Day 42: Don’t Get Complacent

Yesterday, February 19, 2020, was Day 42—it was 42 days since the Iranian regime made known its demands to the US administration and military.

As written in this earlier post, the regime wants all US military personnel to leave the Middle East. It has proven its ability to carry out the Second Signpost with its pinpoint attacks (against oil facilities and US military assets) which could not be defended against.

It may seem like things have calmed down for now. But they have not.

We are merely in the waiting period. The Iranian regime is still waiting for US forces to leave, and the US has shown they aren’t leaving.

So the Second Signpost is just ahead of us, I believe.

Some people say the US administration would never launch a war against Iran before the 2020 elections. This, I believe, is wrong thinking. The next move is Iran’s. If anything, they don’t want Trump as president and so this would be one more reason to launch the Second Signpost prior to November 2020. But I believe it will be sooner than that—perhaps this Spring.

The red flag of war and avenging blood flying over the Mahdi’s mosque. It was hoisted soon after General Soleimani’s death.

Don’t be complacent. We are likely only in the calm before the storm, in the time of the hunter holding his breath before releasing the shot.

Finish the preparations you may have been procrastinating about.

Be ready. Keep watching. How many more days will go by before it all starts? Only God knows. My bet is that it is soon.

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  1. What is the significance of the events concerning idlib where the Russians have been aiding the Syrian army against the rebels who, I turn, are being actively supported by the Turks. It would appear that things are degenerating between Russia and Turkey.

    The Russians have a lot to lose with their pipeline aspirations. Their joint project with the Turks Is possibly at risk also it would appear that the Turks are making overtures towards America once more. They are playing a double game.

    What might be The significance concerning the second signpost. What do you perceive to be Russia’s role in the second signpost?

  2. Brian,
    All good questions. Russia’s strategy is geared against Sunni Islam which it has been fighting off and on for the past thousand years since its founding. It is using Iran and its Shia Islam as a thorn in the side of the Sunnis.
    Turkey and Russia are traditional enemies. The seeming friendship developing is temporary.
    Russia’s role in the Second Signpost is to help Iran carry out the Second Signpost.
    All this goes to show that when the media says Russia is an ally with Syria, that is wrong – Russia is an ally with Iran not Syria, and supports Assad in Syria only because Iran wants it so.

  3. Thanks Mark
    That all makes more sense now.
    Reading between the lines I wonder if the US will now provide Erdogan with weapons as their proxy versus Iran, this might give Turkey the edge for signpost 3 when they defeat IRAN. It would also save loss of American lives.

  4. I do think Iran has always wanted the Americans to go home.So I’m not sure that is any big deal, I have said this before the war Will probably come as economic decline hits world and USA,History shows this has generally been the cause of war.So I say watch economic situation then war will be closer much closer..nothing new under the sun..

  5. After “Antichrist: Islam’s Awaited Messiah” (2006) was published by Joel Richardson, Dr. David Reagan scoffed by claiming that only the minority Shia Muslims await a Mahdi. Richardson’s 2009 edition, “The Islamic Antichrist,” added an interview with Harun Yahya, a Turkish teacher of Sunni Islam, who emphatically confirmed that all four schools of the majority Sunni Islam look forward to the Mahdi.

    Nevertheless, animosities between Sunni and Shia factions of Islam require that universal Islamic acceptance of a Mahdi cannot be achieved without the four signposts discussed in “Daniel Revisited.” In the first, Sunni-controlled Iraq attacked Shia-controlled Iran. In the second, Shia Iran will invade Sunni countries. In the third, Sunni countries will destroy Iran’s leadership. In the fourth, a Mahdi will rise to power that all Islam can support.

  6. II Samuel 11:1 “In the spring of the year, when kings normally go out to war…..”

    You are correct, Mark. It is very common for ancient kings to do this.

  7. Mike,
    According to scripture, the second signpost will cause economic hardship: the second horseman will have power to take peace of mind from the earth. Don’t forget the war will cause a global shortage of oil.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement as I look for news from you daily. I was rewatching your video that was streamed on April 29, 2019; Live Service – Mark Davidson – 4 Mideast signs leading to the Antichrist. You appear at 24.30 in the video. It is unfortunately not the best recording and my suggestion would be to maybe repeat it so I can pass it on to friends and family that may not want to read a book. Also it would be less than an hour unless you added to it. I, also, could get details into my head by relistening whenever.

    Speaking for your readers you are highly esteemed and we thank our Father that you are listening to Him.

    Going to buy some more canned fish!


  9. Mark I do agree with you that the second sign post will increase economic hardships world wide especially since oil from middle East Will be severally restricted.but I think economic decline will hit before that huge constraint from oil,as it stands now the world is slipping into recession,as we speak.Japan,Germany etc etc, Not north America so much because we are the heart of the world economically and capital is fleeing the world to USA. But our lifeline is thin.war will come when governments have to turn the page on there terrible economic policies.france is a Good example of the internal distress that is happening (news hardly reporting france now) I would suggest that severe economic decline will happen first, then massive economic decline will happen at second signpost. Maybe that’s why the world will help the four Muslim nation’s attack the ram quickly because for one reason economic situation will be bad and oil will need to flow..whether I,m right or wrong watch economics of the world..blessings

  10. One word: Coronavirus

    Iran is in the grips of a full blown epidemic right this moment. People aren’t showing up for elections.

