Will There Be No One Around to Rescue from the Ram’s Power?

(Note: This post is also authored by Chris Mantei of Wings of the Eagle Ministry, who is also a friend and supporter of this website.)

Of the Persian ram and its charge in three directions across the Middle East, Daniel 8:4 (NASB) says,

“No other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power.”

Some have asked the question, “Wouldn’t the United States stop such a thing from ever happening?” The answer is, “Of course, if the United States is allowed to.”

God’s word, if the Signpost interpretation is correct, only tells us that the Iranian invasion will happen, and in what general directions and that many countries will be involved, and that much violence will occur. But we are not told how it will start, or if the reason no one can rescue is because there is no one there in the first place, or if there is any resistance, it would be quickly defeated.

“Ayin,” Strong’s #369

In the original Hebrew of Daniel 8:4, the word “ayin” (Strong’s #369) is used to tell us that “no one” would be around to rescue. The word “ayin” appears 788 times in the Old Testament, with 230 of them telling us about “no one.” Other occurrences of the word seem to lean more toward there never being anyone, and not that someone was there but was defeated. Examples include God saying there is “no other” (Deut. 4:39, Is. 44:6), Sarai had “no child” (Gen. 11:30), “no one” could interpret (Gen. 40:8), and there is “no one” greater (Gen. 39:9). In these cases there never was, or there never was another.

This fact would seem to increase the chance that Daniel 8:4 is referring to “no one” being around.

No One Around?

In the last few weeks I’ve been wondering about the idea of there being no one around to stop Iran. Back in 2012 I wrote that Daniel 8:4 might hold an ominous sign for the United States.

With the Antifa and BLM groups—both led by Communist/Marxists—being allowed to riot in many US cities and attempt to erase our national history and founding, combined with a damaged economy and a possible rebellion or outright revolution from the Left if Trump wins re-election in November, is it really possible that the US could descend into some shade of civil war within the next six months?

I questioned such a thing in 2012, but now in 2020 its looking more and more like a possibility.

Reasons from Opinion Pieces

Some political commentators have written articles with some seemingly good reasons about such a possibility. Whitney at Global Research wrote “The War on the American People Is Gaining Pace.” A piece appeared on rt.com titled “America’s disintegration no longer sounds like a crazy prediction.” American Thinker had the op-ed, “The Coming Collapse of the Republic.” “The Saker” wrote, “The systemic collapse of the US society has begun.” And finally, Paul Craig Roberts wrote, “The Collapse of the United States Is No Longer Avoidable.”

Though a fast ending of the United States as we know it seems absurd when first considered, these articles all have good reasons why it just might be possible given current events.

Dreams and Visions

In my own spirit, I’ve been sensing something coming to our nation for the last few months. Then the aforementioned op-ed pieces came out.

And now, this past week, I heard a teaching given by Chris Mantei of Wings of the Eagle Ministry, at the on-line End-Time Church, in which he put together a collection of very remarkable dreams and visions from others in the body of Christ reinforcing this idea that the United States is about to become very busy internally and won’t be around to stop anything Iran might do.

To better explain in detail, I’ve invited Chris to add to this post.

A Message from Our Brother Chris Mantei

Taking the text of Daniel 8:4 at face value, it is clear that the Iranian Ram will not be stopped until the Turkish Goat fights back. The only small detail left unknown is will they be opposed at all before then? The events of the past 30 years have put the United States squarely “in the way” of such an invasion. So that only leaves 3 possibilities:

  1. America’s armed forces are overrun and defeated on the battlefield by Iran,
  2. they receive a retreat order when the invasion begins because US leadership is not willing to fight a full-fledged war or,
  3. they are called back home for a domestic crisis.

That 3rd possibility in the past 8 months or so has become ever more likely, in my view. That “domestic crisis” may be an assassination, civil war, coordinated large scale terrorism, or attacks on the homeland from foreign powers like Russia and China. One thing is now clear to me: the era of “American greatness” is over, and it is only a question of how violently God wants to end it in front of the world to make way for the Caliphate.

I so appreciate Mark Davidson’s focus on the Word of God and his love for its Author. As he mentioned, I helped found the all-online “Endtime.Church” over 2 years ago and we gather live every Monday night at 8pm eastern for any and all Christians who are hearing the Call that there is much more to this great drama than they have been told and there are parts for the Saints yet to play.

