Day 55 of the Grace Period: Idlib and the Coronavirus

Today is March 3, 2020. We are now 55 days into the period of grace since the missile attack on Al-Asad air base in western Iraq and the regime’s stated conditions for “peace.” Those conditions include American military forces are required to leave the Middle East.

Spring begins in only 16 days which is “at the time when kings go out to battle.” (2 Sam. 11:1 NKJV)

With that in mind, there are two news stories now trending that may be directly tied to the Second Signpost, possibly acting as catalysts.

Corona Virus

The first is the coronavirus spreading in Iran. This Fox News story tells of the Iranian Vice President, the deputy health minister, and a close advisor to Khamenei himself all caught the coronavirus. The advisor, Mohammad Mirmohammadi, aged 71, died.

Of course it is difficult to know if the Second Signpost is sped up or slowed down, but the virus may trigger the IRGC to speed things up to get the Second Signpost started before a true pandemic takes hold, or it may slow things down so that time can allow any pandemic to pass.

We will see.

Idlib and Possible War

In this post from 2017 the point was made that the IRGC (the Persian ram of Daniel 8) might have an easier time going north from Susa if Turkish military forces were tied down somewhere else or by another military power. In 2017 it was Serbia and Russia possibly confronting Albania and Turkey.

Now in 2020, there is the growing concern of all-out war between Turkey and Russia over Idlib in Syria. In the last week or so, Russia has lost several aircraft, and Turkey has lost 34 soldiers. If it does grow into war, Turkish troops may be in a standoff with Russian boots on the ground. That would tie down Turkish troops.


How much more time do we have to prepare? I don’t know, but every day God is giving us now I see as especially precious. Don’t get complacent.

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  1. Thanks Mark!

    Also one other thing that could result from the coronavirus is that if/when it becomes a pandemic in the USA and whole cities are under quarantine then the military (in whole perhaps) would be needed here to be here to facilitate multiple cities under quarantine or at least social unrest on a massive scale.

  2. Thanks Mark – I came over here to see if you had posted anything after reading zerohedge on the Idlib situation.
    There is one particular statement in the article which stood out ‘Erdogan’s betrayal goes far beyond just the counter-attack at Saraqib. He also ignored entreaties from Iran to stop attacking and sent drones in to attack an Iranian base and military hospital south of Aleppo’. Boom – major betrayal there!

  3. Ryan,
    That was an interesting article on Zerohedge. Explains a lot I did not understand what was going on. Who can?

  4. Alex – Mark probably has the most up-to-date information on the Idlib going-ons, particularly in relation to the book of Daniel. We get some updates from FAI on the reality on the ground, and others such as Joel Richardson have good insights as well. When in doubt, I typically turn to the ‘semi-true and generally biased’ jpost, times of israel, (gulp, blasphemy…), zerohedge, aljazeera (muslim owned however) and a few other youtube sites I get updates from.

  5. Back in 2015, Newsweek reported that IRGC Quds Force leader Soleimani had plans to defeat those rebelling against the pro-Iran Syria regime.
    “The Syrian regime’s losses have heightened fears in Damascus that rebels could launch a two-pronged assault – from the Turkish border and Idlib province – on the strategic coastal province of Latakia, where the port city of of the same name is located. The city acts as a critical transport route for Iranian assistance to the Syrian regime, and if it were to be captured it would represent one of the most significant losses for the regime since the beginning of the war.”

    Because of Soleimani’s leadership, Latakia was kept in Syria regime control. In 2019, Jerusalem Post reported that Soleimani was involved in persuading the Syria regime to allow Iran to lease part of the Latakia port.
    “Tehran put heavy pressure on Damascus to let them rent the port despite repeated objections by the Assad regime following Russian objections. Khamenei invited Assad to Tehran and together with [Qasem] Soleimani they directly talked with Assad in order to bypass the Russian objection.”

    Iran has two navies, a regular navy of ships, and the IRGC navy of fast attack boats. To enter the Mediterranean Sea, Iran’s naval ships must either go through the Suez Canal or go around the entire continent of Africa. Many fast attack boats are small enough to be carried overland by trucks. This would require safe passage over the M4 highway, which runs through the Idlib province, where the pro-Iran regime supported by Russia is now fighting the Sunni opposition supported by Turkey.

  6. “I watched the ram as it charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against it, and none could rescue from its power. It did as it pleased and became great” (Daniel 8:4 NIV).

    A major goal that Iran would be pleased to accomplish — having safe land transportation between Tehran and the Mediterranean Sea — is now on the brink of attainment. In 2019, Iran began its long-term lease of the Latakia port on the Mediterranean. In 2020, Iran’s influence over the two foreign countries between Tehran and the Mediterranean — Iraq and Syria — has never been stronger. When Iran charges out, the only obstacle to its land path to the Mediterranean remaining is portions of the Idlib province in Syria. Though Soleimani is dead, his work in saving the Assad regime, getting the Latakia port deal finished, and promoting Iranian dominance over Iraq, is all coming to fruition.

    Meanwhile, an impatient Erdoğan’s plans to flood Europe with refugees is leaving him with egg on his face:
    It reminds me of the time that Erdoğan got bucked off a horse:

    As foolish as Erdoğan acts at times, God — not Allah — may yet choose him to enact the fulfillment of the third signpost (Daniel 8:5-8).

  7. On 2020-03-07 Syrian Arab News Agency reported in English that the Aleppo-Damascus International Highway [M5] has been reopened for non-military traffic.
    Since the article refers to traffic coming from Latakia, that means that the M4 highway is also open.
    On 2020-03-08 Al Bawaba reported in English further details.
    “According to the agreement, joint Russian-Turkish patrols will secure a six-kilometer-wide corridor along the M4 highway connecting the two government-held provinces of Latakia and Aleppo. The ceasefire also consolidates Syrian control over the M5 highway.”

    Highway transportation between Tehran and Iran’s Latakia port on the Mediterranean Sea is now possible. With joint Russian-Turkish patrols monitoring M4 traffic through Iblis province, Iran will not be sending flatbed trucks loaded with tarp-covered fast attack boats to Latakia. If there were no patrol, what could stop Iran from doing exactly that? Latakia port warehouses could be used to store the boats until needed for military purposes. Keep in mind that IRGC Quds Force general Soleimani was involved in persuading President Assad to allow Iran to lease the port at Latakia.

  8. Iran’s regime wants the M4 highway through Syria kept open for overland transportion between Iran and its Latakia port on the Mediterranean. On 2020-03-15 joint Russian and Turkish patrols to keep M4 open began. One day later, forces opposing Syria’s pro-Iran regime defied the patrols by using human shields and bulldozing an earthen barrier across M4. To get a visual on some of what has happened, here are two articles with photos and a map. The Middle East Eye report has a video with English subtitles.
    God said through Daniel that the end-time ram would do “as it pleased” (Daniel 8:4). Attempts to block M4 are doomed to fail either prior to or during Iran’s coming invasion.

  9. On 2020-03-25, terrorists blew up a bridge that M4 highway went over.

    The governments of Syria, Russia, and Turkey had all agreed to open M4 through the Idlib province. The night after joint Russia-Turkey patrols began, terrorists bulldozed M4 shut. The destruction of the bridge is a more serious affront to nations wanting M4 open. That would include Iran, which wants land transportation to and from its Mediterranean port at Latakia.

    On the day before the bridge was blown up, the acting Governor of Idlib speculated that Turkey may be secretly supporting those who want M4 closed.
    “The Turkish regime may support the terrorists to disrupt joint patrols with Russia on M-4 Highway in order for the patrols to be Turkish only and the road is under its supervision.”

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