A Reminder: Don’t Be Fooled by Turkey and Russia “Making Up”

With Turkey and Iran starting economic and military cooperation in the last year or so, and now Turkey with Russia, don’t be fooled.

This RT article reminds us that there have been five centuries of war between Turkey and Russia, and Turkey and Iran.

The wars with Russia reflect a Muslim kingdom contending against a Christian kingdom. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Russia fought to stop the slave trade run by the Ottomans which enslaved two-thirds as many Slavs as those enslaved in the West African-Atlantic slave trade.

Erdoğan and Putin meet following Erdoğan’s call for a meeting with Putin, back in 2016.

The wars with Iran are a manifestation of Sunni Islam versus Shia Islam.

The article states:

“A member of an expert body advising Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hinted that Ankara is prepared to go to war with Russia after tensions over Syria’s Idlib province escalated over the past 24 hours.”

Russian and Turkish forces have crossed paths in the Syrian border city of Idlib. Russian airstrikes killed 33 Turkish soldiers. Nations have gone to war for less.

This is a reminder that despite Turkey “making nice” with Russia and Iran recently, they are still historical foes at the core.

It is likely, according to the Signpost interpretation, that Turkey will indeed go to war during the Fourth Signpost. It will be in the form of the Antichrist’s ten-nation empire attempting to expand into Russia.

The Turkish officer is quoted from the RT article as saying,

“We have fought Russia 16 times in the past, and we will fight it again.”

How prophetic.

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  1. Erdogan just opened the floodgates for mass immigration of Syrian refugees into Europe. The European part of Turkey has land borders with Greece and Bulgaria. Both of those nations are springing into action to stop immigration by land. Here is what Greece is doing:
    But immigration to Greek islands in the Aegean Sea is already happening and nearly impossible to stop. Turkey resents that most of the many islands between Greece and Turkey are owned by Greece. The reason for that is long and complicated:

    The areas in bright yellow are now part of Turkey. The port city of Smyrna is now İzmir, the third most populous city in Turkey.

  2. Those listening to National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition Saturday 2020-02-22 heard a 4 minute report titled “Listen: The Sound Of The Hagia Sophia, More Than 500 Years Ago.”
    “Two scholars at Stanford have joined forces to recreate what a Christian choir might have sounded like inside Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia before it became a mosque in the 1400s.”

    On Thursday 2020-02-27 Turkey’s president Erdogan ordered Turkish police, coast guard, and border security officials to stand down and let Syrian refugees pass through to Europe.
    On Friday 2020-02-28 Greece’s prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared that “no illegal entries into Greece will be tolerated.” On Saturday 2020-02-29 there were clashes between Syrian refugees and the Greek border patrol.

    In the midst of these tensions, the Greek Reporter has called attention to the NPR report on Christian sounds in the Hagia Sophia.
    Reminders like this are important in a time like this.

  3. Due to Erdoğan being so much in the news, and thinking he might be the prophesied first king of the third signpost, I am now daily scanning https://www.dailysabah.com/ which according to Wikipedia “is a mouthpiece of the AKP, and more so a cheerleader for Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the current president of Turkey, and an advocate of [Sunni] Islamism.”

    Soon after attaining age 66, Erdoğan opened Turkey’s borders for any of its 3.7 million Syrian refugees to migrate to Europe, which is causing extreme unease for Greece and the EU, which has offered money to Turkey if it would stop releasing refugees. At first Erdoğan said Turkey would allow 72 hours for migration to Europe. Then he said that outward migration would be allowed permanently. He now says it will be for 9 years.
    In 9 years Erdoğan would be 75 years old. What does he hope to accomplish by 2029? Whatever his plans are, they will be disrupted by the second signpost. This will make him or a successor extremely angry (Daniel 8:5-8).

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