Psalm 83 War Might Signal Second Signpost

An article from the Free Beacon reminds us of the full spectrum of activities that the Iranian regime is doing to prepare for the Second Signpost. (Thanks go to the readers who brought the article to my attention.)

In the end, the article also makes us question if the Psalm 83 war might just be the first act of the Second Signpost, rather than something to occur later on during Iran’s great invasion.

Visible Preparations

Many of the preparations the Iranian regime is making for its great invasion of the Middle East, the Second Signpost, is visible and in the open. These preparations include things like rocket tests, military exercises, confronting US warships with speedboats, and even parading its new military hardware in the streets of Tehran.

Things Done in Secret

Yet, those visible preparations don’t make up all the preparations, for we are reminded by the Free Beacon article of all the other things Iran is doing, but in secret; doing things that are covered up.

Some things we may assume are the assembling of one or more atomic bombs. After all, why else does the regime cling to the old JCPOA which would benefit it?

Preparations Against Israel

In addition, the aforementioned article tells us of the discovery of tunnels and rockets that the enemies in the vicinity of Israel are preparing against the Jewish nation. The article says,

“Senior U.S. officials familiar with Israel’s discovery of these new tunnels . . . say they mark a massive escalation by Iran’s terror proxies.”

Iran is behind the scenes, doing things in secret against Israel, helping Hamas to attack Israel from Gaza, and Hezbollah to attack Israel from Lebanon, as part of a new war. The article also mentions how US officials take all this as a new massive war with Israel is being planned.

A spokesman from Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s office stated,

“It’s now clear that Iran used its windfall from the Obama Iran nuclear deal to arm Hezbollah for an all-out war against Israel.”

This was President Obama’s contribution to the Second Signpost (remember the big pallet of money we sent Iran when the JCPOA was signed?).

Israel Part of the Mix of Iran’s Preparations

The article confirms that all of Iran’s preparations include a proxy war against Israel:

“The terror tunnels are just a single piece of Iran’s increasingly provocative military intervention across the Middle East, including in Syria and Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is battling Iranian-backed rebels.”

The regime is beefing up the IRGC’s capabilities on Iranian soil, and is working visibly in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. This is to prepare for Iran invading the Muslim countries of the Middle East.

But Iran is also working secretly—we should keep in mind—stockpiling over 100,000 short-range rockets for its proxies, and funding tunnels being dug, near Israel.

With the ayatollahs and the IRGC doing all these things, it seems to confirm that the Psalm 83 war might indeed occur alongside the Second Signpost. I made a post about this possibility here. If Iran is making preparations on its own soil, and around Israel, the regime may have in mind that the two wars are to overlap.

The Psalm 83 War and the Second Signpost

The Free Beacon article gives confirmation to the idea I wrote about in posts I’ve made in the past suggesting the Psalm 83 War will overlap with the Second Signpost. Iran would use the proxy war with Israel to keep Israeli forces tied down so they would not interfere with Iran’s plans to spread their Revolution to the Muslim countries of the Middle East.

Israel and the enemies of Psalm 83 that surround her (in green caps).

In fact, I would not be surprised if Iran’s proxies begin a massive war with Israel first to take the world’s attention away from Iran itself, and to allow the IRGC to spring its surprises all over the Middle East, on both Muslim nations and the US military.


Iran is planning for a war on many fronts: attacking US positions, invading and occupying several Muslim countries in the Middle East, and having its minions start a major war with Israel.

What all this suggests to me is the possibility that the proxy war with Israel will kick off the war. Strategically it makes sense: tie down Israeli forces, and also use the war to add surprise to the IRGC’s own war.

So if that’s the case, when you see the next big war involving Israel and the peoples around her, hunker down, because there is a good chance the Second Signpost could start at any time.

Don’t fret too much about Israel though, for Psalm 83 says Israel will win a great victory in that war. I also believe this great victory for Israel will allow the Third Temple to be built.

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  1. Hi Mark!

    Your last paragraph of this post is really an echo of what I saw on Twitter this week from a SkywatchTV tweet regarding the dedication of the altar and ceremonial re-enactment of priestly duties for the future third temple for the Temple Institute expectations of this prophetic event. Connecting your commentary and their preparations and behavior is becoming all too surreal now. I pulled the Skywatch TV link from Twitter here:

    It appears this massive proxy war/Psalms 83 war by Iran against Israel is the deflection Iran will need to achieve the Second Sign Post/Daniel 8 that if only our US military/POTUS understood could better prepare for what is to come. But I guess that is just the point, right? If the US knew, then prophecy would have to be fulfilled another way for God to work. Hmm..

    Once the prophetic train starts…you can’t return it to the station…


  2. Interesting thoughts Mark – and hadn’t thought about the possible alignment previously. Bless you. Ryan

  3. I have a slightly different ‘take’ or theory on the whole situation & who the “Restrainer” is.

    2Thessalonians 2:6-8 (Aramaic to English version) And now you know what holdeth, that he may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity already beginneth to be effective; only if that which now holdeth be taken from the midst, then will be revealed that evil one, whom our Lord Yeshua will consume by the spirit of his mouth, and will abolish by the revelation of his advent.