    The economic fallout is expected to impact the entire globe. And the virus is already stealing people’s peace of mind.

  11. AM,
    I’m working on a post right now regarding that topic.

  12. Mike,
    Keep in mind that the interpretation I write here and in Daniel Revisited is not mere conjecture but based solidly on Scripture. Daniel 7:5, 8:3-4, Matthew 24:6, and Revelation 6:3-4 are the passages that tell us about the Second Signpost. To that end, Revelation 6:4 tells us of the second horseman, that “it was granted to take peace from the earth.” “Peace” is “iraynay”, translated over and over in many places as “peace of mind.” Whatever the economic state of the world – good or bad – the second horseman will make it much worse. And Matthew 24:6 confirms this thought by Jesus telling us not to “scream in terror”, which is the meaning of the Greek word behind “alarmed” in our English Bibles.

  13. i see on Zerohedge that some of the major banks have stopped providing credit to the oil refineries. With CV moving about in Iran, could we see a double whammy wrt production??

    Although several biblical prophets are mentioned in the Qur’an, Daniel is not. Yet there are several competing “tombs of Daniel” in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Morocco.
    The most magnificent is the tomb of Daniel at Susa in Iran.

    What prompted Muslims to honor a Jewish prophet that Allah never mentioned? Were they inspired to honor Daniel after reading his book? If so, they would not have understood that Daniel wrote about clashes between Islamic nations in the end times and the rise and fall of the Mahdi. After the shock of Iran invading Sunni nations, will there be Muslims who understand that God and Allah are not the same and that there is a reason why Allah did not mention Daniel?

  15. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the coronavirus is the Black Horseman. Perhaps the Red was Iran’s proxy terrorism war of the past decade? That too would fit the requirement of “taking peace from the earth”.

    The coronavirus is definitely going have irreversible economic implications worldwide. We’ll likely see the damage of that long before the virus itself peaks. China is on the verge of a bankruptcy cascade. At this point, the data suggests they have at most a month to resume full economic output or we’ll begin seeing a cascading wave of businesses going under. But there is almost no chance of a full resumption by then, if only because it will take time for the people to trust that the virus is under control.

    Combine that with the swine flu having killed a quarter of the worlds pigs this past year, the locusts swarming across Africa and the Middle East, and a potato shortage in America, and Australia becoming a major food importer than exporter due to weather conditions and fires. We are beginning to see food costs rise with no relief in sight.

  16. Here is an amateur video of the Tomb of Daniel in Susa.

    Approaching the entrance, we see portaits of Iran’s two Supreme Leaders, Khomeini and Khamenei, indicating that the site had and has their approvals. We hear the cameraman noticing that one side of the shrine is for women.

    There is some interesting information about the tomb at an anti-Shia site.
    “The ornate tomb of Daniel in Susa, 450 miles (750 kilometers) southwest of the capital Tehran, is cited by Iranians as an example of the historic bonds of Jews and Muslims in the country. The site is popular among both Muslims [in fact Rafidite Shi’ite heretics] and Jews, and some of the pious credit their prayers at the site for healing sick relatives or bringing rain for crops. Hundreds visit ever day, including high school students on field trips from around the country. The grave is in an underground crypt that is usually open only to Jews … while both they and Muslims can visit an above-ground shrine over it, dazzling with mirrored tiles. In a sign of respect to the Jewish community, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered an inscription put on the grave reading, ‘This is the shining tomb of the sagacious prophet Daniel, who directed believers while tolerating difficulties for the sake of God.’”

    Khamenei’s discreet statement glosses over the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran that Khomeini founded in 1979 was prophesied of by Daniel.

  17. Interesting, Prisms. Very over the top ornate and dazzling! This will be the closest I get to this “shrine” commemorating the Prophet Daniel or to Iran for that matter.


  18. Julie, if the tomb of Daniel at Susa is fake, your “over the top ornate and dazzling” comment would apply to its gaudiness. But if the tomb is the real deal, “over the top ornate and dazzling” might suggest Daniel 12:3 NIV: “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.” In either case, I find it fascinating that Daniel is honored by an Iranian government that Daniel prophesied would have an aggressive part to play in the end times.

  19. I thought it would be a better fit under this post but I just heard that Richard Grenell just put into position as Director of National Intelligence and read a little of what he is trying to do. The problem I had with Iran’s rush to war in March was in strong motive and alliances. They have it now in reading what I am reading so does several other ME countries. This appointment will be a disaster for the US as it embolden’s our enemies. I am in all out full support of decriminalization but also concerned that Grenell, who is gay himself, will not just confront the atrocities of how they are brutalizing gays but because of his lifestyle won’t allow for ANY type of reform measures. The result instead will be met with opposition and will add fuel to their fervor.

    I am really surprised Mark that you have not considered this as an issue within the signpost discussion. Thinking it will shape the thinking of the anti-christ in how he rules and manipulates.

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