Day 80: The West on the Path to Poverty?

It has been 80 days since the IRGC’s precise rocket attack on a base occupied by US military, and the Iranian regime’s call for the US military to leave the Middle East.

In my last book, Chronicles, the case was made that of the three parts of the earth (i.e., Babylon the Great) to each receive slightly different judgment, the Americas’ theme would be grinding poverty. (The other two parts would be Chinese tyranny, and the Antichrist’s empire.)

Between the recent news of the economic effects of the fear of Covid-19 and the coming Second Signpost anticipated by this immediate community, it looks like much of the world—the USA in particular—will get a one-two economic punch, a double portion.

Effects From Covid-19 Fear

In this recent post we noted that the fear of a coronavirus pandemic was causing the economic problems we are seeing today.

This piece from ZeroHedge sums up well both the real reason for the $2.2 Trillion stimulus package, as well as how the economic dominoes may fall, just from Covid-19.

The real reason for the stimulus package is to help US companies keep their stock prices up. This may sound silly or sick, but it is nevertheless true. Out of $2.2 Trillion, the American workers as a whole will see only a quarter of that money. The rest goes to corporations and elsewhere.

Instead of simply freezing the chain of payments, i.e. a small business store or restaurant that pays rent to the landlord doesn’t have to, and the landlord who must pay his own bills doesn’t have to, including mortgage payments, and on up the chain all the way to the banks, no, payments must still be made. So instead of making the banks play along with freezing everything for, say, a month or two, instead $2.2 Trillion is given to people and companies and it all ends up eventually going back to the banks. The article says the basic reason for all this is the banks can’t take on that much risk. But the companies and workers of America can? So basically, the stimulus package could do a lot more good to help people, but the banks power and greed are preventing this.

Anyway, a second feature of the article already mentioned above is it sums up the economic dominoes falling for much of the American populace:

“Who can survive on $1,200 for one, two or three months time? And what happens to the millions of people who paid no taxes last year? Are they supposed to scrape by on nothing? Congress knows that most households live paycheck to paycheck. With no savings how will they pay the rent, the electric bill, the phone and the cable? Congress is quibbling over an extra $600 per month unemployment for those who are lucky enough to get it, when most people are just trying to figure out how they’re going to survive, how they’re going to pay the mortgage, when they’ll be able to go back to work, and whether their job will still be there when this nightmare is finally over?

“Did you know that “if you don’t already have direct-deposit information on file with the IRS from previous tax returns, you won’t get the emergency funds for up to 4 months”? That means millions of people will have zero income for 4 months! What will become of them? Where will they go? Who will provide them with shelter and food? Shouldn’t congress be asking these questions?

“And what happens to the 50% of the American people who had less than $400 saved before the crisis hit? What happens to them when they fall between the cracks and lose their apartments, lose their jobs, and lose their ability to maintain their tenuous standard of living? These people will never regain their financial footing. Never. It’s a death sentence. We’re going to see an explosion of homelessness, drug addiction, depression, alcoholism, suicide and crime unlike anything this country has ever seen before. Are the imbeciles in congress so blind that they can’t see that they’re condemning a large part of the population to permanent, inescapable, grinding poverty and desperation? Can’t they see that?” [emphasis added]

The Coming Second Signpost

The long quote above touches well on the dire economic situation for tens of millions of Americans if the Covid-19 effects are allowed to go on for many weeks. The bottom line in Chronicles for America is to be “grinding poverty” just like the author above wrote. That’s the first punch.

Now, enter the Second Signpost, the second punch.

Remember the big features of the economic impacts of the Second Signpost: (1) Problems with gasoline supply due to scarcity and/or high price, (2) loss of US Petrodollar, and (3) loss of western credit system.

If what is predicted is true in the quote above: loss of housing, loss of jobs, and loss of standard of living for tens of millions, add on to that the effects of the Second Signpost. People will not be able to travel for any reason, even to find employment, due to the oil supply problem. Any money they do have with them will lose its value as it goes into hyperinflation due to the loss of the US Petrodollar. And any money they have in the bank will disappear with the loss of the credit system. The only money you will have is any gold or silver in your possession.


When I wrote Daniel Revisited and Chronicles and posited that western society would see economic depression, it was due simply to the effects of the Second Signpost alone. With oil expensive, and the banking system down, perhaps people would still be able to overcome these problems and have some semblance of economy limping along into the Signposts.

