Albania’s Tie to Turkey Confirmed

Thanks go to a reader who sent me this article’s link.

Turkey is building rapport affecting the lives of Albanians and “helping” the country culturally and economically.

An Albanian flag.

The Signpost theory tells us there is a coming Sunni Confederacy which will be the main player during the Third Signpost. Turkey will lead a group of nations in the region that ally with Turkey. One of those nations is predicted to be Albania.

Turkey’s foreign policy in the region around Turkey is summed up as follows:

“In the years following the demise of communism in Albania, Turkey emerged as an important factor to shape Albania’s transition from a totalitarian regime to a pluralistic democratic one. The aim of Turkey’s foreign policy towards the Balkans, apart from securing the stability and security of the region, was to establish and strengthen economic and cultural ties.”

We have seen reports before of Turkey’s involvement with Albania. This article supports the idea that when the time comes and Turkey is looking for allies in its war against Iran, Albania will help.

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