This past Monday, I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to bring to the forefront several words from a variety of sources about the end of 2020 being a seminal moment for the Church, especially in America. At 34:40 at the video below I mention this now very real possibility of the American military removal facilitating the prophesied invasion—the Iranians may even look at that withdrawal as a sign from Allah to go “full speed ahead” with their plans. I ask you to watch and pray on it in private and with fellow Christians in the coming days.


Thanks, Chris. I encourage everyone to watch this video, as the collection of words from dreams and visions are rather stunning.

Time, of course, will tell us whether any of these concerns about the United States’ near future is warranted. Dreams and visions can fail, and op-ed writers could just be overly pessimistic.

However, these all may be warnings telling us about what is to happen very shortly by the end of 2020, and it would answer one of the questions about the unfolding Signposts, and that is why would there be no one around to stop Iran. The answer: number three in Chris’ list above.

Let us continue to obey our Lord’s command to watch in these end-times, as Jesus said in Mark 13:32–37. And as Chris mentioned in the video, this is not a time to fear. But this is the time to greatly anticipate the next sign in the events leading up to the visible and glorious return of Jesus Christ.

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  1. If this video doesn’t wake you up then your eyes and ears are welded shut.

  2. There has been plenty of discussion here about Pastor Dana Coverstones dreams/visions, which seem to be legit (so far). The possibility of all hell breaking loose in November is leading to fear however among many believers, but its an opportunity for us to remember that these moments of tribulation coming are to refine the church to provide for Christ a spotless bride.

  3. When I woke up today I was moved to read Ezekiel 4:5 and 3:1.

    Ezekiel 4:5 KJV
    For I have laid upon thee the years of their iniquity, according to the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days: so shalt thou bear the iniquity of the house of Israel.

    Ezekiel 3:1 KJV
    Moreover he said unto me, Son of man, eat that thou findest; eat this roll, and go speak unto the house of Israel.

    The phrasing was a little different in the second part of the command. At first, I specifically saw Ezekiel 4:5 in writing along with the words spoken, but for the second part I heard the numbers spelled out, as in the first and the third, but I heard it as if the voice was farther away while speaking.

    I wondered why the words for the second part didn’t seem quite as clear of an instruction, so I read

    Ezekiel 1:3,
    The word of the Lord came expressly unto Ezekiel the priest, the son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar; and the hand of the Lord was there upon him.

    As I read this, I was trying to remember which river Daniel stood by when he received a vision from the Lord, and as I was turning to look it came to me that it was the Ulai.

    The news announced as I was typing that John Lewis has died.

    There’s a leftist book, Army of the Republic, a fictionalized account of a leftist revolution in modern day America after a ‘fascist’ president is elected. It was in several university bookstores last decade.

  4. Back when I considered becoming an author, I considered writing of a “Kataran Empire,” something unlike anything in Earth’s history, an empire that ruled across the stars from horizon to horizon and across the dimensions. I had it in me since before I could remember. I never wrote it down for a publisher, though, because it seemed too fantastical to believe, and I was afraid. I didn’t want to be a fiction writer, since fiction is that which isn’t true. I didn’t want to set out to make a name for myself, since I heard someone say once that ‘making a name for yourself’ is a sin of pride. I didn’t want to set myself against God.No matter how much I tried to ignore it and bend my head down to the tasks of living just like everyone else, to do what society says I should do and not rock the boat, the stories never left. Then I found out ‘Keter’ is the Hebrew word for crown.

    There was a video of a Jewish rabbi saying that each Jewish soul, while in the womb waiting to come into this world, is read the entire Torah. He said each Jewish has two souls, and earthly human soul, and a heavenly soul from God, which God breathed into each (Jewish) person. I don’t know if that’s true, but the Holy Spirit does move us to know things we couldn’t possibly know otherwise. Spiritual things are discerned spiritually. My fears didn’t come from a place of spiritual discernment.

