At the Edge of the Second Signpost: America’s Decline and Judgment Becomes Clearer

So here we are on the doorstep of the Second Signpost. The Iranian regime has made clear what they want, and that is for all American military forces to leave the Middle East, using the excuse of it being retribution for the killing of Soleimani.

The regime already proved they can strike any oil facility and any US military asset with extreme precision. They’ve proven they can do what God’s word says the Persian ram, the bear with three ribs, and the second horseman will do, as interpreted as the Second Signpost.

The US has answered: they will not leave. In fact, troop levels were raised to 80,000 in the last few weeks.

So now we are in a grace period. God is allowing our soldiers to leave unharmed. This may sound odd, but God is giving America a chance to repent and follow Him. God is merciful.

If America stays, and that’s a fairly reliable given, I believe the next move will be by Iran and it will be the Second Signpost itself. We may have days or weeks, but only God knows. To have reached this point seems unreal.

Why do I say all this? The place we are at has made some things clearer, and is confirmed by Chronicles which shows that in the Americas, God will remove any chance of wealth from people’s lives in the years leading up to Jesus’ return, for the express purpose of drawing people to Him.

The ONE Reason America Won’t Leave

The one reason America won’t leave the Middle East is, believe it or not, due to America’s yearning to maintain its wealth and standard of living. And along those lines it boils down to the US Petrodollar. It is a pillar of the US economy because it props up the dollar’s value, keeping America, in turn, propped up in terms of standard of living.

Think the reason we stay is the price or availability of oil? No, for the US can always cut back its use a bit and make it illegal to export any oil out of the US. The rest of the world could suffer, but America would be fine in this regard. However, hubris gets in the way for America’s leaders, who, believing the US Petrodollar is going to be successfully defended by also defending the Saudis and the Gulf States, has made no preparation for sky high oil prices and so it will suffer with the rest of the world.

Seeing where we are now with respect to the Second Signpost, it’s becoming clearer now that America’s decline over the last few decades is deepening into what we cannot ignore anymore as judgment. We can see also how and why this is so.

A Typical Path of Blessing Versus Judgment

The way many nations and even individuals become blessed, forget their way within God’s grace, and then are given opportunity to come back, typically goes like this:

1) Nation or person worshipping God is blessed by God.

2) Nation or person prospers and may even become wealthy.

3) Nation or person starts worshipping wealth instead of God, and starts forgetting God.

4) Nation or person loses its prosperity and wealth because God takes it away through circumstances so the nation or person will come back to God.

I know this pattern has happened with me. You clutch too tightly to something, God takes it away. When you acknowledge God is all you really need, and the thing you were clutching is not as important anymore, God gives it back to you.

This is what is happening with America and its wealth. America became blessed, started worshipping the money and not God, and failing to repent so far, America is falling.

Steps 1 and 2 occurred from America’s founding up to the early twentieth century.

Step 3 occurred from roughly 1913 to roughly 1971. Americans started putting their faith in government and central banking rather than God. The Fed and a more intrusive government came into being. People fail to realize wealth comes from God. Government and banking will never make people wealthy.

America was blessed with an electric grid making life so easy, with telephones, automobiles, and the production of half of just about every mineral and agricultural commodity made on the planet. America used to export oil to Japan and Europe before World War 2. Some thought America might be “piggish” due to half the steel, half the oil, or half the beef, made in the world, being made in America and consumed by Americans which were only 5 percent of the world’s population. However, the true view is that America was incredibly blessed. If only the rest of the world would turn to God, perhaps they would become just as blessed.

The height of prosperity and the average wage of the American worker peaked in 1971.

Step 4 started in 1971 and has accelerated since 2001. In 1971, Nixon removed the backing of gold from the dollar, changing the measure by which the dollar was valued (see Deut. 25:13-15 for the consequence told to Israel for changing measures). Also in 1973, we started killing millions of babies in the name of self, which can never be left unpunished. America allowed prayer and the Bible to be removed from schools. The early 1970’s saw the “new morality” which was no morality. America started calling good things evil and evil things good; various sins that were done behind closed doors were now out in the open and called normal.

