Erdoğan to Continue Path Towards King of Yavan

The coup attempt in Turkey that occurred July 15 has been defeated.  Two stories – one from the Telegraph and one from Reuters – do a fairly good job of summarizing the events.

Turkish soldiers face a wall of opposition in the form of pro-Erdogan protestors. (Ozan Kose AFP)

Turkish soldiers face a wall of opposition in the form of pro-Erdoğan protestors. (credit Ozan Kose, AFP)

The stories say that it was elements of the military loyal to Erdoğan, and protestors rallied from the half of Turkey’s population that support Erdoğan, that apparently made the difference.

The suspected opportunity for Erdoğan to consolidate power is being used.  The Reuters story said,

“This uprising is a gift from God to us because this will be a reason to cleanse our army.”

The Telegraph reported,

“In the first signs of a crackdown, on Saturday morning the government announced 2,700 judges were suspended from duty.”

What all this means is that President Erdoğan’s rule continues and in addition he has an excuse to mold the army and the judiciary more into his image.  Its looking more and more like the goat’s first prominent horn, the king of Yavan (in Dan. 8:21), will indeed be quite the “king” before the Third Signpost begins.

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  1. On page 221 of the WestBow edition of “Daniel Revisited” is this:

    “On September 30, 2012, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan declared, ‘The era of coups in this country will never return again.’ ”

    I am wondering if there was calculation by Erdogan in making that 2012 declaration. For when a future coup would occur, no one could then accuse him of having planned for a coup which would make a mockery of his 2012 declaration. Thus, he could use such an embarrassment as an excuse to acquire more power for himself. He probably used confederates posing as secret rebels to inspire actual rebels to carry out the coup all the while informing Erdogan of their plans. This would account for the coup being so quickly thwarted.

  2. I just read that not just some 2700 judges were fired, but also that all five supreme court judges are now suspended from duty. The coup is being used to purge Turkey of the last remnants of justice and democracy.

    Exactly like Hitler used the burning down of the German parliamant building (The “Reichstag”), which was committed by a single person, to invent a conspiracy and purge his Third German Empire from the remnants of democracy and the Weimar Republic.

    Indeed it seems a horn is growing ever longer and more conspicuous.

  3. Maybe it is just because Ankara airport was in the hands of the coup committers and Istanbul Airport was not that Erdogan flew to Istanbul and made his public statements there.

    But then again, it might be deliberate and symbolic, because Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for centuries, while Ankara was just the capital of secular Turkey for less than a century.

    It was also announced by the Turkish government that the 15th of July will be a major yearly national celebration day. A year from now, maybe we all will call it the first anniversary of the Neo-Ottoman Empire?

  4. Good point about Germany, Adamant.
    Also, in one of the news videos it showed the parliament building in Ankara being fired on and rubble falling from the celing. Seems history can repeat itself a little too closely.

  5. Hey, Mark, any updates regarding release of your new book?

  6. James,
    I’ll be making an announcement in a couple weeks.

  7. Mark, I am just wondering what you think about the possibility that Iran will make the strongest attempt to go after and subdue ISIS before the elections?

  8. I just watched Joel Richardson’s “The Underground Episode 47” toward the end of which he acknowledged the suggestion that Erdogan might become “the king of Yavan” (Daniel 8:21). Contrast this with Walid Shoebat, previously associated with Joel Richardson. After the thwarted coup against Erdogan, Showbat has been writing that Erdogan is now looking like the Antichrist. But the book “Daniel Revisited” shows that until the king of Yavan’s reign is broken up into four kingdoms, the Antichrist cannot rise to power. Whether or not Erdogan becomes the king of Yavan, Iran must first invade the Mideast, so that the king of Yavan, whomever he might be, can then defeat Iran.

  9. Turkey is very much in play in the larger geo-political agenda that Mark Davidson suggests in “Daniel Revisited”. This attempted coup or even staged coup by Erdogan supports Mark’s opinions about how Turkey may reinvent itself and posture itself to take on the larger agenda of a grand Caliphate driven by the underlying divisions within Islam between Shiite and Sunnis. Personally I am keeping my eyes on Saudi Arabia at this time as it is the crown jewel for Muslims spiritually speaking. I think we may see Turkey go South into Saudi Arabia with the aid of Iran’s proxy army ISIS at any time as Saudi Arabia is very vulnerable at this time both financially and politically. The unfortunate thing in this scenario is that the United States has signed on to defend Saudi Arabia as part of its petrodollar deal and that is how the U.S. will be drawn into this greater Mid-east conflict.

  10. Gery,
    Actually I was going to make a post about that very subject. Stay tuned…

  11. Prismplay,
    Yes to all the above. And Joel and I agree that Erdogan is more likely the horn of the goat. Erdogan cannot be the AC because Dan. 9:26 shows us its an Arab.

  12. Mark,
    Iran and Turkey will each conquer Arabia in the Second and Third Signposts, respectively.

  13. Gary,

    My thoughts are similar to yours but I think Iran may wait until after the US presidential elections. They will want to see who it is and if it is Hillary they will wait further, but if it is the Donald then all bets are off and will do so likely before he is installed in January…that to me would be the likely window, if at all.

    I’m interested in Mark’s take too…speculation abounds in the prophetic community and we just can’t help ourselves…


  14. Walid thinks he’s the antichrist.

  15. Erdogan already is busy trying to hunt down Gulen and his movement outside his own borders, speaking to Kyrgyzstan as if it is part of a Turkish Empire:

    Turkish minorities in Western Europe also are divided in Gulenists and Erdoganists. In the Netherlands, even though they have Dutch passports for two or three generations already, groups of them wave Turkish flags and call Erdogan “their president”. Some of them have already have set fire to buildings of Gulenist Turkish organisations in the Netherlands, who now no longer dare openly advertise themselves as followers of Gulen.

    Also, the Turkish ambassador in the Netherlands has called upon the Dutch Government for help against the Gulenists in the Netherlands as if they are terrorists. The Dutch parliament spoke in anger about this – no way they will comply.

    The Dutch Government has called upon the Tuurks to not import the Turkish troubles into The Netherlands.

    I wonder how much influence/power Erdogan can wield through his followers. In The Netherlands there are about half a million Turks, and in Germany four million.

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