Second Signpost Told of Yet Again by IRGC Deputy Commander

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, one of the kings of the Persian ram (see this post), was quoted by MEMRI as telling us all about the Second Signpost.

Brigadier General Naqdi, recently promoted from Basij commander to deputy commander of all the IRGC, tells us of the Second Signpost.

This is the man who was the top commander of the Basij, the paramilitary made up of one-million-plus zealots who almost overwhelmed Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi military back in the 1980’s. Apparently he is now the deputy commander of the entire IRGC.

Most people would only see Naqdi’s statements as so much rhetoric that doesn’t mean anything, for America would never let Naqdi’s threats be realized.

However, those who know the Signpost interpretation can see Naqdi’s statements as looking like a list to be checked off on the IRGC’s agenda, for what is to happen during the Second Signpost.

Persian ram to charge southward through Saudi Arabia (Dan. 8:4)


“If we gave the order to a division in any of our 30 provinces, it would be able to defeat and destroy Saudi Arabia. It’s true that Saudi Arabia has many advanced weapons, but it cannot face an army like Iran’s.”

“Nor was there anyone to rescue” (Dan. 8:4)


“America will not launch a war against Iran. If it does – a possibility that I rule out – we will destroy all its military bases in the region. We currently stand before the gates and barbed wire [surrounding those bases], and if they make a wrong move, we will cross those barbed wire fences.”

Psalm 83 War, “Come, they say, let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” (Ps. 83:4 NIV 1984)


“Israel must be destroyed and wiped out. There is no doubt that the Zionists must be annihilated and destroyed. This will definitely happen. . . . The Islamic Revolution in Iran will not back down even an inch from its position regarding the wiping out of Israel.”

He [the ram] did as he pleased (Dan. 8:4)

Naqdi, as all other IRGC soldiers and officers are devoted to the notion of spreading Iran’s Revolution all over the Muslim nations. I wrote about this in chapter 10 of Daniel Revisited. This is why Naqdi said,

“We were, we are, and we will continue to be the soldiers of Imam Khamenei, until our last breath and until the last drop of our blood.”

An Exaggeration

There is one thing Naqdi said that was beyond what he himself will do:

“I, myself, will hoist the flag of the Islamic Revolution in Jerusalem, Allah willing.”

That will not happen until the Antichrist’s armies surround Jerusalem and enter the Temple area in the middle of the seventieth week. The flag of the “Islamic Revolution” will be different as well.


It is amazing to me that here we see yet another IRGC commander or spokesman speaking plainly of the Second Signpost. The Second Signpost is coming more and more into plain sight. Yet, the world and even the church does not see it. This is why the Second Signpost will be a true black swan event, not seen by the world at large, and yet you bet people will say it was obvious after it happened.

Only those who are paying attention to the details in Bible prophecy (e.g. Dan. 8:17, 19) can see it.

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  1. Thank you very much!

  2. Mark is there a post or link of a writing of your on your site that I can share that easily breaks down Daniel 8? I like the idea of using Iran’s Great Invasion as an introductory for people, but i have also found that giving away books has led to throwing away money to some that have no intention of reading it. So if there was a seed for them to read to see first a response/spark of interest then I could use one of the two books depending on the person…

    Was thinking about this because of what you said in the conclusion of this writing about the church being unaware.

  3. IRGC leaders would never reveal their military strategies or capabilities unless they knew that they had all potential opposition checkmated. For them to be sounding like Daniel 8:4 (which is what will happen), suggests that normal disinformation spreading is shifting to the timing of their invasion. They may think that they are serving Allah, but they will actually be fulfilling God’s words in Isaiah 21:2: “the treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously, and the spoiler spoileth. Go up, O Elam! besiege, O Media!” Ancient Elam and Media were areas within what is now Iran.

  4. Prisms,
    Amen, brother. And I believe we are very close.

  5. Hi Jesse,
    This touches on what I wrote at the end of this post: “tell everyone who might express that same yearning to learn, as you did.”
    The problem of course is discerning who really wants to learn and is ready, and who isn’t. Most aren’t.
    Besides Iran’s Great Invasion, there is chapter 6 of Daniel Revisited. That chapter is only 6 pages long.
    Online, Daniel 8 is dispersed. You have given me an idea though, and that would be a short commentary of Daniel 8 in pdf form to post here on line. I’ll pray about it and see if this should be a priority. Thanks.

  6. Hi Mark!

    If the LORD leads you to do it after prayer then that PDF of Daniel 8 providing your brief commentary (and I would introduce yourself first) could be a sort of “touchstone” for those of us who watch this site and could share the PDF digitally by email with our pastors, elders and just interested parties to give clarity and further preparedness.

