Day 70: The End of “Normalcy”?

So here we are, 70 days after the Iranian regime told the US military to get out of the Middle East. Despite some exchange of fire between US troops and Iraqi Shia militias, everything with Iran remains quiet. The next move may very well be Iran’s: the start of the Second Signpost.

As a reminder of what the regime intends to do, a recent story states Tehran plans to force the US military out of the Middle East. How Second Signpost of them!

Toward the start of these 70 days, we first heard of the coronavirus breaking out in Wuhan, China. Then, over the course of many days the pandemic arrived on the shores of just about every nation on earth. The governments of the US and Europe have either suggested or ordered people stay in their homes and not assemble together in groups of 10 or more, or 50 or more.

Once the governments said people should all stay home, that was the end of normalcy in the west. Churches are moving to online services. Schools are also online. Grocery store shelves are being stripped. If it seems unreal, you’re not alone. A prepper wrote very well about how unreal it all seems.

Since it may by June or July until “normalcy” might return, the Second Signpost could start between now and then, carrying the economic problems to new heights, and eliminating normalcy from now on until Christ the king returns to rule.

Airlines, hotels and restaurants have already shut down. Millions of people are now already out of work and won’t be getting a paycheck. A full third of Americans see the reaction to the coronavirus “as a major threat to their finances.” Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said that without bailouts unemployment will spike to basically Depression levels.

Indeed, as I wrote earlier, the reaction to Covid-19 may cause the economy to weaken paving the way for greater economic devastation by the Second Signpost. People who are unemployed now and cannot get to a place of work are doing so because of one reason—the forced shutdowns of places of business due to a fear of pandemic. In a few weeks or months, if the Second Signpost has occurred, people who are unemployed will not be able to get to a place of employment because of a second reason—the price of gasoline will have made it prohibitive to travel, assuming their place of business is still open. Think the temporarily low price of gas will save Americans? Just wait until that same low price causes most fracking companies to go bankrupt.

Now, the US government is planning a massive bailout for American business and employees. Then, with the Second Signpost, there will be no bailouts because the US government will be fighting for its very existence with the US petrodollar destroyed and the dollar sinking to oblivion.

The fear of pandemic has caused and is causing the economy to fall. The Second Signpost will compound it if it happens sooner than later.

Two op-eds, one about the food supply, and one about the banks, show how the pandemic alone will cause problems for both. Even with only a default of 4% on debt, banks will fold. The Second Signpost will only assure this outcome due to the derivatives they hold.


We may never see normalcy again until Christ’s return if the Second Signpost comes sooner than later.

The fear of the Covid-19 pandemic, if continued too long, is causing economies in the developed world to fall. Even if the Second Signpost tarries and things start to recover a bit, will you get ready? Have you prepared? If you haven’t prepared yet, will you now?

Have you repented, and turned to Christ? Have you drawn closer to Him? Are you living in the shelter of Psalm 91:1?

Have you bought silver and gold yet? Have you started that garden you’ve been thinking of?

If you have the ability to prepare, the time to procrastinate ended weeks ago.

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  1. Wow- Come Lord Jesus!

  2. The significance of a red flag atop the Jamkaran mosque was laid out in:
    Iran’s initial retaliation for the murder of Soleimani was not full revenge, which Supreme Leader Khamenei and IRGC leaders stated would be when the US military is gone from the Middle East (a goal that Soleimani had been avidly working to achieve). The initial retaliation had been marred by the IRGC accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian airliner. Then came the coronavirus with an epicenter in the very Qom province where the red flag had been raised. On 2020-03-06 a work crew had to spray disinfectants at the Jamkaran mosque.
    Embarrassing setbacks like these may be viewed by the Twelver leadership of Iran as attempts by evil forces to discourage them from achieving what Allah has called them to do.

    The adversity of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war helped Iran prepare for its second signpost role.
    “Saddam’s Iraqi regime emerged from the 8-year-long war decimated militarily and financially with some $40 billion in debt. In less than three years, Saddam’s forces would be driven out of Kuwait by his former U.S. benefactor; in fifteen years, Saddam would be toppled by an American invasion. The Islamic Republic of Iran, on the other hand, emerged a strong, united and independent country with demonstrated defense capabilities, and today is stronger than ever.”

    Those who know about the second signpost before it happens should be prepared for whatever God wants them to do during it.

  3. With many Christians going into ‘prepper mode’ due to cover-19, maybe there will be a ‘grace’ period by which God will give individuals an opportunity to have their gardens in order prior to the oil crash. Sounds a little daft, but the fear/anxiety caused by covid is certainly stirring believers to till both their hearts and their soil!

  4. Mark I agree the coming impact may have a terrible effect on economic situation and may cause more damage then virus would world wide, Expect bank failures within a few months and GDP collapse of 10% or more.With this going on USA will have no appetite for troop buildup.Here is one mans perspective on all this in a letter to president.

