Day 60 of the Grace Period: Notice How Quiet It Is?

Today is Sunday, March 8, 2020. It is Day 60 since the Iranian regime gave their ultimatum to the US military back on January 8. The regime told the American military to get out of the Middle East.

The Persian ram itself knows it can take out the oil facilities and the US military assets. It’s waiting, and planning. Waiting for the US to leave or not leave, and planning the opening shots of the Second Signpost.

Have you noticed how relatively quiet it’s been with Iran, since that time? No tankers have been pirated or set on fire. There have been no missile attacks. This is because the regime’s next move, I believe, will likely be the opening shots of the Second Signpost itself.

Stay alert. We do not know how long this time of grace will continue.

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  1. I’m thinking we may leave with the high percentages of infections going on in Iran and all over the ME. Another reason why no one will rescue from his hand. Thoughts?

  2. Interesting with oil prices plummeting at the moment. While Iran has oil sanctions limiting what they can export, the drop in prices are going to hurt their illegal trade as well leading to even more anxiety (and possible trigger-happy responses) than what they are currently experiencing!

  3. Mark,

    I was just checking and noticed the extreme drop in oil-prices. World control market measures are off and the Saudis are challenging the Russians in the marketplace and want to sell oil to China at a very inexpensive rate.

    Saudi oil is probably the finest in the world and needs very little refining. As a result, the cost of their oil runs less to produce than other countries. If I remember right their breakeven price is around the lower $40 a barrel range. West Texas crude is around $50-51 range. Now I know you suggested a oil hike will hurt the US economy and it could connect to the signposts.

    But if it is too low, it will do this also. Here is the scenario:

    Too low…….and layoffs begin to occur in the oil field. If it stays too long in oil producing area….the workers leave the area.…the economy in that area drops as well. It went under $29 a barrel as I was looking tonight, That’s a huge drop.

    But here is something that it can result it….as we move to thinking what else this drop does and influences…

    What’s breakeven range for Russia or for Iran….

    These links I think you will find interesting, Mark


    From what I understand Iran’s breakeven is much higher than WTI and Saudi oil.. they did acquire some of the Iraqi oil fields after helping Iraq to stabilize against ISIS. The result it did help to lower cost of production……but they are in dire straits from what I am seeing in the links above and in need more oil fields to do this….

    I did find out that Russia is around $50 a barrell btw.

    In looking at that initial article, I can’t help to think what the next reactions will be worldwide. Iran desperate, Russia appears to be concerned as well.

    Wondering what will happen next????

  4. Thanks for that appraisal Mark.
    As you say, it has gone surprisingly quiet. Erdogan has been pushed into a corner by Russia,but with all his domestic problems and due to his belligerent nature and delusions of grandeur, he is unlikely to remain inactive, he probably would rather ‘go down fighting’ than be ordered around by foreign parties.
    Added to that, the HTS Jihadis say they won’t respect the ceasefire, perhaps this will be the catalyst to cause Iran to act and effect the liberation of Idlib and the lost Syrian territories.

    The coronavirus health and economic impact is yet to be fully felt, it could become the ultimate ‘Black Swan’.
    furthermore it is on a WORLD scale and I have noticed that as the birth pains increase in frequency we also see them more widespread so no one remains untouched. Alll the earth will feel the ‘fear’ from adversity and the danger that will continue to grow as a consequence of these birth pain events.

    Matt 24:7
    Nation will go to war against nation,and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes IN MANY PARTS OF THE WORLD. (NLT)
    Luke 21.11
    There will be great earthquakes and there will be famines and plagues IN MANY LANDS.(NLT)

  5. Or perhaps Mark, they are severely coping with the Coronavirus that has infected so many citizens as well as leadership and do not want the world to know their weakness. It could be as you say but it also could be my scenario or even something else. All of this just pure speculation as none of know other than the LORD God what the true situation really is and Iran is pulling inward to deal with whatever is happening.


  6. Something I read earlier today…Putin appears to have gone into action in seeing if he can hurt the US economy. Apparently I was wrong on the break even scenario.

  7. The 2020 G20 summit is scheduled to begin November 21 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), who recently ordered the arrest of possible rivals to the throne, wants King Salman to abdicate prior to the G20 summit so that MBS can be the hosting king.

    A springtime invasion of the Middle East by Iran would ruin these plans. People rushing to the Bible to make sense out of what will have just happened may find Daniel 8:4. Those rushing to Nostradamus may find 5:25:

    Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus, Lyon,
    Regne d’Eglise par mer succombera :
    Devers la Perse bien près d’un million,
    Bisance, Egypte, ver. serp. invadera.

    Richard Sieburth’s 2012 translation:
    The Arab Prince, Mars, Sun, Venus, Lion :
    By the sea shall all Christendom succumb :
    Out there in Persia more than a million :
    The snake shall invade Egypt, Byzantium.