The sign from God given to America, that America had crossed a threshold and needs to repent and turn back to God, was 9-11. In the Bible, eleven is the number of judgment and that something is broken, and elevens were all over the place that day. The first official victim (NYC #00001) was, as God tells us judgment begins in his house, a Father Judge, a gay Roman Catholic priest.

In 2008, the consequences of government action to save the banks were felt throughout the country as going over an economic precipice. America could have fallen at that point but the oligarchs behind the government and banks held things together a little longer. The banking system has been a house of cards since 2008.

After Nixon removed gold backing from the dollar in 1971, the replacement was the US Petrodollar. That is the only thing of any value that is backing the dollar. Once it’s gone, the dollar, like all other paper currencies, will become worthless. As I’ve warned many times over the years, if you have any wealth such as savings or a portfolio, get much of it out of the dollar. Your dollars will fall in value, slowly at first, and then accelerate to the bottom.


This is why the US military will never leave voluntarily. The US economy and standard of living are at stake. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Yes, with America on this path of rebellion since 1971, this is where America now stands. Tragically, our troops aren’t even fighting for our liberties anymore; they are fighting for our standard of living. How far America has indeed fallen!

Every war America fought from the Revolution up to the end of the Cold War was for our freedom. Every war fought in the Middle East since that point (Afghanistan excluded) is for America’s standard of living.

The real reason America went into Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein was not for WMD, it was for Saddam’s breaking of the Petrodollar agreement—Iraq’s oil was no longer to be sold for dollars. Only two years after 9-11, which was the sign we crossed over into judgment, America committed the First Signpost—that awful and seemingly senseless act kicking off the end times.

And now America gets to trigger the Second Signpost.

The US military, believing it can stop any war with Iran and prevent the regime from any aggression, stands in the Middle East with the misguided aim of protecting the Petrodollar along with its Saudi and Gulf State supporters, against the Persian ram who is quite ready to do everything the Second Signpost calls for!

The flight deck of the USS Harry S. Truman, the most recent US aircraft carrier to enter the Arabian Sea.

God is using the very thing—the Petrodollar—used by America has a false weight as it were to keep some semblance of its former height of wealth, to bring America down and kick the end times into high gear.

Yes, America—and much of the world—is in for a shock. God will continue to bring America down until, at some point, Americans hopefully realize they must turn to God Almighty en masse, turn their country around, and prepare themselves for the return of the King!

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  1. On 2020-02-01, after the Arab league unanimously rejected the Trump Administration’s Middle East peace plan, Koenig commented:

    “This could be great news. Maybe President Trump will say, okay, we are out of the region, you can fend for yourself against Iran. We have our oil. We don’t need yours. NATO doesn’t help much. The EU doesn’t help much. We’re bringing our troops home. We will stop funding Jordan, Egypt and the others that receive our aide. We’ll defend and financially support Israel and that is it. No further catastrophic events in the U.S. for trying to divide God’s covenant land. May the United States receive the Genesis 12:3 blessing for fully standing with Israel. President Trump’s response will be interesting. Let’s pray!”

    The Trump Administration has in many ways been blessing Israel. God will honor his Genesis 12:3 promise. If that means inspiring Trump to order American military out of the areas that Iran is about to invade, that is what will happen. The Koenig suggestion that American will let the Middle East nations, except for Israel, fend for themselves against Iran may be exactly what is prophesied of in Daniel 8:4: “and there was none to deliver from his [the ram’s] power” (JPS translation).

  2. Mark, have you ever looked into David Wilkerson’s visions and prophecies concerning Russia. Many considered those prophecies as no longer as relevant after the Cold War but I am not quite so certain that they may still hold in place for a later time. Iraq can do a lot but I don’t think they can do it without Russia’s help. There is a reason why America is very involved in Ukraine and Russia is too. Our interest is due to our investments. Russia needs its ports. There are many reasons why Russia would align with Iran. Putin does not appear as wanting to go to war but is not afraid to do so. Something in the coming next two years will add fuel for it.

