Red Flag over Mahdi’s Mosque: Second Horseman May Now Have His Great Sword!

I never thought I would be writing an article like this, for I had never thought one single event could equate to the second horseman being made ready to make men slay one another.

There are reports from Twitter and, at this point, only British tabloids such as the Express, Metro, and Sun, that something unique has happened at the Jamkaran Mosque in Iran. That something is in response to the killing of General Soleimani.

Here is downloadable video showing the red flag of war being hoisted over the main dome of the Jamkaran Mosque (also on YouTube here):

Jamkaran Mosque, the Mosque of the Antichrist

The Jamkaran Mosque is located about 7 km (4.2 mi) south by southeast (SSE) of the center of Qom. It was built in AD 1003 by supposed order of the Mahdi himself, who is the twelfth imam of Shia Islam. The Twelver Shia Muslims of Iran are awaiting Mahdi’s appearance.

The Jamkaran Mosque, located 4 miles SSE of Qom. This is the mosque built for the Mahdi.

Former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had always talked about getting ready for the Mahdi, and had claimed he himself was in communication with Mahdi who is now in an “occultation,” i.e., is hidden. Who is “Al-Mahdi”? Those familiar with both mine (Daniel Revisited) and Joel Richardson’s writings (Antichrist, Mideast Beast) would know that is the Muslim name for our Antichrist (i.e. the Beast) of the Bible.

There is a water well that is claimed to be the place the spirit of Mahdi is located. It turns out that well is on the grounds of this mosque.

In this documentary about the Jamkaran Mosque on Youtube, a woman seated in front of the main dome says at about the 09:35 point, “Everybody who is here is here talking to Imam Mahdi Alayhi Salam hoping that one day he will come soon to deliver us from all the evil in this world.”

In other words, the people who are there are deceived thinking the Antichrist is their savior, and they are trying to communicate with the spirit of the coming Antichrist. It is in this place, at the main dome, that the red flag of war has just been hoisted.

Former president Ahmadinejad spoke of their Twelver beliefs that a major war was required to start chaos, and out of that chaos the Mahdi would emerge. Oddly, this is also what the Bible predicts, except the Mahdi is Antichrist.

What Could a Red Flag Mean?

The color red typically means war and blood. It’s the same color as the second horse of Revelation 6, which is the herald signaling the start of the Second Signpost, that of war.

Twelver Shias believe that war is necessary to bring about the Mahdi (/Antichrist). For the first time in the 1000-year history of the Jamkaran Mosque, the “mosque of the Antichrist” as I call it, the red flag was hoisted above the main dome. The words “Those who want to avenge the blood of Hussein” are on the flag. Hussein was the third imam of Shia Islam. He was killed unjustly in their view. Mahdi is to bring back justice, in their view.

The red flag about to be hoisted over the main dome of the Jamkaran Mosque.

Since red flags are not raised above the mosque on a regular basis, but is a first time, I believe (and admittedly I could be wrong) that the Shia Muslim leadership is declaring now is the time for Mahdi to come and finally undo the great injustices, and for him to come so a great war will be started.

In the symbolism of the Second Signpost we have the Persian ram, the bear with three ribs, and the second horseman. We’ve seen the second horn of the ram grow for the last forty years (Ref. DR, chapter 10). The ram is ready. The Shia areas in the Middle East—west Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and southern Iraq—along two of the three directions, i.e. two of the three ribs, are already calling on the bear as Daniel 7:5 says.

But what of the second horseman, riding the red horse, symbolic of war? He is to be given the great sword as he is given the power to allow men to slay one another on a vast scale, in one-quarter (Islamic quarter) of the earth.

I believe that this hoisting of the red flag over the “Antichrist mosque”, the first time ever, calling for avenging blood, is a rallying cry and a sign of resolve between the clerical horn of the ram and the military (IRGC) horn of the ram to begin the great war to bring about the Mahdi. That is the Second Signpost (see Daniel Revisited, chapter 10).

The red flag of war and avenging blood flying over the Mahdi’s mosque for the first time in history.

On top of this, there is another passage speaking of the Second Signpost and war. It is Jesus telling us in Matthew 24:6 about the war, to not be frightened, which in the original Greek language is, “do not scream in terror.”

To that end, the UK Express has as their headline for this story: “WATCH Terrifying moment Iran unveils red flag.” Not only do they use the word “terrifying,” where this flag hoisting by itself is not terrifying, but it echoes Jesus’ command, and even includes “WATCH” in all-caps, which are also Jesus’ words. I believe God is using circumstances here to show us the second horseman has just been handed his great sword. Watch the video again with this idea in mind. What might the Lord tell be telling you?


The IRGC is militarily ready to execute the Second Signpost. We saw this via the second horn of the ram growing longer, over time.

The resolve to start the Second Signpost is manifesting with the rallying cry and the raising of the banner for blood to be avenged and injustice (in their view) to end. The red flag symbolizes a great conflict to begin, to avenge the blood that was shed—to the Twelver Shia—unjustly. The killing of Soleimani was the event to kick start all this. The militant Shias of Iran are now on the warpath.

That banner is the red flag being hoisted over the Jamkaran Mosque for the first time ever. The Second Signpost may now be very soon, and the second horseman is for the one and only time being handed his great sword. The horsemen kick off each Signpost. The sword is conditional for the second horseman’s work to begin.

Remember, too, the Second Signpost may include a major attack of some sort on the United States by Iran’s allies Russia and China. Therefore, this website may not be available. You, dear readers and fellow watchers, must be the knowledgeable person shedding light in your family, church and community as to what is actually happening, that Iran’s running out over the Middle East is the sure sign, the next sign, In God’s plan for the return of the real Savior that is Jesus Christ.

So be prepared. Be on the alert. As Jesus said, “Watch”!

