Will Coronavirus Exacerbate the Woes of the Second Signpost?

It is likely the Second Signpost is imminent. We are waiting for Iran to make the next move.

September 14, 2019 and January 7, 2020 are the important dates that saw the Second Signpost become possible, just as Daniel 8:4 and Revelation 6:4 say.

At the same time, and seemingly quite out of nowhere, the new Coronavirus started somewhere in the Wuhan province of China in November 2019. The virus, spread human to human without people showing any symptoms (i.e., asymptomatic carriers), ramped up in its spread, so that now in February 2020 nations are saying we are on the verge of an outright pandemic.

The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. From the CDC website.

The timing of the rise of the Coronavirus epidemic is too perfect to ignore.

The Second Signpost, with its cut in the global oil supply by one-fourth cutting into oil availability and resulting in much greater cost for transportation and materials production, will be marked by interruptions in supply lines. If goods cannot be produced, great unemployment would result. Companies needing a constant cash flow, or those which have large debts, would see bankruptcy. The world economy would go into a depression with the effects of the Second Signpost alone.

Exacerbating this, though, is a possible Coronavirus pandemic, marked by either people’s fear of coming to work, or governments restricting travel.

An email from a “Sister K” sent to Jim Sinclair (“Mr. Gold” of jsmineset.com) brings up the topic of the supply chain. She writes,

The average person doesn’t think or care about the supply chain. The supply chain is the process of getting your stuff from where it is made to the place where you can buy it.

Today, we obtain goods from all over the world. Perishables and high value items are transported by airplanes, and almost everything else travels over sea as revealed by the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks the oceanic transport. What happens if the supply chain becomes disrupted?

The Baltic Dry Index is at the lowest level since the 2008 financial crisis. What does this mean for you? It means that there is a real possibility that supplies from China are going to be diminished.

We are already seeing a crash in mobile phones from China. ZeroHedge reports,

China’s mobile phone industry cratered in January as shipments plunged by more than a third, according to a new report from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).

China shuttered dozens of cities, closed major manufacturing hubs, shutdown retail stores, and placed more than 700 million people in lockdown for virus containment purposes, creating one of the most massive demand shock the country has ever seen, resulting in the bust of the mobile phone industry in January.

CAICT reported domestic mobile phone shipments were around 20.8 million units, down 38.9% year-over-year.

The percentage mentioned is just below 40%. A 40% drop in any year for any industry can result in a depression if drops like these occur all over the economy, not to mention a 40% cut in any supply line will not only depress availability of products, but cause the price of said products to skyrocket.


The Second Signpost will likely cause interruptions to food and goods you buy on a regular basis. It might interrupt your cash flow as well. The Coronavirus pandemic is already showing such interruptions in supply chains.

People’s fear of a Coronavirus pandemic may very well add to the woes of the Second Signpost, exacerbating the coming global misery. The risk of an increase in the magnitude of economic woes just increased.

We will see.

Prepare now in the ways you believe God is leading you.

[Note: Could the Coronavirus have anything to do with the pestilences of the Fourth Signpost? Perhaps, but I doubt it. There are far worse diseases that could spread causing death and misery in the Islamic realm during that future time.]

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  1. Mark,

    I have read that Iran is having a problem with outbreak right alongside of Italy and S.Korea. So I was thinking that perhaps while this would be a force multiplier against the world economy when the Second Signpost starts, the coronavirus could also be something that slows Iran down from pushing forward with their charge from Susa at least for a little while. Could this buy a bit more time?

  2. Yes, Mark…I’ve heard about the Dry Baltic Index before regarding shipping goods globally to market as an economic indicator. Apparently this is one factor economists watch for economic stability and as you have said, it has not been this low sense the 2008 very severe global recession which took our country YEARS to climb out of and we did not return to true economic normalcy until Trump took office in 2017.

    We are not done with the Coronavirus by a long shot and it will affect our economy at a minimum the rest of the year and perhaps beyond. If the American people do not feel that Trump via Pence is not handling this correctly…this could be Trump’s Black Swan event removing him from office IF Iran does not beat him to it first.

    Iran is the wild card here. Iran is dealing with their own issues concerning the Coronavirus and it has affect their country in light of their elections. This may also come into play about the Second Signpost and a possibly delay…if Iran does not charge in the Spring it will be because of the Coronavirus, imo.


  3. Mark:
    We’ve been told for years that the U.S. has been running a trade deficit with China. Since the Chinese economy is shut down, but they still need to consume, isn’t this the time the trade deficit be reversed?

  4. Karl,
    Perhaps, but the goods we export must not need Chinese parts, like soybeans and hogs.

  5. I’ve been watching and following this coronavirus thing very hard for the last 3-4 weeks since the Virginia rally.
    To date this guy has the best info—



    This one does have the ability to produce a full collapse scenario.

  6. The effects of the Coronavirus are mostly going to be economic, rather than mass death. Yes, it is conceivable that we may see deaths in the hundreds of millions, but that’s the worst case scenario by far. The reality is probably not going to be that bad.

    No, the primary damage will be economic. And with the economy frozen worldwide, it will trigger crashes and bankruptcies. Necessary consumables will become scarce if the economy remains frozen.

    No, I do not belief we are looking at the fourth horseman’s pestilence here, yet. Though its possible that over time SARS-COV-2 may mutate into something worse, as it doesn’t appear that its going to go away any time soon. We’ll probably have to live with it for many years, becoming a seasonal thing.