  3. During SOTU Trump mentioned plans to remove American troops from Afghanistan. Almost immediately reported that Al Arabiya is working on a story summarized in one sentence: “Iran should prepare to fill the void that will be left by the United States once it leaves the region, the Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council and former chief of the IRGC, Mohsen Rezaei, said on Wednesday.” Due to a difference in time zones, Mohsen Rezaei’s statement may have been an immediate reaction to SOTU.

    Since Iran will invade west, north, and south, but not east (Daniel 8:4), Iran will not invade Afghanistan to its east, where significant portions of the population already speak a dialect of Iran’s Farsi language and/or share Iran’s Shia Islamic beliefs. It is the Sunni Islamic countries to its west, north, and south, whose passivity towards Israel that riles Iran’s leaders. Jordan to the west may be in IRGC crosshairs due to that country’s purchasing, beginning in January, of natural gas piped in from Israel’s offshore gas fields.

  4. Mark,

    According to this brief article just posted minutes ago from One America News Network, Trump remarked, “We were much closer to a war with Iran than you thought.”

  5. Luke 21:25 signs are appearing. The full Moon shows a white-robed, haloed Jesus from his side, with his head bowed and hands together in prayer. Genesis tells us that God put the lights in the firmament of heaven for signs and for seasons.

    Also, the skull rock of Calvary, an empty tomb with a stone rolled away from its mouth, and Mary and Joseph holding baby Jesus can bee seen, also on the full Moon, from slightly different angles.

    The woman of Revelation 12 appears with the Moon beneath her feet. When a woman gives birth, there is someone waiting at her feet to deliver the child, who is the first person/s to see the newborn child by the light of this world. The woman in Revelation 12 is in labor. The child comes forth to be seen at her feet, where the Moon is, and which clearly shows Jesus Christ.

    The United States did, in many ways, reach its high water mark during the space race, and it is no coincidence that we haven’t put a man or woman on the Moon since Roe vs. Wade.

    A place in the wilderness had been prepared for the woman’s shelter during her time of trouble. The woman was given eagle’s wings to escape the dragon after her son was caught up to heaven. The place in the wilderness could be the New World, the western hemisphere. The eagle is a traditional symbol of the United States, though eagles have represented many different nations and kingdoms throughout history. It is not 100% definitive by itself, and is most clearly an indication of divine intervention in saving the woman, who has been identified often as a sign of Israel, and also of the Christian Church.

    Daniel 7’s winged lion has multiple symbolic meanings. Throughout the passages dealing with King Nebuchadnezzar, God’s hand in Nebuchadnezzar’s rise to power is made clear. Nebuchadnezzar doesn’t know that at first. The lion being raised up and given the mind of a man symbolized, on one level, Nebuchadnezzar’s restored mind after running about like a wild beast for seven years, while the removal of the lion’s wings symbolizes both his kingdom having reached its maximum extent once God has lifted it up as high as He is going to do, having reached a sufficient level of power to do what God intends for it to do, and that Nebuchadnezzar himself, now being given understanding, is no longer ignorant of God’s hand in his rise, and no longer believes himself to be quite so worthy of exalting up to heaven as if he were a living god among men.

    The wings leaving means he doesn’t think of himself as the god of heaven, and this is further reflected in Nebuchadnezzar’s proclamation to all peoples, nations, and kindreds to give glory to God most High, and calling for peace to be multiplied unto them, quite a change for a man who spent the early part of his rule going about on conquest and war.

    Some Western prophecy teachers have taught that one of the End Time meanings of the Lion was Britain, and losing the wings was the American colonies gaining independence. The British Empire reneged on a promise to establish a Jewish homeland in the Levant after World War II, so God intervened and forced them out, partially by way of Truman’s recognition of Israel.

