Websites for Food Prepping

This post’s topic is preparation for the Second Signpost and beyond.

Below are some websites that may help with food prepping, i.e. building up a cache of food that will keep you, your family, and others fed during rough patches. may sound like a plain food or cooking site, but it centers on prepping. Here is a grocery list on the site for a foundation of food preparedness for one person for six months. It also has a link to Mormon food prepping stores which also sell to non-Mormons. The food may sound boring (i.e. flour, beans, oats, powdered milk, etc.) but it will keep you fed. If you wonder why the list has so much flour and wheat, do you really think you will be able to go down to your local grocery store anytime and get a loaf of bread? We may need to rethink our daily lives.

Here is a general prepping site I have read over the years, covering all kinds of topics. There are many good ideas here, with lots of links.

Thirdly, here is an interesting site. An older couple is attempting to be as self-sufficient as possible, using their 5 acres in rural Pennsylvania. They have a lot of tips and links for everything from gardening to building a barn. Though they are in their 60’s, their energy level is amazing. One thing I’ve noticed in my own life, being in my 50’s and having lived in suburbs all my life, country living toughens you up.

Please think about preparing. Do what you can, and/or do what the Lord is guiding you to do, in whatever circumstance you are currently.

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  1. “Country living toughens you up”! If you have troubles walking on the sidewalk, how will you ever run or fight in the jungle? ( Isaiah paraphrased)

  2. Thanks Mark! It is good to prod our fellow “signposters” to prepare for hard times to come. I have been prepping intensely since I found out Hillary was running for president. I can tell you that most preppers think they are prepared and they fall far short of what is really needed. I am not saying this to be judging in any way. It is just an observation. I’m told from a friend who does professional preparedness consulting that we are 2% in the nation. Only thing that’d put me to 1% would be to get to a dark sky mountainous farming region. Which I hope to do next year if we can.
    So… That said. For those of you looking for long term survival food I highly recommend buying from rainyday foods. Many many sites flat out LIE about their “6 month” food packs. Their calories are based upon a 4-500 calorie per person per day for 6 months. That is not a proper diet. I have confronted a few of these companies on their deceit. However RainDay has real calorie based large supply and also many different 5 gal long term packed staple foods that you can buy.
    Anyone that wants to contact me directly to chat can feel free to do so at—

  3. Jesse,
    Thanks for the info.

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