But now with the effects of the Covid-19 fear, society will see these Second Signpost effects, not from the standpoint of still having a job or a roof over their heads, but perhaps from being on the street and already having nothing to eat.

In other words, the final economic state of large swaths of society in the Americas may not be so much like residents of Mexico going into the Signposts, but maybe more like residents of Haiti or Venezuela.

Are we really surprised though? God wants people to come to Him.

So make sure you are in Him, living in Him, dependent on Him, thanking Him every day, and depending completely on his provision.

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  1. From 2011 to 2018, retired firefighter Mark Taylor felt inspired to write messages from God. His book “The Trump Prophecies” has 17 of the 24 writings he claims inspiration for. The 2015 message “America, America” began:

    The Spirit of God says,
    America, America, oh how I love thee,
    America, America, oh how I have chosen thee!
    For as England was to the D-Day invasion,
    so shall America be for My end-time harvest.
    For England was the Headquarters, the hub
    from which the D-Day assault was launched.
    So shall it be for My America for the end-time harvest.
    For as England had men, women, equipment, food, money, weapons,
    and supplies of all kinds which poured in from all over the world,
    so shall all these things pour into My chosen America.
    America, I have chosen you
    as the launching platform for the worldwide assault
    on the spiritually oppressed peoples of the earth.
    People will say, How are we chosen?
    It’s as if America is frozen.
    Am I not the God of the universe and all of creation?
    I have heard the cries of My people that have sought My face,
    and I will heal their nation!

    Later in the message there is what seemed to me to be an absurd statement:

    OPEC, OPEC, take a hike,
    for I am tired of your evil energy spikes.
    When My President takes office you will shake and quake.
    You will say America no longer needs us, and that is true,
    for she will be energy independent for the Red, White, and Blue.
    For a sign will be given when prices go low,
    for a gallon of gas will be one dollar and below.

    Earlier this month a gas station in Kentucky sold gas for 99 cents a gallon:
    Was the seller aware of the prophecy and lowered his price to fulfill it? It doesn’t matter. It happened.

    A 2017 “Satan’s Frequency” message warned about agreeing with what enemies of America are saying:

    I said go throughout all the earth
    and preach My gospel, the good news!
    Then why is there so much doom and gloom?
    Why are you siding and agreeing with the enemy’s plans? Repent!
    You give more airtime to the enemy’s plans than Mine,
    thus empowering his plans.

  2. Oh man, straight to the point Mark. We may well see one of the greatest revivals still coming out of this. With nothing left, people will either turn towards violence/suffering, or turn whole-heartedly towards Christ. Lord – raise up your harvesters and may it begin with us!

  3. Amen, Ryan! I believe what you say is exactly what the Lord has in mind. He’s doing all this to have people turn wholeheartedly to Him!

  4. I noticed that Trump stated that he wanted a lot of the “stay-at-home” conditions to end by Easter. For the economy to possibly reboot, the ability to return to work would need to start that following Sunday or else most definitely we will experience a severe downturn. As for Mark Taylor, he is not a prophet. I have had premonitions and visions that I believed the Spirit has shown me but that does not make me a prophet. The gift of prophecy involves taking ALL prophecy into consideration including end time prophecy in Scripture. I have noticed how a lot of “prophets” since the 80s have got a lot wrong and yet stations like TBN still keep setting them up. Be very leery when one “prophet” says one thing and another says something entirely different. One of them is obviously wrong. That’s not to say that the doom and gloom one is correct. I do think that revival is still possible and this current crisis may move many toward it.
    I will add that there are two views of stewardship in Christianity that are at war with each other within the current stream of socialism and free market based capitalism. The prosperity/tithe Gospel vs cooperative approach. Trump doesn’t confront the prosperity preachers around him and I believe they feed actually into each other Socialism “tries” to look Christian is far from the representation of it. When true revival occurs the result will be in a reexamination of our hearts which includes toward our local neighbor as well. We do need to consider critical social justice issues but we need to consider what the Torah suggests instead of critical race theory suggests. The “felon” system in this country needs some serious re-evaluation. Some felons need a year of jubilee.

