ALERT: The Second Signpost May Be Only Days Away

This is an alert.

I knew at some point we would likely be faced with this: the Second Signpost is at our doorstep.

Over the years since 1979, the IRGC grew in strength and ability. It grew first in its military, and then in its influence over everything in Iran—its economy, its politics, and even its culture.

In the last few years the IRGC supported its allies in their fights in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Then this past summer they became brazenly aggressive taking ships. On June 21 they shot down a US asset, a drone.

Then Iran proved its ability to cause shock and run out like the ram of Daniel 8, in the attack on the Saudi oil facilities on September 14.

With the killing of the long-time head of the IRGC Quds Force, the IRGC is now resolved to begin a great war. Iran would have likely struck back.

But now, US President Trump has stated the United States military will hit 52 military and economic targets of Iran if there is any repercussion from Iran. The number 52 is the number of hostages the new Iranian regime held hostage in 1979.

Apparently the US administration has grown tired of threat after threat from Iran. I wrote in an earlier post that kudos go to Trump for keeping us out of the Second Signpost this long. However, his and his administration’s confidence in America’s military prowess are in error. Daniel 8 shows us that if America and Iran were to tangle in a war, Iran will win.

So what will the regime do?

It will not allow its 52 targets to be hit unless it intends to sacrifice them for some gain. This is not likely.

No, the next move may very well be by the IRGC executing an all-out attack across the Middle East—oil facilities and US assets so the US cannot attack, or if it does, it won’t matter. And the IRGC may very well do it after the three days of mourning for Soleimani declared by the supreme leader. The declaration was made the morning of January 3. This means that Monday morning, January 6, the three days will be over.

All you who know the Signposts and have been watching with me, pray for your families, churches, and communities, however the Spirit urges you to pray. But you knew that.

Praying for a delay may be answered, but the times of delays may be over.

Remember, with the bear gorging on many nations, and the second horseman allowing men to brutally slay one another and to take peace of mind from the entire earth, and Jesus telling us in Matthew 24 to not scream in terror, this far away event will show up at your door.

We humans are never in control of our lives, only God is. He just allows our circumstances to make us think we are. But He is in control. Depend on Him for everything. When the Second Signpost begins, the world will be turned upside down.

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  1. I am very grateful for your faithfulness in these times Mark. God is good!!!

  2. Hi Mark!

    Anything is in the realm of possibility for sure but because the Iranian Regime is so very calculating…I would think they would expect the US to be at the heighth of its awareness for retaliation. It may be more likely that they would not strike until later which could indicate Spring as previously projected. I just don’t see the Iranians doing such a knee jerk reaction on such a massive scale at this point but I could be wrong for sure. They will regroup and strike out when they deem ready and timing. However, we shall see.

    It still is wise for those that watch though to be ready anytime this year.


  3. Julie,
    What you say makes sense, and its what we’ve been saying up to now, like in March. But I felt I had to let it be known it could start right after the three days of mourning.

  4. Concerning the end-time marauding bear, Daniel heard: “Arise, devour much flesh” (Daniel 7:5). Perfectly on script, the commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force has now spoken what Daniel heard in his dream.
    Watch the embedded video, which has captions in English.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this post of yours Mark since I woke up. While I do steer more towards the US military needing to be out of the way of the Ram’s charge it is very possible it could go completely the other way. Daniel 8 says that no animal would be able to stand in the Ram’s way. So from that it does seem that there would be a strong force in the Ram’s way but that was not able to stand vs. having no strong military presence in Ram’s way at all. PrismPlay’s link above is pretty clear if Iran is not bluffing. Perhaps the USA strongly underestimates Iran’s capabilities. I do think that Iran does not show all their cards and they play by no rules, so what they have up their sleeve could make it so that they are WAY stronger than perceived. We already know that they have the largest military in the region. What we don’t know is just how strong they are or if they have certain ace cards.

  6. Iraq is currently proposing to ask the US to leave Iraq. If the Iraq Congress passes this decree, is it possible that the US pulls out of the Middle East, altogether, which allows for Iran to easily sweep across it?

  7. Mark,

    Another question for thought…now that the Iranian controlled Iraqi government has officially voted to expel all US military forces from the country so no official opposition to Iran within Iraq is standing in the way for Iran to stage a blitz to the rest of the Mideast. I would hope that Trump also removed any further foreign aid as well. Once those US troops have left there really will be nothing left for Iran to be stopped.

    Once that happens, does the likelihood of the Iran invasion become a certainty then?


  8. If the US refuses to leave Iraq against Iraqi wishes, the Iranians may be seen as liberators.

  9. Mobilization will have to occur first there will be no surprises ,only Cruz missiles would come as a surprise, boots on the ground will take weeks…

  10. 2020-01-03 Reuters:
    “The American action was a reaction to a series of military provocations for which Iran is responsible,” Ulrike Demmer [a German government spokeswoman] said during a regular government news conference. “We also see with great concern Iran’s activities in the region. We stand before a dangerous escalation,” she said, adding that Germany would work to de-escalate the situation.

    2020-01-06 Tasnim News Agency [controlled by the IRGC]:
    “Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Germany’s charge d’affaires over the support that a number of German officials have voiced for the American assassination of Iranian commander General Qassem Soleimani.” The article quotes the above Reuters quote verbatim.

    This Iranian summoning of a German diplomat reminds me of a more drastic summoning of German officials predicted by Nostradamus:

    3:78 first printed in 1555:
    Le chef d’Escosse avec six d’Alemaigne,
    Par gens de mer Orientaux captifs
    Transverseront le Calpre & Espaigne,
    Present en Perse au nouveau Roy craintifs.

    Erika Cheetham’s 1989 translation;
    The leader from Scotland together with six Germans
    will be captured by Eastern sea warriors.
    They will go through Gibraltar and Spain
    and be presented in Persia to the new dreadful king.

    This suggests that portions of Spain would be under Iranian control. How far does Iran expect its invasion to go? At the funeral of Soleimani, his replacement mentioned eventual global rule under the Mahdi:

    But second signpost plans will be upset by third signpost actions.

  11. Prism,
    Iran’s push will only go as far as Daniel 8 says: as far as the seaward west from Susa, which is only the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. So either the 3:78 quatrain is false, or it is wrongly interpreted. For example, a dreadful king in Persia may not necessarily mean the king is of Persia.

  12. Mark:

    In 2019, Iran began leasing parts of the Mediterranean port of Latakia, Syria, for civilian and military use. reported on 2019-04-24:
    Talks to lease the port reportedly began on February 25, when Syrian President Bashar Assad made an unannounced visit to Tehran. Assad insisted that Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Quds “Jerusalem” Force, a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (irgc), attend all the meetings. Suleimani’s presence suggests that the Quds Force will either partially or completely oversee the port’s operation. The agreement officially grants the Islamic Republic of Iran the use of the port of Latakia for economic purposes only. According to the Asia Times, however, once they take control of the port, “nothing prevents them from transforming it into a military facility.” The acquisition of its first Mediterranean port fulfills a goal Iran has had for decades.

    IRGC fast attack boats are small enough to be trucked overland to Latakia and from there launched into the Mediterranean.

    an IRGC fast attack boat exercise

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