A Strange Encounter With a Bear

This post will undoubtedly seem strange to some.

Since Christ grabbed me in 1997, I cannot count the number of times God has shown me things through physical circumstances. Either my heart will be prompted to look at something, or something will be shoved in my face, so to speak.

Thinking about the number of clues in a single circumstance and and/or the timing of what is being shown, I realize “this is a God thing” and pay special attention. The start of this ministry, for example, involved God showing me what I needed to do via a movie poster of all things.

A Question

This past Saturday morning I had been working in the garden, pulling weeds and harvesting peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. I came into rest around midday and have some water and lunch. I felt tired, so I rested on the couch and drifted in and out of sleep for a little while.

I had also been asking God that morning if he might tell me when the Second Signpost might begin or how much time we have remaining? Do we have days, weeks, or years? He answered. As always when my God shows up with provision or teaching, it’s always in new and surprising ways.

The Encounter

In the early afternoon I was ready to go back outside to work. I stood up and turned to look out the picture window in the living room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. For a second or two, my brain wrestled with the strange sight out on our front lawn. Wow, it was a bear!

It wasn’t a big bear, maybe a yearling, but it was black, and stocky, and looked like trouble.

A black bear similar to the one I encountered on my front lawn. The bear in the picture is perhaps a little larger, but has the same stockiness and menacing appearance as ‘my’ bear. (Credit: Canadian Wildlife Federation)

It was sauntering up our front lawn at an angle to the house, in my direction inside the window, maybe forty to fifty feet away. If it had continued on, was it going to go for the chicken coop behind the house? I yelled at it through an opening to go away. The bear stopped in its tracks, looking at me.

Being a smaller bear, I realized I might be able to chase it away. Sure enough, it ran away, hopping our yard fence and taking off across our meadow before disappearing down into the creek bed.

(I called and told my wife about it. She asked if I had taken a picture. But taking a picture was the last thing on my mind. Now I regret it because not only could my wife see the bear, but it would have made a good photo for this post!)

An Answer

“What was that about?” I wondered. I live in an area that is supposedly visited by bears routinely but we have not encountered one living here on the Front Range now for over five years.

First, in all my years I had never seen a bear in the wild—only at zoos. Through all my camping trips in my younger years, and driving in remote places, I’ve never seen a bear. And now, on August 3rd of 2019, I see a bear, and at my house, in my yard!?!

Second, it was a yearling; not a big bear that could harm me. It was maybe two-and-a-half feet at the shoulder, and two feet wide. But it was stocky, with thick black fur.

Lastly, and most importantly, God was answering my prayer as I rested on the couch. When might the Second Signpost begin, or how much time do we have remaining? He gave me his answer.

It dawned on me while I was back outside thinking about the event, the Second Signpost is represented by the bear in Daniel 7. And though my bear was likely much smaller than the enormous beast that was like a bear that Daniel saw, “my” bear also represented the Second Signpost. The bear will wander, sauntering, eating and wrecking things (like Prov. 28:15).

The first time I saw a bear in my entire life even out here on the Front Range for five years, was in the hour or two after I prayed. My prayer was being answered. The bear was close. The bear was approaching in my direction, towards me. The bear somehow seemed menacing for its size—it wasn’t scrawny but seemed powerfully built and well fed for its size.

After realizing these things, the prompting inside told me that the Second Signpost, likewise, is close. Out of all the distance it had been approaching down the mountainside, over the hills, and up our meadow, the bear was close. And it was moving when I saw it, sauntering, walking slowly, headed my way. Likewise, the bear of Daniel 7 can be thought of as starting its life in 1979, the year the Iranian regime came into being. After forty years of growing and being made ready, it is about to be given its command.

So here is the end of the matter.

Question: “How close is the Second Signpost, Lord? How much time do we have?”

Answer: “The Second Signpost is close, and approaching, at a sauntering speed.

I also realized I had time to act to avert trouble before it reached the house at the moment I was watching, looking out the window. I didn’t have much time, maybe thirty seconds. But I was able to get done what I needed to get done by acting quickly.

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19 replies

  1. How do you discern an “hour or two” and “30 seconds to act”?

  2. Chris,
    No answer to that one yet.
    Thinking about it, the downtime on the couch is not relevant, its the time it took coming wherever it came from, and it was down to the last 30 seconds, suggesting of all the time the bear would be around and sauntering and wandering, it was near the end of its being made ready.