  5. Before 2006, there was a young man named Jacob, to whom I said, “Someday you’ll be ‘The Jacob’ like Donald Trump is ‘The Donald’.” Another time I said to him, Jacob, someday you could be a king. He said to me, I don’t want to be a king, you can be king. Well, I respect his humility, but I don’t know that I’d be any kind of good leader. In Christ, we are all annointed kings and priests. He’ll be a leader, and one of better integrity and ability than I.

    In 2008 or so, I was writing the outlines of a story about America in the future, about how the ‘Partisan War’ would end right before the ‘Second American Civil War’ would begin, a conflict on a much larger scale with perhaps millions of deaths. I didn’t want it to be true. It’s just what was stirring around at the time. I might have told one or two people, but I didn’t dwell on it long. It only came to mind two or three times in the years since. I have been wrong with what I told people I thought would happen with Iran twice, so I didn’t take it too seriously, namely that America would soon be at war with them. On one of those two occasions I was repeating someone else who made that prediction in 2006. The other was right after the Soleimani strike. Still, events now have more resemblance to the ‘Partisan War’ outline than I ever expected to see.

    The years 2017 and 2020 hung around as end dates for the ‘Partisan War’ and start of the Second Civil War, respectively.

    Another time, I was drawing a map of a land based on the Middle East. I was considering it as a setting for stories I might write later. I named a country to the west ‘Evernand,’ tentatively. Later, I found out Eber-Nahara is an actual placename for an Assyrian province in the actual Middle East. It means, ‘across the river,’ in this case the river Jordan. Eber-Nahara was toward the western end of the ancient Assyrian Empire.

  6. In Europe, they have CERN, an idol of sorts to the false god of science. It’s located right in the historical geographic center of worship of the pagan false god Cernunos, the Celtic horned god of snakes and nature.

    We also have NATO, which in many European countries has the acronym OTAN, a little to similar to the name of the pagan false god Odin/Wotan to be coincidence.

    The pagan false gods are returning as the culture turns away from God.

  7. Sorry to be a spanner in the works, but used to listen to these “all hell breaking loose” prophecies for about 10 years from a whole bunch of well known names within the church, until I began to notice that I couldn’t find any that came true. I have found lots of videos from people claiming to have foreseen this pandemic, but none dated before 2020. Lots of dates came and went with nothing happening. Mena Lee Grebin told about something terrible happening in the UK within 40 days that would change our way of life (google her name, and “tell the British Queen”). I was the only commentator on her site to point this out, and was only met with hostility.
    So with all due respect to these other people getting dreams and visions and words from God, but how do I know they are different from the people who I have been listening to, watching and waiting to see if they are legitimate. It takes time to see if events pan out and determine if they are real or false.

    Do these people have short term prophecies that happened, that are also documented? I’m talking about something like a blog where you can see the time and date when they made their video, where Youtube will tell you how long ago it was posted. Anyone claiming what they had said previously is no good I’m afraid.

  8. Mark, I still think America could manage through the next years even on a withdrawal. Next events right now seems hard to read. In seeing some video by a few evangelicals that are pointing out urban issues have been a problem and building up for some time in various metropolitan areas, I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that financial decisions at the government level could cut finances in the military Immensely. Backing out of the Mid East could be merely a financial one. This weekend I just saw a video by a man running for Congress in Colorado. It was mind boggling as he took a video of downtown Colorado with people living in tents on the streets and courthouses marked up with graffiti. Urban renewal and helping people to back on their feet will be such a priority in the next election that would take the ability financially to continue in the Middle East.

  9. Gary,
    The video was made by Mike Lynch who is a conservative running to be a representative in the Colorado state legislature. What is seen in the video is the same type of thing that those commentaries I linked were talking about.
    And yes, how the US withdraws, if it does, could happen ay number of ways.

  10. Gman,
    I’m with you on the skepticism in that we must filter and test everything we hear. Out of literally over one hundred or so “prophets” I’ve witnessed giving words over the decades, only six or seven still hold up. Two come to mind: Youngbrandt predicted Katrina in the 1990s (a “monster” hurricane will destroy New Orleans in September of some year), and Neumann predicted three days before 9/11 that a terrible “storm” had arrived on the shores of the USA.

  11. Gman – this is why we test the fruit of the prophet and the spirit behind the prophecies, and agree that there are many more wrong than right in this regard.