  5. So true Mike! With so many canceling of events and closing of businesses, there is no doubt that the US will be in a recession by the time the elections come around. I can guarantee bankruptcies are coming around the corner as well. If Biden picks a viable woman running mate then he will be in a promising position to knock off Trump in November. In February, I was not seeing any chance of him losing. The media will switch gears. They are fear mongering now but I am thinking they will flip because of misjudging that number of new cases due to lacking an increase they were looking for and instead will drop significantly. They will instead blame Trump for overreacting and thus the tanking of the economy.The Democrats perhaps will also try to woo the moderates and maybe even evangelicals by asserting how Trump encroached on the rights of American. Biden gets and will assert military cuts will be necessary to help businesses, welfare, and strengthen the medical system in the country. This will make way for the “ram from the East” to charge west, north, and south.

  6. It is hoped as the pattern has been in China that this virius will disappear (that is if everyone cooperates together) by the end of May and will drastically decrease by the end of April. Though this leaves us with a very long Spring when everyone wants to be outside and gather.

    If the USA has been weakened economically b/o the COVID-19 pandemic and unable to fully respond then once Iran recovers it may see its chance to do what it has always wanted per Dan. 8 so it may be later this Spring, Mark, for the window and not early Spring. All moving variables that cannot be fully anticipated by Signpost watchers.

    As an aside, as we enter into this decade and the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection in 2030 by the church I do believe we will see a marked increase and open display of UFO and paranormal activity by the demonic entities and the Watchers to prime unbelieving humanity for the 70th week of Daniel as well.


  7. Zero hedge is reporting the USS roosevelt with a number of cover-19 cases and urgent landing in Guam. Music to Irans ears Im sure.

  8. I would encourage all you guys to also engage with the very positive and amazing things which are happening in the Christian world. Only yesterday I was able to take part in a massive prayer and worship event which should have taken place in Korea, but had to happen online instead. Six of the key Christian generals of our time, and tens of thousands of people linked up with them. It’s amazing to follow this very helpful insight into where we are in God’s big picture, but don’t miss out on what he’s doing right now! There is such a massive increase in healings and miracles, and so many becoming Christians. God is moving powerfully, the church is rising up, don’t miss it!

  9. Hi Sue,
    I appreciate your heart! Since the focus of this website is the watching of the unfolding of the Signposts, it can seem like readers might be focused on it. However, in my experience with our brothers and sisters visiting this site, through emails, phone calls, visits, I am heartened by the balanced lives in the Body of Christ I’ve been blessed to witness. Please know that many here are fully plugged in to what is happening in their communities.
    On the flip side, Jesus told us to watch! The Rapture is not next, but the Signposts, one by one. I pray that as many Christians as possible today will stay true to their God through the times coming up.
    Be blessed.

  10. In March of 2020 the U. S. military in Iraq handed over two bases to Iraq’s military.

    al-Qaim base and about $900,000 of equipment

    Q-West base and about $1.7 million in equipment

    Although such peaceful transfers were already planned, increased rocket attacks by militias, plus the corona virus, are affecting the transfers.
    “… a senior Iraqi military official, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, described the American request [for Iraq to arrest militia leaders] as unrealistic. ‘No judge will issue an arrest warrant against a senior militia member if he wants to stay alive,’ he said. ‘Let’s be honest. If the militias want to attack the [U.S.] bases we can’t stop them.'”

    The Khamenei/IRGC regime controls Iraq and is encouraging militias to harass the 5,000 U.S. troops still there. Driving U.S. troops out of Iraq would also remove them from Syria, since those are supplied through Iraq. A “get out or get invaded” scenario is in the offing. Yes, Virginia, the second signpost is real.

  11. Absolutely! I love getting your perspective on things, and also making good use of the time available to us!

  12. On 2020-03-29 Stars and Stripes reported that a third U.S. military base in Iraq has been handed over to Iraq in the month of March.

    On 2020-03-30, obviously gleeful over the U.S. military leaving bases in Iraq, the IRGC-controlled Tasnim News Agency reported some statements by the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.
    “Noting that the US-led global hegemonic system is suffering from military decline and political frustration in the face of the Islamic resistance front and Iran’s growing influence, it added, ‘Consolidation of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s power and its expansion into the rest of the world under the leadership of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei will prepare the ground for the creation of a new Islamic civilization’.”

    This is not bravado. It is a serious statement of faith that Twelver eschatological beliefs are about to happen. Nor is “the creation of a new Islamic civilization” bureaucratic boilerplate. What the Khamenei/IRGC regime wants to happen will. “I watched the ram as it charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against it, and none could rescue from its power. It did as it pleased and became great” (Daniel 8:4 NIV).

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