    The mention of an invasion of Egypt would imply that Saudi Arabia had already been invaded. “Le prince Arabe” would imply that MBS had not yet become king, which otherwise might have happened prior to the scheduled 2020 G20 summit. If MBS does become king, the opening phrase of 5:25 would be deprived of significance. Daniel 8:4 will be fulfilled when God wants it fulfilled.

  8. With regard to to the covid virus and Iran. Iran is certainly’ under the cosh’ from the virus . However, chances are that the damage will be done to the more aged population. Emotions will run high with a significant death toll.
    Many think that April weather will cause the virus influence to fall. This might well dovetail into the following events
    1. Turkey/HTS abusing cease fire in Idlib and possibly even a Turkish offensive
    2. After effects of Iran virus….people more motivated to attack the Sunnis/Israel
    3 their current war plans coming into fruition ready for a Spring Offensive
    It is interesting that Saudi are seeking to flood the world with cheap oil. Is this because they want to be increasingly financially bonded with the West (which they did to a degree through the Aramco flotation). All the cheap forward oil purchases give a vested interest for others to maintain Saudi status.
    Ironically this action provokes Russia and America as it pressurises their oil and shale industries. Saudi tried this once before but since they need 80Usd per Barrel rather than the current Usd 30-40 they soon stopped the exercise as they could see that they could no longer maintain their expensive budget.
    However, armed with funds from the Aramco sale they might feel things might work this time.
    It should be said that SMB tactical track record to date has been abysmal

  9. Something I was unaware of until I read it this morning was that China does buy unrefined crude oil and refine themselves around 20% of their oil. This means the cost of production from another country can be deferred and they can assume the refining cost. So oil from Russia or even Iran can be sold much lower without costs to them.

  10. Gary,
    Keep in mind the low cost of a barrel of oil is only the price to get it out of the ground. In addition, China is by tonnage, the largest importer of oil in the world. They import 50-60% of the oil they consume. China does refine the oil it imports.

  11. Very true, just unaware that they imported a lot in crude form first and had their own independent refineries to process it. It saves a lot of money as a result. The US really could use more low cost refineries that are local to its production. If you go out to the Permian basin, many of the companies have to ship it down to the refineries at the coast. Also, Saudis actually control one of the coastal refineries near Port Arthur as well.

  12. Turkey’s Daily Sabah has bragged/blabbed about Turkey’s plan to build a drone base in its Erzurum Province:

    Look at Figure 10-2 in Daniel Revisited, or Figure 144 in Chronicles of the End Times. Then look at where Erzurum Province is:

  13. This just in from Trump orders the Energy Dept. to buy large quantities of oil and fill the Strategic Oil Reserves to the brim. Trump can’t stop the second sign post, but he can take a little bit of the sting out at least in the western hemisphere. Obama did the exact opposite. During his re-election he released oil from the SOR to lower prices and making it look like he was doing something and high energy prices. Imagine that. Using the nation’s property for his own image and personal benefit.

  14. Daniel Revisited analyzes every phrase making up the prophecies it discusses. All phrases in prophecies of the first signpost were fulfilled. All phrases in prophecies of the second signpost must likewise be fulfilled. Iranian forces must soon invade the Middle East. Like sitting ducks on the Persian Gulf are naval bases of historically Christian nations. Both UK and USA have naval bases at Bahrain, and France has one at Abu Dhabi.
    Iran could not fulfill its prophesied role without neutralizing these naval bases.

    Nostradamus scholars have suggested that 5:25 predicted the destruction of Christian navies. Since these scholars did not know about the four signposts of Bible prophecy, they did not understood how 5:25 might relate to Bible prophecies. The second line of 5:25 reads in French: “Regne d’Eglise par mer succombera” translated by Sieburth “By the sea shall all Christendom succumb.” Leoni (1961) and Cheetham (1989) thought tbis meant that naval forces of Christendom would be attacked and defeated. Cheetham thought that this would happen in the Persian Gulf because the next lines mention Persia:

    Out there in Persia more than a million :
    The snake shall invade Egypt, Byzantium.

    Because Leoni and Cheethan knew nothing about the four signposts, they thought that Iran would not be the attacker, but would be one of the places attacked. David Montaigne, although ignorant of the four signposts, argued that Iran would be the invading force: “Christian naval forces will suffer major defeat — or perhaps there will simply be an invasion of Christian lands like Europe from across the sea. It is unclear whether the French word ‘devers’ at the start of line three indicates nearly a million men going towards Persia or coming from it; but Persia is usually the source, not the victim, in Nostradamus’ prophecies — and if Persia is getting invaded, along with Turkey, Egypt, and Christendom — who is doing the invading?” (Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe, 2017, page 90).

    Although Nostradamus prophecies have neither the authority nor the accuracy of Bible prophecies, 5:25 seems close enough to second signpost prophecies to be disturbing to anyone knowing that nominally Christian navies are like sitting ducks on the Persian Gulf.

  15. Karl,
    Thanks for the link. Not seeing confirmation, though. Even the JPost which tends to jump ahead is not confirming. If its true, than the US would have broken the silence, not the Iraqi militia.

  16. Mark: Even propaganda is making noise.

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