Day 65: “Coronapocalypse” Begins in the US

Airports, stadiums, and many workplaces are near empty. Even churches are cancelling services. The church I attend has as well.

Fear of the corona virus is indeed having the same effect on society that the Second Signpost would with its shortages of expensive gasoline and breaks in the supply chain due to fuel and electricity shortages.

Indeed, fear of the corona virus will likely only intensify what the Second Signpost will do to society across the world. The corona virus fear will create breaks in the economy, but the Second Signpost could make them deeper and longer lasting.

It’s being called “coronapocalypse” on social media. Today, it seems there is a change in the way western society is conducting itself. A signal is that US President Trump has declared a national emergency due to the corona virus epidemic.

Covid-19 is emerging as a major epidemic in the United States. South Korea, Italy, and Iran are ahead of the US in the curve, but the US is catching up.


From this report we hear that the cases in Iran continue to climb. The epidemic there could be a tell-tale sign that Iranian officials regularly visit China. They may have unknowingly brought it back to Iran them back in January.

This is only speculation on my part, but my belief that the time of the Second Signpost is close gives me a different take on the contagion in Iran: it is very possible that since this corona virus outbreak has come at a very inopportune time for the IRGC to launch the Second Signpost, they will ride it out and wait for the contagion to subside. And to do that as quickly as possible, there is a chance that since most of the IRGC troops are young, that they purposely exposed themselves to it, to get over it quickly, but as a consequence also gave it to their families.

The number of reported cases is likely very underreported.

Stay tuned. It’s Day 65. Stay alert.

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  1. There are only two scenarios that the second signpost needs: either Trump failing to win a second term or Iran is emboldened enough to counter Trump’s new foreign policy measures that includes their offense his Intelligence director. Both are plausible in looking at the situation right now….and both are indeed weaknesses of Trump. The third factor is the ally that Iran has in Russia. Putin shows all signs in wanting Trump gone. Taking it day as it comes and watching with you all.

  2. Mark, just caught this article from a friend in West Texas…this is a huge development also.

  3. Here in England people are staring to hoard food and certain items eg ibuprofen,toilet rolls, pasta, are increasingly difficult to find. It appears that the virus will mainly affect the old and vulnerable health wise but the economic effects, as everything closes down, could be monumental and give rise to social problem. Of course they might well precipitate another 2008 financial crisis. If many were to go bankrupt it would affect the banks. So many people are indebted. Then there is the high volume of derivative exposure, the picture is starting to take shape.

  4. So are you saying that it is your opinion that the IRGC intentionally spread it to their soldiers and soldiers families to hurry up the pandemic so that they can as a whole get over it faster and start the second signpost immediately after?

  5. Oh, & are you saying that this is day 65 from what point? From the assassination of the IRGC General? So day 65 of what you are calling the grace period?

  6. This will destroy the world economically if it continues to long ,supply chains, liquidity,debts will explode.This may be the black swan event that starts the ball rolling. Expect more attacks on troops abroad. This may indeed be turbulent 20s all over again…

  7. Jesse,
    Yes, that is what I wrote. But, it is only speculation. This speculative view, though, would be consistent with their zealous Twelver Shia view that the most important thing is doing Allah’s mission. As an example, the supreme leader once said they could lose half their population in a nuclear war but that’s ok because they would all be martyrs enjoying Allah’s rewards.

  8. Jesse,
    It is Day 65 from January 8, the day Iran hit our base with missiles and told us to get out.

  9. Mike,
    Yes it will destroy the world economy. This is the second horseman taking peace from the world. This is how the center part of the earth is made ready for the AC and his mark.

  10. All right I thought it was the second horseman that went out that caused to take peace from the earth not a virus?I thought it was a Irans invasion of the Middle East that took the peace from the earth.Did I read your book wrong? So are you saying that when this virus works its way through all the world,that is when Iran will attack? I know everything speculation at this point but is that what you’re thinking?

  11. Mike,
    No, I was responding to a comment saying that economic chaos is the substance of the second horseman taking peace from the earth, which in the Greek is iraynay which is “peace of mind,” and it just so happens the coronavirus fear seems to be doing the work for the Second Signpost worldwide. Does that help?

  12. Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during WWII, observed: “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” That was before the internet. In 2019, perhaps as a trial run, the Khamenei regime shut down the internet in Iran:

    For almost every country in the Middle East, there is at least one English-language website covering news for that country. Which websites will survive Iran’s invasion? The country closest to the invasion without being overcome by it may be Israel. A country to be partly invaded that may have some functional internet is Turkey. While it might be morbidly interesting to read what the pro-Erdoğan writes about the invasion, because peace is to taken from the earth (Revelation 6:4), internet lurkers might be disturbed by situations closer to their own homes.

  13. Prism,
    I would add Egypt to the short list with Turkey.

  14. Okay thank you, if this is truly the start of the second seal Iran’s attack maybe only days or weeks away,probably when Coronavirus is really intrenched, (And) suggest according to Granville Sharp,s rule that the taking away of peace,the slayings ,and the great sword given all happens at once.very interesting days coming politically,and economically..

    This article displays a chart on the coronavirus situation titled “Daily confirmed cases: China and all others.” China getting over the disease at the very time it is spreading everywhere else. China is now assisting Iran get over the disease. Why help Iran? Mutual interest. In December of 2019, Iran, China, and Russia conducted joint naval exercises in the Indian Ocean.

  16. Possibly these might be major influences on future events with Russia and China pulling strings with a view to being in control of the ME once the local wars are played out,
    1. Internal Social disruption
    – leaders will need a war as a way of distracting and diverting the social unrest and economic problems
    2 Material Greed and Religion
    – a way of overcoming the nations’ economic plight and satisfying the extremists’ religious aspirations a blow to the USA with a fragile Government and elections on horizon
    -USA , who have their own oil supplies of oil and might retreat to Fortress America rather than losing lives in Foreign wars which the public won’t stomach
    4. Turkey and the Sunnis
    – will get a bloody nose and probably hold their border, Iran will concentrate on the softer and more lucrative option of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    I note that the Second Horseman is Red and strangely I read that Edom means red too.

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