    We cannot ignore the gift of prophecy which is alive and well within the TRUE church, and some of us still consider Amos 3:7 relevant even today (Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets). Hindsight is a wonderful thing when it comes to false prophets/prophecies, however we disregard them all to our own peril I believe.

  12. Inspired messages should be written down so that they can be studied. Mark Taylor did that in 2017 with “The Trump Prophecies,” which I studied, even cross-referencing its repeated criticism of prophets of doom and gloom who trick those who should be spreading the gospel into abandoning their callings. Although I agree with the criticism, I also read his prediction that the price of a gallon of gasoline would fall to “a dollar and below.” I thought, “Why did you, who are rightly calling for Christians to be active, make such an absurd prediction?” Yet in 2020, the prediction was fulfilled in 13 states: https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-gas-prices-20200419-6uvja5pxbvaxtozm4l3372aewy-story.html It reminded me of Elijah’s prophecy that flour would become cheap during a time of famine, which happened (2 Kings 7). Mark Taylor’s prophecies are freely available at: https://sordrescue.com/ Taylor’s latest prophecy is dated way back in January of 2018, because God told him that it would be a while before he would again be called upon to write inspired messages. “All Roads Lead To Rome” warns God’s Army to prepare to receive those abandoning Christian churches because of coming exposures of wickedness in church organizations. It also warns of “an archaeological find that is coming, in an underground vault, which will be so cataclysmic that it will rock the Christian world.” In two videos Mark Taylor has read and discussed his written prophecies: https://youtu.be/k_B4Hul9jnQ https://youtu.be/Dk5kmAG1NEA He admits that he doesn’t understand some of that which he felt inspired to write.

  13. Stick to the scriptures and you cannot go wrong…take things like visions with a grain of salt…often people that predict prophecies are just reading the lay of the land,knowingly or unknowingly. History can predict the future, If America or the world for that matter continues on the economic course they are on that will tell a lot about the future. It will create famines,riots, wars, ect ECT (nothing new under sun).But I do think we are in unchartered waters..buckle up stay close to Christ..

  14. Prism,
    I don’t disregard prophecies, but I do need to know their track records before I pay any attention to them. I used to pay heed but all it did was give an underlying sense of impending doom that was just around the corner but never actually happened. Stuff like the London Olympics, Alex Jones’ “October Surprise”, and then Lindsey William’s “Secrets of the Elite”, then the world wide 2012 prophecies, and then John Paul Jackson’s “Perfect Storm” prophecies, Mena Lee Grebin’s prophecies that the US elections would be cancelled, Obama is back, and then it switched to Clinton, and then Trump…and then Kim Clement…

    But I’ll give Mark Taylor a go 😉

  15. “No other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power” (Daniel 8:4 NASB)

    What Daniel was inspired by God to write, the Supreme Leader of Iran, in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq, has just echoed: “Wisdom, religion and experience require the expansion of Iran-Iraq relations. Obviously, such relations have opponents; leading them is the U.S. But, one should never fear the U.S. at all, because the U.S. can’t do a single thing.” https://www.tasnimnews.com/en/news/2020/07/21/2311740/ayatollah-khamenei-iran-to-strike-back-at-us-in-response-to-assassination-of-general-soleimani I see a complete correspondence between “nor was there anyone to rescue from his power” and “one should never fear the U.S. at all, because the U.S. can’t do a single thing.” Since Khamenei’s words were uttered in a meeting with the Arabic-speaking Prime Minister of Iraq, they were probably said in Arabic, which Khamenei is fluent in. Tasnim’s photo of the meeting does not show any translators present. It would be interesting to compare the Hebrew of Daniel 8:4 with the Arabic of what Khamenei said to Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

  16. Does anyone know about any prophecies regarding other nations? The internet and book stores only seems to have Americans focusing on America. I’m from Botswana and live in the UK and India. Can’t find anything about those nations.

  17. Gman,
    I know of one man who prophesied about the nations, but I have yet to see them come true (not saying its false – its just not yet). His name is Jonathan Hansen and here is his website. He toured back around 2000. I remember his message had solid gospel preaching at that time.
    Does anyone else know of any?

