Good Summary on the IRGC, the Second Horn

In covering the news about US president Trump threatening to call the IRGC a terror group, The Guardian has asked the question, Is Iran’s revolutionary guard a terror group?

The article does a nice job of summarizing the growth of the organization from just a guard in 1979 to the “monster” it is today, tracing the growth of the ram’s second horn to its position of great power presently.

IRGC troops on parade.

I cover all the points of growth mentioned in the article, in greater detail in my book, Daniel Revisited.

The article ends with this quote summarizing the transition of the IRGC from bodyguard to monster:

Mohsen Sazegara was a founding member of Khomeni’s sepah, but is now an exiled dissident and an outspoken critic of the organisation he helped establish. “We created a people’s army to defend the country and also help in emergencies, but it turned into a monster,” he told the Guardian.

“Its transformation during the Iran-Iraq war, then the creation of the Quds force, its involvement in financial activities and its role in suppressing reformists has turned it into a country inside a country, a government inside a government and an organisation that has no equivalent anywhere in the world. It’s like a river that is overflowing, covering everything.”

The second horn of the ram of Daniel 8:3 is a monster, equal or greater in power than the first horn. Come the Second Signpost, the monster will cover even more: whole countries in the Middle East with the specter of a great war and the blood of the men who are slaying one another.

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  1. Good rhyming analogous terms: ‘monster’ & ‘beast’. The book of Daniel, as usual, said it first!

  2. This is quite remarkable Mark…particularly the comments regarding the US not stating the obvious. Surely soon…

  3. Isn’t it interesting that Revelation 13 verses 3 through 5 states that the Beast would be given Authority to act for 42 months or 3 and 1/2 years. Isis was established and declared a caliphate on June 30th 2014. And it looks as if they have been destroyed, exactly 42 months, three and a half years later…A foreshadowing of the endtime revived caliphate.

  4. I agree with so much of what you write, but I do think to be faithful to the text of Daniel 7 and 8 we need to at least consider the Medes as playing a part. As the Kurds have “success” over ISIS, we are watching dominant Persia move into the vacancy.

  5. Very true DP, the primary Kurdish leader was killed by Iranian forces. Believing the rest will submit to Iranian forces as a result and also to bring resistance to Turkey and the Sunnis. Iran has to show an alliance with descendants of the Medes (the Kurds) before proceeding on as the second signpost.

  6. Gary,
    The Mede homeland is in Iran. Some of the IRGC commanders are from there. Iran is already “Media and Persia.”

  7. You may be right, it may be “two kings” from a singular “Media and Persia” with one emerging and becoming more dominant – but I feel that the fulfillment of Daniel 7 and 8 has been foreshadowed by a more literal series of events (one king from the Medes and then one king from the Persians becoming more dominant). To break from what has gone before (Isaiah 46:10) just feels “off” to me on this one. Either way, I think the pieces are on the board.

  8. Have you read Daniel Revisited? The entire case for the theory is presented there – the signposts, Dan 7, Dan 8, Rev 6, history, current events, etc.

  9. It is important to distinguish between Medes the people and Media the land area. Daniel 8:20 refers to land areas: “The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia.” Those land areas are in Iran.

    In Joel Richardson’s 2012 book “Mideast Beast” chapter 4 shows weaknesses in “the ancestral-migration-method” of interpreting prophecies. Gary and DP seem to be relying on an understanding that the Kurds are descendants of the Medes. It doesn’t matter. The prophecy concerns leadership over land areas.

    The only parts of “Mideast Beast” that I find unhelpful are discussions on Daniel 7 and 8, which for me are better expounded in Mark Davidson’s “Daniel Revisited.” After “Mideast Beast” was in print, Richardson began to agree with Davidson’s interpretation of Daniel 8.

  10. Have I read Daniel Revisted? Yes – and it greatly influenced my thinking. Bought a few copies to pass around to my family and friends. Thanks Mark, I do appreciate your work.

    Ancestral-migration-method? Fair enough assumption, but no. I actually was thinking more of the Median land area being NW Iran and further. The Medes were not contained strictly within modern Iran and would also include areas similar to modern “Kurdistan”. As the Kurds do live there now, I keep one eye on the Kurds. Just like I watch the modern country of Iran as representing Persia (also not strictly contained within modern Iran) – not necessarily from a technical ancestral lineage per se.

    As I said above, I may be wrong and am open to it being two kings within one kingdom – I just feel the text indicates two separate kings and two separate kingdoms becoming one imbalanced force.

    Either way, my eyes are open to both.

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