People Will Accept the Message When They Are Ready To

A dear brother and friend stopped me in a hallway at our church one Sunday not too long ago and asked, “So, what is the next thing you believe will occur?” He knew I wrote books on the topic but he did not remember the specifics of the Signpost message.

I answered, “I believe Iran will invade the Middle East which will cause great economic upset across much of the world.”

“I’m just not ready for that,” he responded solemnly.

I appreciated his honesty. And his response led me to do some thinking.

This is a common response from many who first hear the proposed interpretation, expressed not in those words exactly, but with the same meaning.

The Signpost interpretation of Bible end-time prophecy seems to hold water. It includes all those verses discarded by popular theology (like Dan. 8:17, 19). It predicts that the first event is the end-time nation ruling old Babylon will undergo a government change—from something beastly to something somewhat civilized. We saw this happen. The next event is Iran’s great invasion of the Middle East. Recent events in Iraq, Iran, and the Middle East confirm these predictions.

More importantly though, the Signpost interpretation, if true, portends the return of Jesus Christ and gives us all a better picture connected to reality as to what is happening in these end times.

With all that, one would think Christians would want to know about this. Alas, many don’t. It sounds either too terrible, or kooky, or interferes with the pre-Trib Rapture or the preterist view that Jesus will simply appear out of the sky with nothing more to happen. If the Signpost interpretation is true, it means most of us will be taken out of our comfort zone.

In contrast to the brother telling me he wasn’t ready, I gave a copy of Daniel Revisited to a pastor who had just returned from a trip leading a group from his congregation on a tour of Israel. Usually not interested in the details of end-time prophecy, the Lord had given him upon his return a hunger for seeing the end times.

He is one of the few pastors I know who believes there really is something to the Signpost interpretation. In a conversation with him, reflecting back he can see that God made him ready in that moment to receive the message.

Being Ready To See

So, what makes a person ready to see the Signpost interpretation?

You readers of Daniel Revisited and of this website were likely looking for answers. I know I was. The current and popular prophecy teachings may not have satisfied that itch inside. Many of you, having learned the message, have expressed to me that the message of Daniel Revisited burns true inside you but most of the people you tell in your church are not receiving it.

For me, as I wrote about in Daniel Revisited, it was the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 that woke me up from my slumber and made me ask questions and seek answers.

I believe the answer is a person will accept the Signpost message when he or she is ready to. That person will be ready to receive the message at some point when they yearn inside for answers to the crazy things happening in this world. Most are not ready yet.

Much of this may be an effect of the “normalcy bias” where people tend to think nothing bad will happen because nothing has.

However, everyone will be made ready to hear the message once the Second and Third Signposts wind their way through this world. Once their world is turned upside-down people will be seeking answers as to why. Many will wonder, “What does it all mean?”

So prior to the Second Signpost what are we to do? Get prepared spiritually, mentally, and materially. And tell everyone who might express that same yearning to learn, as you did. Don’t be discouraged when people tell you they are not interested in the Signpost message.

Just be ready to tell every Christian you know once the Second Signpost breaks out. The Holy Spirit will show you what to do.

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  1. Thankyou Mark for your encouraging words this morning. I have very often felt isolated from the church as a whole for my beliefs. (Though i have strived diligently to be solid and authentic and not go off the deep end like so many cause i am a seeker) It seems there are so many reality breaking truths that most of the church isnt able to hear. But i do think that you are right here in that the time when most might begin to listen is when the 2nd and 3rd signposts come. I have spent 18 or so of the 20 years that i have been a christian outside the institutional church. I found you because i am gernerally hungry and from time to time am led to something of substance. Though most of my studies have been from guys like Watchman Nee and Tozer and my all time favorite T Austin Sparks. Anyhow, ive been asked to leave many churches just from having a different perspective though it always lines up with the word.

  2. Jesse,
    Indeed you are not alone. Nee’s The Normal Christian Life comes to mind as telling us why we may feel like an outcast.

  3. I am thinking that Russia will attack the US along with Iranian ram charging.

  4. Gary,
    That’s definitely on the cards. I’m in the Reserves now, and the whole focus has switched from the Middle East to a confrontation with Russia. When I was in the regular army, Afghan was the main focus. But its all changed now. This year there’s been a huge NATO exercise involving a road move from western Europe to eastern Europe and up to Scandinavia via Denmark to test a theory on troop movements. It was tens of thousands of regulars and reservists. Its common knowledge at least with the British army that the next big war, if it happens, will be with the Russians.
    That would be a classic time for the Iranians, if I were them.

  5. Giles,
    That’s very interesting. I don’t perceive Putin as interested to destroy America but simply to remove or deflate America influence. You got to admit it would still fit for the end time scenario.

  6. Giles,
    I’ve been giving your comment some thought and prayer. I believe it fits right in to what Chronicles is showing. What it boils down to is war between the US and Russia/China is inevitable.

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