  18. Mark, in looking at the comment until the goat fights back, I haven’t stated anything about a impression that i had for sometime. When Russian Communism fell, I was thoroughly confused about a lot because many prophecy speakers were saying that the Russian army will be the military of the anti-Christ. Something in my gut was to consider NATO as the army of the anti-Christ. I have prayed over this many times. Until I noted yours and Joel Richardson’s perspective it started to make some sense.

    Consider the following, “The country with the second largest number of military personnel was Turkey, with 435,000 personnel.”

    When you look at this link, you will see that Turkey can dominate and lead the other countries if the United States were to leave.


    Here is my prophetic hypothesis over the next decade when taking into account your perspective:

    Phase 1 – The United States will get distracted for awhile by something and leave the Middle East leaving the ram to charge.

    Phase 2- The United States will get back in and assist with Turkey w/ NATO’s forces to counter Iran. Been wondering if the horn of a goat will be a nuclear missile. i wonder when I read passages against Elam.

    Phase 3: The disaster will be overwhelming and a peace plan will take place. The region will be split up into 4 parts with Turkey their forces being mainly involved. The US will go through a phase on nonintervention because of the nuclear attack that happened and reduce their forces significantly in NATO leaving the fox to guard the hen house. I think they will believe that the four regions will diverse power enough to prevent a takeover (but this is short sided)

    After this phase, I am not so certain.what will transpire…..I think that Turkey will somehow corner the market on energy as so much has to go through the country. Somehow no one will be able to do economically well without Turkey’s involvement. Much of Europe will be under Islamic control to so Turkey will not find it difficult to control opposition. Some aspects of the phase still seem sketchy especially with regard to the US.

    I appreciate your input on this prophetic hypothesis

  19. gman, i read your post on Mark Taylor.

    Consider this thought….

    Having a revelation by the Holy Spirit does not make one a prophet. The King of Pharaoh, Balaam, and the King of Babylon had revelations. This is the huge error that Charismatics are commonly making. I truly think that Mark Taylor was given a revelation by the Spirit about Trump but that doesn’t make him a prophet. Michael Savage was stating and others were stating that Trump would make a good president 2-3 years before he ran.

    A true prophet of the Lord considers and knows the prophetic Scriptures very well while not disregarding supernatural revelation. But the latter does not overrule the former.

  20. Jonathan Hansen’s summary of the history of Turkey accurately mentions places, events, and dates. “The Future of Europe” that follows says nothing specific about Turkey.

    In the prophecies of Nostradamus are at least 35 specific statements about Turkey, which in the time of Nostradamus was at the core of the Ottoman Empire. He referred to that empire as “Bisance,” indicating that it was an Islamic continuation of the Christian Byzantine Empire conquered by Sultan Mehmed II in 1453. “Turque” is mentioned only once.

    In 1492, Muslim rule in Spain came to an end. However, in “Les Propheties,” published in the 1550s, Nostradamus predicted that Spain will be reconquered by Muslims. In his 1558 Epistle to Henry II, he wrote: “And the beaches shall see a new [Christian] invasion from the sea, hoping to deliver the Sierra Morena [mountain range in southern Spain] from its first recapture by the Muslims” (Sieburth 2012 translation). Quatrains 3:20 and 8:51 portray Muslims taking over southern Spain and Gibraltar:

    3:20 Smoley 2006 translation:
    By the lands of the great river Guadalquiver
    Far from the Ebro, in the realm of Granada:
    Crosses repulsed by Mohammedan folk;
    One from Córdoba will betray the country.

    8:51 Smoley 2006 translation:
    The Byzantine making oblation,
    After having retaken Córdoba for himself.
    His road long, rest, vine cutting,
    Sea, passing prey taken by the Pillar.

    By “the Byzantine” Nostradamus meant a Turkish leader. By “the Pillar” he meant Gibraltar. He also predicted an invasion of Spain by “Albannois.” Line 3 of 8:94 reads: “Seront Hyspans par Albannois gastez,” which Sieburth translated “Spaniards by Alba’s troops are overmastered,” but I think “Albannois” indicates Albanians.

    When a confederacy of four nations that were part of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Albania) launches an airborne invasion to its east, that will be the prophesied third signpost invasion. Any westward invasion by members of that confederacy is off the biblical chart. Is it off of Turkish President Erdogan’s chart? He recently said, “The resurrection of the Hagia Sophia [as a mosque] is a heartfelt greeting to the symbolic cities of our [Islamic] civilization from Bukhara [Uzbekistan] to Andalusia [southern Spain].”