    Many scholars have speculated the identity of the “Restrainer” as 1) the Roman government 2) gospel preaching 3) the binding of Satan 4) the providence of God 5) the Jewish state 6) the church 7) the Holy Spirit and 8) Michael the archangel.

    I propose that the “one who restrains” or “the one who holds back” or “he who is keeping down” is the USA Military Forces in the middle east & region. Once the USA Military dissolves, leaves or gets destroyed – the entire middle east will erupt in flames about 15 minutes later. The USA Military is holding back everyone, practically the entire planet, from attacking everyone else in sight – the entire region/planet will become utter chaos immediately.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Who knows? But don’t forget, Paul wrote to his audience (2 Thess. 2:6) that they knew who or what it was. I believe it would have been an entity they knew, or that Paul could refer to in the Old Testament. For this reason, Paul could have very well pointed out the king of the first beast in Daniel 7.

  5. Slightly off the topic of this thread, but relevant to the big picture:

    Erdogan is already being promoted as a ‘savior’ in the evolution of the emerging Muslim world, as highlighted below by the comment from the article linked above:

    ” At the November event, Tanrıverdi and other prominent supporters of Erdoğan promoted the creation of a common Muslim economic market. Participants declared their aim to create an Islamic “superpower of the future on Islamic lands owned by 60 Islamic countries, inhabited by 1,6 billion Muslims, on 19 million km2,” constituting “55.5% of world oil reserves and 45.6% of its production, 64.1% of natural gas reserves, and 33% of its production.”
    Bemoaning the fact that the “Muslim world is in disarray,” Turkish Deputy Finance Minister Nurettin Nebati suggested in his address to the conferences that Erdoğan — to whom he referred as the “leading imam to the ummah [Islamic nation]” — would preside over this planned Islamic confederation. “

  6. Hi Mark!

    It was just announced this morning by a US Military spokesperson that the US Military will completely withdraw from Syria see the report from earlier today (Wed. 12/19) in the WSJ…

    The US was effectively restraining Iran in Syria from accomplishing its regional goals…but now there is an abrupt change with no explanation from the POTUS. Mark Levin (conservative and Jewish radio/tv commentator/attorney) is beside himself at such a short-sighted decision. Here is his comments he wrote on facebook…

    The president has been bold and steadfast in dealing with Iran, our sworn enemy. Iran has slaughtered American troops, it is the largest state-sponsor of Islamic terrorism around the world, it threatens the United States with long-range nuclear missiles (which it seeks to acquire), it is attempting to devour Iraq, Yemen, parts of Syria, destabilize Saudi Arabia and even Egypt, and prepares for all-out war with Israel. Iran’s terrorist regime seeks to build a caliphate in the Middle East and beyond. The president has understood this. Yet, the stunning announced decision by the administration this morning, to immediately withdraw what amounts to 2,000 American personnel from Syria, will result in Iran, along with Hezbollah and their sponsor Russia, filling the void and surrendering a significant and important region of the world to our enemies. This is a very, very bad idea. The fact is that the administration’s decision to drop the Iran deal and re-impose sanctions on Iran has had an enormously beneficial effect; it has begun to weaken Iran’s economy and undermine support for the Islamic-fascist regime. But a decision now to leave Syria altogether undermines what has been a brilliant and effective policy up to this point. Syria is not Afghanistan, where we have had tens of thousands of troops and significant casualties over a fifteen year period. The U.S. has been very successful in a precisely limited and skillfully executed operation in Syria. To abandon it now is an extremely unwise act, even a provocative act, which will emboldened Iran, Hezbollah, and Russian. I would strongly discourage the president from abandoning what has been a significant and crucial achievement up to now and seriously rethink the apparent decision. It’s in America’s national security interest to hold fast.


    It appears 2019 will be a pivotal year to watch to see if first, a war is started with Israel by Iran’s proxies; second, if Iran is persuasive enough to marshall all the arab/muslim neighboring countries listed in Psalm 83 for Israel to defeat them for prophetic fulfillment; and third, is this the year the prophetic “ram” charges out in the Middle East to become “great” as Israel is distracted with her own war while Iran does all it wants?

    Any comments on this development, Mark?

    And um, prayers for me for safety and protection as I go with Joel to the Jordan part of a Jordan/Israel tour with a local church in April next year.


  7. Daniel,
    Well, it seems Erdoğan is primed. All were waiting for now is for Iran to trigger everything.

  8. Hi Julie,
    One never knows. I’m inclined to say this development is just noise as there are over 100,000 US military personnel in Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, etc., so a few thousand out of Syria may not matter.
    I’m becoming more inclined to believe Iran will simply do a “shock and awe” on American personnel surrounding Iran.
    Best chance for the start of the war being in Spring. I pray you and Joel be safe travelling outside of Israel.

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