    If the LORD wills, this would be a gateway for them to hear you even further.


  7. Mark / Julie,

    I think the PDF idea is great. Also I think that I could speak for most of us who have read Daniel Revisited several times and have tried to tell others about the upcoming events of Daniel 8 that it would also be good if at the end of the PDF you pointed to your two books. I know you did this in Iran’s invasion but I am just encouraging you to do so in the PDF if you proceed. Yes is would help sales of the book and I am sure that you could use the money. But it would also help the few that are willing to read on to get more information. None of your readers would get hung up on the promotion and think anything negative about you.
    If they did you have my email. Send them my way. LOL

  8. Thanks for your counsel Jesse!

  9. I found Zechariah 5:1-4 interesting to pay attation to.
    The flying scoll (after old measures, the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits, equals 3×9 m).
    Could Zechariah have seen a atomic missile?
    It shal consume both timber and stone verse 4. From where? Verse 11, Kjv, “And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base”
    Shinar is both todays Irak and parts of Iran. See also Genesis 10:9-12. Who is the target?
    Is it possible to consider Isaiah 34:9 and Rev 17:16 here?

  10. Jim,

    Zechariah 5 is talking about a NUCLEAR missile! There is all kinds of biblical teaching on this subject on You Tube all you need to do is put in search term Zechariah 5 and you can learn a whole lot…and it is disturbing but we must know so we are not caught off guard.


  11. Jim,

    An additional response to your Isaiah and Revelation passages….it certainly does appear that ancient Edom (now divided between Israel and Jordan) and Mystery Babylon are the probable targets from Zechariah 5. But this is in the far distant future and time will clarify further.


  12. How far distant do you put it, Julie?

  13. Now, Howard…that is not a fair question! LOL

    How about farther than I can throw?

    But I’d say 50 years give or take a few…how’s that? I’ll be long gone from this planet by then.


  14. I don’t know how old you are, Julie, but your generation (our?) may be here when He comes.

  15. God’s plan for his Son’s return is always proceeding. I don’t rule anything out for sure, Howard. Indeed, the closer the prophetic signs materialize and in faster succession…the closer we are to the final period prior to Jesus’s return. This is why those who have a life long interest which I believe is God-given in Jesus’s return will know many prophetic confirmations before the Church at large and for sure the general unbelieving public.


  16. Jim Kvitfjell, you say 20 cubits by 10 cubits is 3X9 metres. If we take the earlier cubit of about 52 cm, this would be 10.4 X 5.2 metres. If we take the shorter later cubit of 444mm, it would be 8.88X4.44m. (Some say the later cubit was 46cm, which would mean 9.2 X4.6 metres.) In any case, the cubit was based on the length of an adult man’s forearm, so anything from half a yard (British Imperial measure) to half a metre would be a good approximation. The foot measure likewise was based on the length of a man’s foot and varied in different parts of Europe from 25cm (at Hesse in Germany) to 32.48 cm in Paris.(The Imperial foot is/was 30.48 cm)

  17. Here is someone’s theory from a end times facebook group that I’m in that I thought I would share and plug in the results he said…”I don’t expect Daniel’s 70th week to start until two “days” (i.e. millenniums) after Yeshua ascended to heaven. Find the year he left plus two thousand minus seven years.”

    I plugged in his theory and said…”According to your theory, he was born on September 11th 3 A.D. he died 33 years later so that would put the year at 36 A.D. and ascended into heaven in that same year. Add 2,000 years which puts the date at at 2036 A.D. minus 7 years would make the start of Daniel’s 70th week to begin in 2029. Your theory is good as anyone else’s.”


    Mark, though we are cautioned NOT to date set it is nearly impossible to humanly resist! LOL

    I do find it interesting that it is possible IF this above theory holds correct, your Signpost theory could also fit nicely and dove-tail into this next decade! Now, THAT is exciting and we really could be that blessed generation that Scripture teaches the Church! I do firmly believe as well that just as God calls those whom he chooses to be under sheperds (pastors) of his sheep, he in like manner also calls and chooses those he wants to be Watchmen (and I mean that in a gender neutral way because I’m one of them and not male!) on the wall looking for his Son’s return.

    The election of Trump may indeed by part of this process in God’s plan because no businessman had ever been elected to the highest political office of our land in our nation’s history. I also find that unique as well.


  18. Hi Julie,
    Really the only date setting we have from the Bible is based on other events. Jesus told us all the events of the end time would be witnessed within one lifetime.

  19. Jesus was born before Herod died.

  20. Your right, Mark. All prophetic signs would be witnessed within a generation according to Jesus That slipped my mind apparently. My apologies.


  21. Hi Howard,

    Dr. Michael Heiser puts Jesus birth on September 11, 3 B.C.

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