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  1. Interesting! Regarding ‘colors’ and a great war, the 6th Trumpet (Euphrates River war) in Revelation 9:13-21, which kills 1/3 of mankind and was led by an army of ‘200 million’, the prophecy indicates the colors of the horses and horsemens’ breastplates as being ‘RED, BLUE, and YELLOW’.

    I noticed the prominent colors of the Jamkaran Mosque as being a YELLOWISH color with a teal BLUE dome. Add to that scene a hoisted RED flag atop of the dome and you have all three colors. Certainly Islam could muster an army (between Shia and Sunni) of 200 million? Add in populous China if they were to eventually join in the fray? Their colors seem to be red and yellow?

    Is it merely coincidence that the event that kicked off this current storm occurred in Iraq, the country which geographically possesses a large percentage of the Euphrates river? I’m not saying this is related to the current situation, but I’ve always wondered about this great Euphrates River war in Rev 9 and the related breastplates of RED, BLUE, and YELLOW.

    Thanks Mark for all your interesting prophetic insights.

  2. Mike,
    The army of 200 million is with the kings of the East, i.e. China.
    The colors of Islam are white, red, black and green, just like the four horses.

  3. I do think it’s nessary the USA be out of the picture, something drastic has to happen with US assets in the area, other wise the USA will stymie any advance of the Iranian military.The American military is increasing in the middle East not decreasing, Trump is threatening to hit Iran 52 times at the slightest provocation.will it be economic situation or proxy wars including USA that stops American involvement?time will tell.Of course if Christ gives the great sword nothing will stop Iran…

  4. The patriotic intelligence and military leaders advising President Trump are aware of the Jamkaran Mosque and its now red flag of war. They have no doubt advised the President to hint that the Jamkaran Mosque could be among targets for destruction if Iran attacks American assets. After the red flag was raised, Trump tweeted: “Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!”

    The Trump policy is actually what Iran wants: American military forces leaving the Middle East without demanding regime change in Iran (except no nuclear weapons, which Khamenei himself recognizes as immoral). Trump and patriots have gradually been removing from power globalists who want war between Iran and America.

    Daniel 8:4 indicates that no beast nation can stand in the way of Iran’s coming invasion. A beast nation would not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights, or Israel’s legal right to settle in West Bank.

    I used to think that Iran’s “great sword” (Revelation 6:4) was nuclear weapons. I now think it is the totality of Iran’s military, portions of which are nearly impossible to defend against, the only deterrent being an ability by a non-beast nation to strike 52 targets near and dear to Iran.

    Notice that Trump’s tweet did not threaten a military response for strikes on targets that are not Americans or American assets. Daniel 8:4 states: “and there was none to deliver from his power” (Jewish Publication Society’s 1985 translation). There is no Hebrew word behind the “could” in KJV’s “neither was there any that could deliver out of his hands.”

  5. Mike,
    Everything you say is what many readers have brought up over the past few years, so welcome to this new way of looking at prophecy. If you haven’t yet, read Iran’s Great Invasion (free pdf on this site) or Daniel Revisited.

  6. Actually, Mark, I have read both. Great books! Just have always wondered about those colors in that ominous prophecy, red, blue, and yellow. Watching…

  7. Just as Saddam was the first horseman should we be looking for a singular man of the IRGC to rise with a specific task of taking peace and causing men to kill one another or would this be required to be more of a generalization since the IRGC is ruled by several generals?

  8. Good question Jesse!
    Each horseman is one of the seven spirits of God (Ref. Chronicles, App. C) and represents a “thing” or condition. In the case of the first horseman it represents a leader of the country of the First Signpost, i.e. Saddam. The second horseman represents the conditions of a great war, so no single person would be represented. At the closest to being people, it could represent the entire IRGC, but I think that’s pushing it.

  9. Thank you so much Mark. Have shared onto Richard’s Watch with links for readers to learn about the regime’s dangerous, engineered plans for destruction.

  10. Mark,
    Its funny, Nehemia 6:15 states the wall was finished in 52 days. 52, there is a lot more to this number than just hostages. I do believe things are about to heat up. I also look at the 7 seals from a spiritual point of view. The Bible states 1 Cor 15:46. First natural then that which is spiritual. In any event interesting times to say the least!!!!

  11. Mark,
    I live in Central Fl. and we keep 3 months supply of food an water because of the constant threat of hurricanes. What practical, pragmatic advise would you recommend for these times? Thanks

  12. Hi Darrin,
    Try these links where I’ve made posts on this topic, and give it lots of prayer –
    What is at the Core of Preparation
    One Thing Daniel Tells Us to Do
    Remember M-S-M
    Food Prepping
    Hope this helps.

  13. “The second horseman represents the conditions of a great war, so no single person would be represented.”

    After incessant yellings of “Death to America,” there are many hoarse men in Iran.

  14. This is a pretty silly article (especially now that we saw nothing came of the Sulliemani stuff). For instance, the author is assuming Islam is correct and the “Mahdi” is not pure fiction? lol riiiight. Second, the Antichrist will hate everything to do with Jesus and God. According to shiites, their Mahdi will be subservient to Jesus (who will return before the Mahdi’s biggest battles), will fight side by side with Christians, etc. Their Mahdi figure is clearly not the Antichrist. Stop muddying the waters with stuff like this.

  15. SP,
    Is it really silly? You’ve evidently missed the arguments in interpretation from Daniel 7 and 8 shown in Daniel Revisited.
    You have it backwards – Shias believe Jesus will be subservient to Mahdi. And the Bible does not say explicitly Antichrist will “hate” God, but it says in 2 Thess. 2:4 that Antichrist will “oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God.” So, yes, he could make a fake Jesus subservient to him.
    Read Joel Richardson’s Islamic Antichrist.

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