  21. Prism,
    At the very least, Erdoğan seems to think he is speaking for all of Islam. At most, he would want to be the Caliph over the whole realm.

  22. Gary C,
    I did speak to this issue in Chronicles. Here is another case in which knowing who truly is Babylon the Great and reading about it in Scripture, tells us thematically about the three great areas of the world – America, China, and Islam – in the big picture.
    Your Phase 1 of course is good. Phase 2 though I do not believe will happen that way because once America is taken away from the Middle East and has internal problems, it will never rise to assert power across the world again (except maybe as one of the kings assembled for battle at the end of the age just before Christ’s Return).
    China will be allowed to take over the east due to no America. The events leading to the Antichrist will be unhindered by America. Consider, too, the lion with wings is the only beast to have something done to it by some unnamed force.

  23. My issues with Mark Taylors prophecies on Trump is that most of his characterisation of Trump is quite the opposite to reality. Taylor noted: ‘For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than lsrael). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.’

    Far from it. The USA is now the least honoured, respected and restored nation from the perspective of most other nations. It is deteriorating as we speak, falling to bits economically after the start of Covid and all nations are scrambling to decouple their own currency from the US dollar.

  24. William Forstchen wrote a book, One Second After, with a foreword by Newt Gingrich, about a high atmospheric nuclear EMP which was introduced to Congress as part of a warning about the vulnerability of America’s electrical grid combined with reliance on unshielded electronic devices in almost every aspect of modern infrastructure. Up to 9/10ths of America’s population died in the novel from disease, starvation, lack of medicine and effective police protection. China took the west coast with troops hidden on cargo ships soon after. A single warhead was all it took, kind of like a slingstone against a Goliath. America is far from invulnerable. That is clearly an extreme example. A solar storm or cosmic ray burst could achieve much the same effect, and a sustained period of increased solar EM activity could mean that even if equipment was pre-positioned to replace the damaged components of the grid, it wouldn’t be possible to restore normal electricity delivery to homes, schools, businesses and hospitals until EM activity decreased, which could go on for months. Shielded backup generators are an option for some, but many cannot afford them. I have no idea what makes a sufficient Faraday cage, for example if tinfoil or chicken wire would do, or what have you. Hmmm, a tinfoil hat for your devices…. I just don’t know.

  25. K,
    EMP is always a threat. I’ve read Forstchen’s book; it’s well thought out, written, and makes you think.
    The problem with generators is they eventually run out of fuel.

  26. Hey Mark,

    Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel just tweeted on Friday afternoon, 7/24, that Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley stopped in Israel for a strategically important visit. The last time General Milley did that was a few weeks before the assassination of IRGC General Soleimani. This is not not a causal pleasure visit by Milley. Something is a foot here…


  27. Mark, yes generators do run out of fuel. Even natural gas generators need natural gas to keep going. Someone in my family used to work for a company at a natural gas compressor station. They said if it ever went up, people would see the fireball and hear & feel vibrations miles away. Generac had a half-hour long TV advertisement today for their generators, and mentioned their use for hospitals specifically. It also said it has WiFi connections. That part of the system, at least, would get fried by EMP. Their website https://www.generac.com/ says some of their units run on natural gas.

    An uncle of mine worked out in oilfields in Oklahoma. There’s still a fair bit of oil underground here in the US. If an enemy army attacked the US over a sustained period of time, they’d go for domestic oilfields. So much of the drilling and refining equipment is electronics-dependent that an EMP might put oilfields out of action for quite a while, years maybe, even if somebody was still around to work on getting them back up and running.

    There get to be more and more wind turbines each year out here in the Midwest. They don’t last forever. They do eventually wear out. EMP would fry some of the circuits in their regulating systems, too. I don’t know if they’d be salvageable. So many of the components are made with rare earth elements from China that might not be replaceable if tensions with the CCP continue to rise.