    But, the Black Horseman (Black Swan?) is definitely a potential fit. I don’t know much about prophetic political side of things in the middle east, but I see a lot of news about Turkey in the news today. Turkey has been flexing its muscles since ISIS was crushed and attempting to annex parts of Syria.

    The coronavirus is looking like it might ravage Iran. Officials are dropping dead from the virus. There is however historical examples of plagues causing nations to act unpredictably and against their own best interests, sometimes launching unwise wars in order to try and claim legitimacy to rule. See the fate of Athens: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/china-should-fear-coronavirus-look-what-plague-did-ancient-athens-121751

  7. AM,
    The black horse is about famine. Like the third horse and the third seal, Jesus’ third thing He mentioned in Matthew 24 was famine.
    I’m in agreement with you about Covid-19 being mostly about economics. So is the Second Signpost (outside of the Middle East).

  8. How do you think that right wing americans will feel about being quarantined? Probably not a good situation. The masses response is going to be long lasting. Also since economically this could be very heavy. Could lead to social unrest etc.

  9. Agree with you AM. Its amazing how much big numbers tend to scare the masses, however when you look at it in terms of percentages, (such as 0.0061% of China supposedly has had the virus), our irrational response from a fear perspective is just that, irrational! Interesting comment re Iran, and we may well see Iran being fearful about this virus doing significant damage to its public health and economic health, leaving it exposed to its enemies and may want to move quickly throughout the ME to enable others to ‘share’ in its suffering (chaos, bring on the 12th Mahdi etc).

  10. Just like the Covid-19 virus might have some interaction with start and/or consequences of the second signpost, so might Betelgeuse. Astronomers recently were buzzing about it maybe turning supernova soon because its unprecedented dimming. In that case it would become brighter than the full moon and visible in daylight, even through cloud coverage. The buzz is getting less now, it seems to be brightening again. It might not even blow up in another 10,000 years.

    But then we have these biblical references about great signs in the stars etc in the end times. Betelgeuse is 527 light years away, so what we see now happened that long ago. If it has blown up already, God knows for sure, and maybe Satan knows too when the light will reach the earth, which will cause shock and wonder for everyone on this world; way wilder than comets, that were often superstitiously seen as harbingers of doom.

    Mars was connected to war by the ancients because of its red color; what about the red supergiant Betelgeuse? The name Betelgeuse comes from Arabic, originally yad al-jawzā’, meaning the hand of Gemini or the hand of Orion. I do not know if the star has a special meaning in Islam or Islamic prophecy. If so, it might encourage certain Muslims to do certain things, second signpost or later, and/or Satan will use it for his purposes. Maybe some reader of this blog knows whether Betelgeuse has any special meaning in (some section of) Islam?

  11. Mark,
    I just heard about the following on Jay Sekulow Live in which an Israeli lab is close in the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus.

    Here is the link:


    I am posting this also because and can’t help to notice how much the advancement in scientific medical research seems like has been going through Israel lately and less in American uninversities. In reading some of these posts and knowing your position on the four horsemen’s connection to the four signposts, I had some questions. It is something I am wondering about and wanting some clarification on your position. I know you connect the first horseman with Iraq, but are you also connnecting the shift of prominence of America’s back to Israel as key feature? As futurist Joel Richardson explained has to why he’s a futurist, he stated that they tie into judgement where a historist view tends to overlook it. That’s a very valid point with futurists. Not saying your wrong by any means but rather am wondering if you are also thinking that judgement has really begun to take place on the Gentile nations and the seals opened more in a progressive manner and initiating after the reclamation as Israel as a nation. Another question then I would have to ask is, would you see this beginning in 1968, perhaps? If you look 1963, prayer was taken out of school and the secularization of education began. Many other things happened in that decade that would be explained by the notion that the first seal was opened and Israel coming back to prominence. Your thoughts on this.
    I am hoping this might provoking you to write a follow up to Daniel Revisited and it’s connection to the four horsemen and also judgement.

  12. Gary,
    I saw the story, too, just yesterday. Thanks for sharing the link!
    At the very least if the coronavirus is raging around the world, Israel will be protected.
    Regarding judgment I believe it has already started. It begins with the house of God, which would be the USA. 9-11 was our sign, and He orchestrated the USA being the nation to kick off the Signposts with the First one with Iraq.

  13. I think this flu is being overrated!I it shows me the power of media (which antichrist will use with great skill) market’s are down 4000 points because of a bad flu virus and maybe Bernie Sanders victory,it’s amazing the power of media and how gullible we can be as humans.I do think this could hurt economics worldwide (although stocks probably be rebounding next week? ) it would take very little to bring on a recession in this already weak economic situation the world is in…and if it continues down this road and industries world wide especially large economies start failing, often they divert (as nazi Germany) to a military complex this increases chance of wars and rumors of wars. Crazy world we are living in…Christ is our only solice.

  14. I found an older post of yours discussing the 1st signpost event with the 1st horseman. I have been thinking about it a little more this past week. Looked up information about what went on in 1968 with Iraq while Israel rose to prominence in the six day war (also Messianic Jews became highly involved in Israel at that time as well). The Ba’ath part rose to power that summer. Also, the first “alternative” church in America was allowed to be established that year. Convinced the birth pagans began that decade.


  15. Iran is coming apart at the seams. Large parts of the ruling class are infected and even dying. The “official” numbers are lies and people are dropping in the streets just like the videos from China.


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