Growing Awkwardness in Iraq

Following the assassination of General Soleimani, the Iraqi parliament held a special session to vote on whether to have US forces expelled from Iraq.

Only the Shia MPs showed up, with no Sunni or Kurdish representation there. The Shia MPs hold a majority and so upon voting they did support the resolution to oust US troops from Iraq.

The resolution is non-binding which means the prime minister must decide whether to do this.

If US forces are made to leave Iraq that can only be good news since our men and women in uniform would at least be out of the way of the IRGC in Iraq.

However, to make things uglier, US president Trump announced the US military is not leaving until the US is compensated for the multi-billion dollar base the US built there in Iraq.

I believe this could only make the situation worse: a country requests that the US leaves but it will not. That makes the US no better than any other aggressor nation in the past that overstayed its welcome in whatever nation was being occupied.


If Iraq decides it wants the US to leave, and the US does not leave, that can only paint the target on the backs of our men and women in uniform, larger. It might also convince more people than just the Shia Muslims that the US is a bully.

It seems that while US President Trump has been successful taking a hard edge with China and NAFTA trade, and maybe less so with defense budgets of some grumbling from NATO allies, his style of being bold and standing his ground for “America first” may not be the best way of handling the Middle East.

We know it is likely that the Second Signpost will begin while Trump is in office. We cannot blame him alone for this, for two reasons: (1) God’s word says this will happen and so it cannot be resisted – it’s like musical chairs and someone will be minus a chair when the music stops, and (2) there are a string of presidents that can share the blame. Four come to mind: Eisenhower for the coup bringing in the shah, Carter for allowing the Islamic Republic to arise, Bush Jr. for taking away the “Iran container” that was Saddam Hussein, and finally Obama for appeasing the regime by signing a stupid nuclear deal and handing them pallets of cash.

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  1. “We know it is likely that the Second Signpost will begin while Trump is in office. ”


    How do we know this?
    Not that I disagree as things are very obviously ramping up, but am I missing something that has happened that makes us for certain that the Ram will charge while Trump is in office?

  2. Looks like the Shia-Sunni is becoming more at odds by what I am reading here too, Mark. This is definitely an opportunity for Iran to take advantage of with either scenario. I read some time ago that Iran eagerly wants Russia pulled into the conflict and the US. Over the weekend, they declared the attack on the general as “illegal.”

  3. Jesse,
    Good question. “We know it is likely…” Meaning, I believe it is likely that during the next five years of Trump’s presidency (I’m assuming he will win a second term) and even during the next year if he is one term only, (1) given that the second horn has already grown longer and later (which is now) so time is up, and (2) the IRGC proved it can be the ram that shocks, with its drone attack September 21, and (3) seeing the red flag hoisted above the “Antichrist mosque” for the only time ever, with the anger and resolve coming out of the regime, how can this drag on any longer?
    But it could drag on. So I retain the word “likely” in my original statement, but that doesn’t mean “absolutely.”

  4. Ok… I totally agree. Hopefully we have 4 more years or so.


    You might find this interesting. Apparently theres little the US can do to stop Iran if it unleashed all it had.

  6. Perhaps the Lion isn’t being made to stand like a man any longer.
    Thus the transition from the first signpost to the second is complete…?

  7. Jesse,
    No, I believe the lion is still standing. Daniel said “I watched until the bear” came out. The Iraqi government is still a democracy. Instead of some dictator declaring US troops to leave, the Iraqi parliament voted in democratic style with a majority saying they want US troops to leave.
    Besides, there is nothing in Daniel 7 to say that the lion reverts back to his old way.

  8. Interesting article in WND.COM. Iranians REFUSING to step on American and Israeli flags. Those few who do are shamed by the crowd. Also people pulling down posters of Soleimani in public. I was wondering if during the THIRD signpost if one of the reason the leopard is successful is that the people will welcome the Turks as liberators?

  9. Karl,
    Yes. And its been fairly consistent over the last decade that 80% of Iranians hate the regime.

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