  3. I would have said the Bear represented Russia…???

  4. Rebecca,
    Have you read Daniel Revisited? There is another prophecy theory out there saying the lion is the UK, the bear is Russia, etc. But the beasts of Daniel 7 are, according to the Signpost interpretation, representing the end time version of nations in the Middle East. DR shows quite clearly why the bear is Iran.
    Remember, too, many theories force an interpretation of the text based on presumption. One must carefully consider Daniel 7’s place with Daniel 2, and Daniel 8.

  5. Anyone doubting that Iran is right now capable of successfully invading the Middle East should examine Wikipedia’s “List of military equipment manufactured in Iran.” Iran’s chief rival in the region, Saudi Arabia, does not produce its own military equipment, but has to buy it from United States, France, and Britain (see Wikipedia article “Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia”). Iran is militarily self-sufficient right now, while Saudi Arabia must depend on foreign-made equipment not designed to counter the vast array of equipment that Iran has made and supplied its forces with.

  6. Good Morning Mark,
    I had a different take on your encounter. Perhaps its wishful thinking. I think the age of the bear is significant. Its not yet mature enough to strike out on its mission but is feeling its oats. Also your ability to startle the bear may point to its immaturity and lack of commitment. However the fact its roaming and testing its environment or even stretching its reach is instructive. I agree with you the time is near. My window my be a little longer than yours. Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. One thing I noticed observations from your story was that it was deterred.
    I have always heard a bear never gets aggressive unless two things are at stake….either they get very hungry and their cubs and territory are at threat. Sanctions have a way of hurting the common folk more than those at the top. Ron Paul notes that they never work and only cause more problems on those who have nothing to do with the regime. Up to about two years ago, the regime wasn’t being supported by the common people in Iran at all. Thinking these sanctions will only increase solidarity to where they will have more support of the people.

  8. We’ve had bears in our yard this summer. Sauntering.

  9. The bear only became a symbol for Russia in the 1500s. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Bear and many other sites) That is roughly 2000 years after Daniel, so this symbol that is popular nowadays, even with the Russians themselves, is not useful for interpreting Daniel.

    As for Mark’s bear experience – it strikes me too as a answer to Marks prayer. But this bear was not yet dangerous to him, as Mark writes himself. So had the same thing happened to me, I would have interpreted it as: “Yes, the bear you are expecting is born, is growing, has learnt to be menacing, bold enough already to influence your very home. It has to grow more before it will fulfill its prophesied role though.”

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. Since the young bear would need at least one more year of development to become dangerous to human life, could this indicate a reasonable time frame to expect Iran to attack either Israel or Saudi?

  11. While I agree with both Michael and Adamant that the age of the bear seems important (it still has a bit of growing to do), I think signs and dreams are highly personal and it is the interpretation of the one recieving the dream which should be considered more so. Either way, it’s getting close.

  12. Really interesting Mark. I wonder if we will see a second witness in the form of a bear stock market considering the Dow Jones fall over the last 24 hours. Possibly not relevant at the moment but something to consider nevertheless. Also – if the folks visiting this site could please pray fervently for New Zealand regarding a possible significant abortion reform these next few days, that would be appreciated. Our internationally famous PM is looking to decriminalise the slaughter of our unborn children.

  13. Same thought came to me before I read Marks interpretation. How long does it take a bear to mature?

  14. Hi Linda,
    Interesting thought. I hadn’t thought of the age of the bear. I find that when God is trying to show me something, the situation is usually harmless. So, God wanted to show me a bear without my having to go to the hospital.
    What struck me was the bear’s position. It only took several hours to come down the mountain and cross the hills, and it was half a minute from me when I saw it. Maybe this is comparable to it having existed 40 years at this point, but it has weeks or months to go.
    If the age of the bear and its danger is relevant, the bear would be a killer in only one year from now.

  15. In respect to age, that indeed makes a lot of sense. Younger bears are indeed less aggressive and easier to deter. Very good questions being poised.

  16. So … if what most of you are saying is true, and that the bear was too young to be a threat, then be grateful God didn’t send a brazen adult bear because Mark never would have made this post to begin with. I still agree with Mark’s original analysis, and I am grateful God didn’t listen to some of these comments cause I need Mark in these dark years. Thanks, and I posted this with a lot of humour, so don’t take offence.

  17. Mark, I caught this article this morning. Trump stands a good chance of losing in 2020. The bear might not have any strong leader to deter it.

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