    The Soviet Union, as a Russian Bear, rallied surrounding Islamic nations to attack Israel while it was still new and, they hoped, weak. The Red Sea-Mediterranean juncture is a very tempting geopolitical target, one which had until then been in the British sphere of influence. God intervened and strengthened Israel. When the Soviets and their proxies tried again later, God also caused the United States to send Israel replacement equipment. Russia tried at least three times to attack Israel, and ultimately failed to wipe it out, i.e. 3 ribs.

    Israel borders four Sunni Muslim-majority countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. The Leopard beast has four heads. During the Cold War, Arab nationalists tried to unite Syria and Egypt as one United Arab Republic right through the middle of where Israel stands. They failed. KSA wasn’t part of that coalition, but Iraq was. The House of Saud isn’t too keen on getting replaced by some upstart dictatorship.

    Each of the four Sunni nations that tried to attack Israel has suffered heavily in war since for their efforts.

    Saddam means confronter, or adversary, and comes from the same ultimate root as Satan. That’s about the least subtle the enemy has been since he put his name on Russian missiles or had Hitler call himself Grosster Fu hrer Aller ZEITEN. Jonathan Cahn has mentioned that part before.

    Daniel 7:13 is not a figurative reference only. Jesus really is visible up among the clouds, on the full Moon. The Moon is sometimes faintly visible on a clear day even while the Sun is still up. The Moon always has the same side turned to face the Earth, so that we can see him, still praying to God, and still interceding for us.

  6. For that matter, Libya has also acted as a stand-in as one of the four leopards’ heads once the kingdom of Jordan had decided that they, too, like the Saudis, didn’t want Israel to wipe them out, and also that their royal family doesn’t want to get replaced by some Arab nationalist dictator, or more recently now by some islamist caliph wannabe.

  7. Kris,
    Libya cannot be associated with the four heads of the leopard. The seven heads in Daniel 7 are specifically seven nations in the end time that are descended from seven kingdoms in history that persecuted Israel. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are excluded as well.
    Have you read Daniel Revisited?

  8. Not yet. I’m dirt poor. My budget can’t even swing one book a month right now, and I heard about your website just last month.

    Your take on the seven heads of the fourth beast sounds right. Why do you say Saudi Arabia is specifically excluded? The Midianites oppressed Israel during Gideon’s time, even though they were more welcoming to Moses and the people when they came out of Egypt. The Nabataeans also attacked Israel about the time Rome was first entering the region. They were winning, and the only reason they left was because a Roman general told them to leave or else.

    There have been multiple fulfillments in each role that each beast plays, right up until the final fulfillment, the one with the Antichrist, which is only just now unfolding. It’s part of a recurring template of judgement and redemption. Libya has filled the role of one of the leopard’s heads in one cycle, the one that already unfolded during the Cold War. Gaddafi leaned on Sadat to keep fighting Israel and to not make peace. Egypt and Libya even ended up with a brief war once Sadat completely refused to listen to Gaddafi. The other two leopard heads of that cycle were Iraq and Syria, during the Yom Kippur War. Other Arab countries in western north Africa also contributed to the war effort, but for geographical reasons much of that aid arrived through Libya. The leopard of that cycle followed up on the British Lion and the Russian Bear. Britain, Russia, and Iraq/Syria/Egypt/Libya are each still around today, but each is also weaker than before 1973. Daniel 7 also says the rest of the beasts, the first three, have their lives prolonged, but with their dominion taken away. The fourth beast of that cycle would be the coalition as a whole, like the beast in Revelation 13:2, with feet of a bear, armies built on the model of and using the equipment of the Russian Bear, the body of a leopard being the majority of the manpower coming from the Middle Eastern nations, and the mouth of a lion meaning they declared their cause for war based on political ideas developed in the English-speaking world, English being the de facto world language and the one in which political ideas spread most widely.

    You are correct that Libya in its present state most likely cannot be one of the four leopard heads in the final cycle of fulfillment. It is too weak, too divided, and too far away from Israel.

