Prepper Lessons Learned During the Lockdown

As posted here earlier, God may be using this Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown as a practice run for preparing materially and spiritually for the Second Signpost.

Along the lines of material preparation, The Organic Prepper has posted 75 lessons learned by preppers during the lockdown.

Though the conditions and needs during this lockdown will likely be different than what will likely occur during the Second Signpost, there are still some nuggets of wisdom in those 75.

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  1. Yeah, definitely toilet paper…just joshing, Mark. 🙂


  2. Interesting that Bill Gates and Microsoft have a patent # WO-2020-060606-A1 for putting a piece of technology in the body that could be used for digital currency, etc. The 060606 is very interesting when you compare it with Rev 13.

  3. Hi brother!

    In terms of preparedness the virus has caused us to move in a rapid pace about 6 months before we planned to anyways. We are now in an obscure remote mountain farm community. Only being here a few weeks we have met MANY neighbors and other christians. It’s a great place. So many deer! I even took a CC class taught by the local sheriff and he had me bring some of my rifles to try out for himself since they are suppressed. Pretty cool!
    In terms of preparedness there is not much more that we could really do. We have just bought a couple freezers and plan to fill them. But we were very well prepared before the pandemic. Just trying to liquidate some assets and get out of the USD now. Hope all is well with you on your mountain!

  4. Fake Libyan dinars, printed in Russia, fund Haftar’s military

    Some Libyans are refusing to accept the new banknotes because the currency is funding renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar’s military campaign.

    by Malik Traina
    13 Jul 2020 15:21 GMT

    More than a billion dollars worth of new banknotes found in two shipping containers a couple of months ago were yet another sign of Russia’s influence in Libya.

    The cash stash found on the Mediterranean island of Malta was en route from the printing works in Moscow to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar’s forces in eastern Libya.

    The internationally-recognised government in Tripoli says the money is counterfeit.

    Haftar is accused of using the counterfeit banknotes to fund his failed military campaign to capture Tripoli.

    Al Jazeera’s Malik Traina reports from the former rebel stronghold of Misrata.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

    That’s a high degree of cooperation between Khalifa Haftar and Moscow.

    Having assets other than USD is probably a good idea for those who can afford it. Any fracture here might also see rival successor claimants to the ‘throne’ of America issuing their own new currencies. If Putin is willing to back a Libyan strongman today, he’d probably do the same in a fractured USA tomorrow

    Even without such a fracture, other crises i.e. pandemics cause economic upheaval.

    This is starting to remind me a little too much of the plot of the game Shattered Union for comfort.

  5. I never had it, just saw reviews for it. Russia took over Alaska after government collapsed. Six or so new countries formed in the Lower 48. EU troops tried to take over on the east coast to protect the U.N. and to put the pieces back together in Europe’s own image. They got swamped, kind of like relief efforts in former Somalia.

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