed moving his plan forward for execution soon. Pray for the people of Turkey; pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East.


  3. Prismsplay,
    I will have to disagree with Walid, as I do on just about everything, except of course the AC being Islamic. We will see if Erdoğan has the leaders of the coup attempt executed.

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