    Refrigerators in community buildings would be a major asset for churches and other groups looking to help communities get back on their feet after any wider power disruption. In One Second After, somebody has a steam engine they use for well digging, pumping, firefighting, clearing derelict cars so they don’t obstruct the roadway, and so forth. It gets only a brief mention. There was a book series, Destroyermen starting with https://www.amazon.com/Into-Storm-Destroyermen-Taylor-Anderson/dp/0451462378 by Taylor Anderson featuring a WWI steam destroyer, the USS Walker in the early days of WWII in the Pacific getting a little, umm, lost, and having to improvise for fuel. There was some discussion of what would happen if somebody stuck wood in the boilers, and how while it might work in an emergency, it would make a lot of ash and foul the boiler. Plus, wood just isn’t as energy dense as ‘good old black gold.’

  28. The scope of Bible prophecies is the nations on planet Earth. The geographical location of United Arab Emirates makes it a prime candidate for being invaded by Iran. On July 19 UAE successfully launched on a Japanese rocket its Hope Probe to study the atmosphere of Mars. https://spacenews.com/uaes-hope-mission-on-its-way-to-mars/ Designing the mission was only possible after a decade of internship at NASA. “The Hope Probe is expected to reach Mars orbit in February 2021 during the 50th anniversary of UAE unification. It will not land on the planet but will instead orbit it for an entire Martian year, or 687 days. The aim of the $200 million mission is to get a more detailed picture of weather dynamics on the red planet ahead of future manned Mars missions.” https://www.engadget.com/uae-hope-probe-successful-launch-mars-082539367.html The Hope Probe was the first of three Mars probes to be launched in July. On July 23 China successfully launched its Mars probe. Scheduled for July 30 is a joint Mars probe by US and EU.

    Iranian leaders are displeased with UAE cooperation with Israel and the USA, the two entities they hate the most. If Iran attacks UAE, some phrases in UAE’s national anthem may be difficult to sing, such as “God has protected you from the evils of time” and “the safety has lasted.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNVrHPrB0iY

  29. This is interesting.


    College-level Org-Chem kicked my rear. I was terrible at it.

    Olive oil (C18H34O2) 33 – 33.48 Energy Density

    Gasoline 32 – 34.8 Energy Density

    Olive oil has one less oxygen atom per molecule than castor oil.

  30. With nations large and small now enthusiastically involved in space exploration, could the endeavor be in sinc with the New Jerusalem from above?

    In 1866, Edward Rowland Sill wrote a poem titled “The Hermitage,” first published in 1868. A passage in it anticipated space exploration:

    However small the present creature man, —
    Ridiculous imitation of the gods,
    Weak plagiarism on some completer world, —
    Yet we can boast of that strong race to be.
    The savage broke the attraction which binds fast
    The fibres of the oak, and we to-day
    By cunning chemistry can force apart
    The elements of the air. That coming race
    Shall loose the bands by which the earth attracts;
    A drop of occult tincture, a spring touched
    Shall outwit gravitation; men shall float,
    Or lift the hills and set them down where they will.
    The savage crossed the lake, and we the sea.
    That coming race shall have no bounds or bars,
    But, like the fledgeling eaglet, leave the nest, —
    Our earthly eyrie up among the stars, —
    And freely soar, to tread the desolate moon,
    Or mingle with the neighbor folk of Mars.
    Yea, if the savage learned by sign and sound
    To bridge the chasm to his fellow’s brain,
    Till now we flash our whispers round the globe,
    That race shall signal over the abyss
    To those bright souls who throng the outer courts
    Of life, impatient who shall greet men first
    And solve the riddles that we die to know.

    The first landing of men on our Moon was in 1969. Remember the announcement, “The Eagle has landed”? It seems remarkable that the phrase “to tread the desolate moon” was written 103 years before it became a reality.

    Edward Rowland Sill

    Apollo 11 (1969) lunar module “Eagle”

    2017 photo by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of a hole near the south pole of Mars.

    The atmosphere of Mars is 96% carbon dioxide. The white patches surrounding and at the bottom of the hole are dry ice.

    Although Turkey has a role in preparing our world for the Mahdi/Antichrist, many Turks enthusiastically support space exploration. https://www.dailysabah.com/life/science/6-decades-of-space-missions-to-mars-a-timeline The article’s authors are beaming with pride over Turkish contributions.

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