As The Second Signpost Gets Closer, How It Starts, Gets Clearer

Daniel 7:5 and 8:3–4 tell us of the Second Signpost, the great invasion of the Middle East by Iran. All the signs in the Middle East, Iran, and the United States are pointing to it being soon. More importantly, we might be seeing the indicators as to how it starts.

The key involves the Persian ram itself in Daniel 8:4: “No other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power, but he did as he pleased . . .” (NASB)

What are the potential powers that could either stand in Iran’s way, or rescue from its power? In chapter 10 of Daniel Revisited it was shown that Turkey, Egypt, and Israel could potentially stop Iran, and the US military could either potentially stop it and/or rescue from it. That’s four foes for Iran to deal with.

Turkey and Egypt’s military would be rather out of the way. Egypt’s military is on the west side of the Red Sea, and the majority of Turkey’s military is in the west, around the Aegean Sea facing Greece. Turkey and Egypt will be the first to respond as the Sunni confederacy in the Third Signpost.

Regarding the Israelis, it is looking like Iran will keep Israeli forces tied down by launching the Psalm 83 war against it.

That leaves the military of the United States. How would Iran get around that? No other nation in the Middle East could stop Iran. Yes, Saudi Arabia has bought advanced weapon systems from the US, but with the size of Saudi forces, it could still be overrun. Just this week US Senator Lindsey Graham was quoted as saying, “If it weren’t for the United States they’d be speaking Farsi in about a week in Saudi Arabia.” (Farsi is the native tongue of Iran.)

Unless the US were to lose its ability to project power (e.g., via economic depression), or it pack up and come home (unlikely near-term, though the Trump administration is talking about getting US troops out of Syria), Iran would have to deal with US forces directly.

Iranian IRGC Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh talks about the American military being meat for the IRGCs teeth.

Apparently, the IRGC is planning not only the invasion of the Middle East, and tying Israel down with the Psalm 83 war, it is also planning to deal with American forces. “Dealing” with US forces would have to involve an all-out rocket attack on US bases in the region, as well as on US ships.

Sejjil and QADR-H missiles on display in Tehran, September 2017.

Assembling the Pieces

What all this means is that if Iran is planning to hobble all major opposition to its invasion, the IRGC would have to not only have its minions attack Israel, but its rocket forces would also have to attack US forces.

In other words, right after a war begins with Israel and the peoples surrounding her, we might expect a major rocket attack to the west and south of Iran, on US forces. This rocket attack would involve thousands of short-range and medium-range rockets carrying warheads on the order of one ton each, and these missiles would be fairly accurate.

In addition to all the military exercises of IRGC forces running around, and the preparations being made, there have been innumerable rocket tests.

A QADR rocket is launched in March. It was on a heading to take it 1,200 km southeast to the Gulf of Oman.

The start of the Second Signpost could be rather sudden and surprising, with attacks on Israel, and a rocket barrage across the Middle East. That would be consistent with the charge of the Persian ram, butting, and shocking, and surprising.

As those who work sheep farms will tell you, never turn your back on a ram.

Be especially watchful in the Spring, as that is the time of year major wars begin.

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  1. Whether Psalm 83 is a prayer, a prophecy, or both, it fits in with Iran’s sneaky strategy of giving weaponry and money to groups that hate Israel, thus avoiding confronting Israel directly. The peoples mentioned in Psalm 83 are basically Sunni Arab nations that hate Israel more than they dislike Shia Iran. If Psalm 83 is a prophecy to be fulfilled prior to Iran’s invasion, this would be one of the most fiendish strategies in military history. Shia Iran gives weaponry and money to enable Sunni nations to attack Israel, which counterattacks in ways that leave those nations with decimated militaries, enabling untouched Iran to rapidly take over their lands.

    The American military is now leaving Syria and also reducing its troop strength in Afganistan (abut the eastern border of Iran). Iran will invade westward, northward, and southward, but not eastward (Daniel 8:4).

    Whether or not Congress takes back its constitutional power to declare or not to declare war, I don’t think most Americans would want our nation involved in a Sunni-Shia war. Our attitude would be “Let Allah sort it out!”

  2. US forces out of the way as Trump pulling troops out of the region, thanks to Turkish rip-off.

  3. Dear Mark, Thank you for your posts re the Signposts. I’m reading ‘Daniel Revisited’ afresh at the moment, familiarizing myself with the Scriptural context for these days…especially considering President Trump’s announcement that he was pulling out the troops in the Middle East.

    It came to my mind early this morning that I should relisten on Youtube to Derek Prince’s message of yesteryear called ‘Sons of Zion vs sons of Greece’. I’m not sure if you know of Derek Prince, but I wondered what you thought about ‘the spirit of Humanism’ prevailing in the earth? Derek presents a very good teaching on the subject. It certainly is a powerful spirit and considering for example, that the Crown Prince of Saudi seeks to make Islam more palatable for the West, one can see how the influence of this delusion can play out in the days ahead, preparing the world to receive the anti christ. How Persia will make it more palatable is another question though.

    Hope I making sense and you understand my question.

    Blessings, Lynn.

  4. Mark, Is it possible that Iran’s “Land Bridge to the Mediterranean”, is “the bow of Elam” spoken of in Jeremiah 49, 34 – 39? In this passage it also speaks of the “four winds” which I believe are for the most part only mentioned in relation to end times.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Every spirit, that is not the Holy Spirit, is in league with Mystery Babylon, the home of every unclean spirit (Rev. 18:2).
    The entire world will not receive the Antichrist – only a part of the world will. For instance, the east (China, etc.) will not receive the AC; I show this in Chronicles.

  6. Dear Mark
    Many thanks your recent articles and for all that research ! Chronicles of the End times….so interesting.
    I was very interested in your Psalm 83 reference. I note that Jordan is prominent in the Psalm 83 episode.
    How do you see Jordan at the moment. They always seem restrained and unlikely to become belligerent is this still the case ?

    Best wishes and Merry Christmas

  7. Hi Mark,

    Here is an indirectly related Forbes piece regarding the largest oil/gas find ever for the USA. I hope oil companies are taking this to heart so that when Iran does take over 20% of the world’s oil we will not be in a terribly subservient position to them by the grace of God.


  8. Merry Christmas, Brian.
    Psalm 83 mentions the three peoples in Jordan, so I would think they will be among the militants and likely recruited by the IRGC. We will have to watch.

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