  5. I wanted to add that I believed back in the mid 90s when prophecy was not making any since to me at all, I kept getting this thought in my head “keep your eyes on Turkey.” I had it in the back of my head since then and then when your book came out a lot started to make since. I do believe that there is law within prophecies that all true prophecies will harmonize with each other whether by natural or supernatural revelation. Anything else is speculation, which it’s ok to have, but we must be careful to say “Thus sayeth the Lord”.

  6. God is at work.
    I start to hear in the UK, murmurings of social discontent especially from the less privileged . No doubt, this will be taken up by the richer classes as even they start to ‘feel the pinch’ and have their comfortable life styles changed.

    Talk is that this will continue to June and perhaps beyond causing mayhem in every sphere of life and then if the ME war starts up this will definitely produce the shaking.

    The weather is out of sync everywhere (divers places), the Birth pains are increasing.

    May the Harvest begin as the Lord outpours His love through discipline with a view to saving souls from this rotten corrupt foreign world. As adversity increases so will the evil.

    Thank you Mark for sounding the trumpet from the Wall at every stage, work which is so important and life saving.

    Perhaps 2033 might be the date of His return 2000 years after His crucifixion, the 2 days of Daniel, the beginning and end of the Church Age.

  7. Gary C wrote: “… there is law within prophecies that all true prophecies will harmonize with each other …”

    On 2016-06-12, Mark Taylor wrote a prophecy titled “Babylonian Prison.” Although “Daniel Revisited” was available for study, Taylor, not a learn’ed man, had not read it. Yet “Babylonian Prison” began:
    The Spirit of God says,
    There’s a beast in the east
    that’s trying to arise
    that thinks he’s the best,
    but I have one in the west
    that will give him a godly surprise
    and take him down to the least.
    Only those who have read “Daniel Revisited” would recognize the “beast in the east” as Iran, and “one in the west” as the four-headed leopard of Daniel 7:6.

    Also on 2016-06-12, Taylor wrote a prophecy titled “Shatter and Scatter,” which mentions ISIS, which at that time was a terrible force in the world. Now back to “Babylonian Prison”:
    For this beast that has risen
    is no surprise,
    for My Church is in
    a Babylonian prison.
    Come out of her or it
    will be to your demise!
    “This beast” is singular, even though two beasts had just been mentioned. “Shatter and Scatter” stated that “the Illuminati and ISIS have merged [misprinted ’emerged’ in the book].” ISIS was armed by western globalists. The “Babylonian prison” the church was in at that time was the Johnson Amendment, which barred 501(c)(3) churches from making political statements. One of the first things that Trump did as President was to free churches from Johnson Amendment constraints. According to “Babylonian Prison,” had that change not been made, America would have been defeated by ISIS:
    For this beast has no teeth
    and lurks in the brush,
    trying to lure you into an ambush.
    Do not attack until you come out of her,
    that Babylonian system,
    or you will fall prey and be decimated
    beyond comprehension.
    Both Iran and Turkey are armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry. “This beast” with “no teeth” applied to ISIS, that enjoyed killing people with crude weaponry.

    In “Shatter and Scatter” is this:
    The Spirit of God says,
    Why do the prophets of doom and gloom
    keep saying that this is the end?
    For they are misreading the season of time we are in.
    “They are misreading the season we are in” because of ignorance of the signposts, which Mark Taylor also knew nothing about. If he ever reads “Daniel Revisited,” he might say, “Oh, that’s what God meant by ‘misreading the season of time we are in’!”

  8. Many have often said here that Iran with attack the Middle East and cause havoc To the world,Because of Iran would control the oil. And prices would rocket?maybe the Americans will pull out of the Middle East so that Iran will be allowed to attack Saudi Arabia and the oil rich provinces of the Middle East,and all production will stop so oil prices will shoot up again? Canadian crude is at five dollars a barrel it’ll probably slip to a dollar.The Longer this virus continues the greater devastation, not only to America but to the world, this will bode well for the antichrist because he works best in Chaos.

  9. The economic headline in the Telegraph
    ‘Oil prices could turn negative as world runs out
    Of storage’ ‘with Russia and the US set to be the biggest losers from the crash ‘

    It continues … ‘is the solution a return to the days of partnership between Russia and Saudi,

    OR…. could it be a good reason and the right timing as a catalyst to a Shiite versus Sunni war in the Middle East .

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