  9. Mark,
    I was unaware the the forth tallest building in the United States is the Trump International and Hotel Tower. Taller than the Empire State Building. There are so many traits of the Babylon system in the world. Sort of seeing a typology/shadow of Nimrod with Trump.

  10. Hi Kris,
    You having found this website recently, and not reading Daniel Revisited would explain your position.
    Daniel Revisited presents a complete case on Daniel 7 and 8, connecting those chapters to both history, other Scripture passages, and the geopolitical situation today. There is way too much to get into here. I will briefly say here that the seven heads of the four beasts are the end-time versions of the seven kingdoms that
    “winnowed” Israel. They are (end-time/ancient) in historical order: Egypt/Egypt, Syria/Assyria, Iraq/Babylon, Iran/Persia, Albania/”Greece”, Turkey/Rome, and Islam/Islam.
    Once you read DR you will see why so many of these other prophetic interpretations just don’t hold up.

  11. In 1492, soon after Muslim rule in Spain ended, Jews were expelled from Spain by Christian rulers. Many Spanish Jews found refuge in the expanding Ottoman Empire. “The sultan could not believe his good fortune in acquiring their skills as textile-workers, merchants, and physicians” (Abulafia, The Great Sea, page 406). The Ottoman Empire promoted the Hanafi school of jurisprudence. Its founder Abu Hanifa (699-767) was an open-minded, honest thinker.

    Fast forward to 2020. In January, Egypt, once part of the Ottoman Empire and still influenced by the Hanafi school, began purchasing natural gas from Israel’s offshore gas fields. Also in January, Turkey and Russia agreed that southeastern Europe should get natural gas through pipelines going through Turkey.
    Turkey is trying to stop Israel from laying down gas pipelines to Cyprus (part of which is under Turkish control) and Crete and from Crete to Greece. This dispute may be more competitive than combative. Their vying to supply Europe’s energy needs could be a godsend for southeastern Europe at a time when the second signpost could curtail oil shipments via the Persian Gulf.

    Meanwhile, Iran is accusing Turkey of colluding with Israel in military operations in Syria:
    After the second signpost has run its course, a Turkey-led confederacy of former Ottoman Empire countries of the Hanafi school may help clear out the Iranian missile launchers surrounding Israel so that the Jerusalem temple can be built in peace.

  12. Today I read an inspiring article titled “Meet the two women who spread Christianity to hundreds in Iran’s Evin prison” by Emily Judd.

    Al Arabiya is an online news website controlled by the government of Saudi Arabia. While I understand their wanting to portray Iran as bad, their allowing an article that praises Christian influence as something good startles me. Some of Emily Judd’s previous Al Arabiya articles have also been inspiring:

    Emily is aware that Iran may be on the brink of doing some really bad things:

    Yet Joel Richardson, a Christian, got special permission from the Saudi Arabian government to make a faith-promoting movie filmed at the real Mount Sinai in in Saudi Arabia. And Al Arabiya employs Emily Judd, who is unafraid to tell its readers about what faith in Christ can accomplish. Praise the Lord!

  13. I just discovered from which I learn:

    Even though the first signpost beast Iraq has become more civilized, it has no embassy or consulate in Israel, nor does Israel have an embassy or consulate in Iraq. I think this is due to Iranian influence in Iraq. There are no diplomatic relations between Israel and the second signpost beast Iran.

    Three heads of the four-headed third signpost beast have embassies and consulates in Israel, which has embassies and consulates within them: Albania, Egypt, Turkey. There are currently no diplomatic relations between Israel and Syria, due to Iranian military operations in Syria.

    When Iranian influence in Syria ceases, millions of Syrians refugees now living in Turkey and elsewhere can return to rebuild the Syria area of “New Turkey” (Daniel Revisited Figure 11-3). Israel would be anxious to give humanitarian aid and maintain diplomatic relations so that the temple in Jerusalem can be built.

    Although only United States and Guatemala have moved their Israel embassies to Jerusalem, several nations, including Turkey, have consulates in Jerusalem.

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