Day 200: Armed Militias Starting to Show Up

Today is Sunday, July 26th, 2020. We are now 200 days into the grace period the Iranian supreme leader announced to the US military.

The last post discussed how the statement of Daniel 8:4, “no other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power,” might actually be fulfilled by the United States not being present at all when Iran makes its move because the US would be hobbled from troubles at home.

In addition to the time being relatively short before something deleterious might happen to the US due to things like the Fourth Turning ending in 2028, the IRGC showing many signs of being ready for the Persian ram’s charge (here, here, and here), recent dreams and visions were also presented in that post.

One of those dreams was by a Pastor Dana Coverstone of Living Word Ministries AOG in Burksville, Kentucky. He said in November he saw armed militias in the streets of America. Three months ahead of November, two opposing, armed militias showed up yesterday as part of the ongoing protests in the pastor’s state of Kentucky, in that state’s largest city, Louisville. Besides being 200 days into the grace period, we are 100 days away from the 2020 election on November 3.

The Foxnews article begins,

“Opposing militias met in downtown Louisville on Saturday, ending a tense standoff without any violence, according to authorities.”

The leftist NFAC (Google it if you are curious, but spelling it out includes profanity which I will not display here) was countered by the Three-Percenters, a patriot militia which the mainstream media have slurred as being nutjobs or opposed to the government.

NFAC militia members march yesterday in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. (Credit AP, Timothy D. Easley)

Leftist thugs such as those in Antifa have usually shown up with only clubs or knives, but now they have shown up with firearms.


Pastor Coverstone’s dream showed that conflict between armed militias in the streets of America’s cities will be the order of the day come November. We just saw the first such opportunity for armed conflict here at the end of July, with three months to go, and in the pastor’s home state as if to get our attention.

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  1. Armies and militia groups do NOT appear out of nowhere (pardon the contradiction) even when they appear out of nowhere. Who organized them and who paid for them?

  2. Karl,
    As far as I know the three-percenters have been around for years. The NFAC just formed in May. Maybe someone could further answer your good question.

  3. Mark:
    In the 1990s when one said “militia” it was generally understood to be people who wanted to defend the American people if the Clinton administration was not going to do so. Although there are some that are still around they lost political traction after being demonized by the press after the Oklahoma City bombing. My guess is that they paid for their own firearms with their own money and went to protest paying for their own gasoline to drive there.
    Now we have left wing militias who suddenly appear out of nowhere in the same way ISIS suddenly appeared out of nowhere in Syria and Iraq. ISIS did not pay for their own guns or gasoline, and my bet is that NFAC didn’t either! Most probably couldn’t pass a background check but would probably favor gun control for everyone else. Did these guns come from “Fast and Furious”? Do these people have jobs? It costs money to drive from place to place.

  4. Surely its illegal for armed groups to parade in public, armed and with live ammo?

  5. Terrence Williams has been making 3 minute videos of his reactions to leftist hate. These four are really good.

    June 22 “Leave Aunt Jemima Alone! Don’t Ban This Brand”

    July 3 “Black National Anthem?”

    July 15 “Sad! Parents Should Do Better”

    July 26 “Just Sad! Don’t Teach Children Hate”

  6. Gman,
    Open carry is legal in most states, but you’re right, with the NFAC militia brandishing them that is not “open carry” and is likely illegal. However, it does go with this whole lawless activity of the left rioting in the streets.

  7. I watched a clip of one of these 3% militia guys chamber a round in his pistol, take out the magazine and then put the (made ready) weapon into his holster. No wonder they’re accidentally shooting themselves.

  8. Gman,
    Actually it was one of the NFAC guys that shot three of their comrades. Fortunately, no one was killed. But I hear you.

  9. Sunrise in Tehran Iran begins 8.5 hours sooner than sunrise in Washington DC. On any given day, significant developments in Iran will have already happened before Americans eat breakfast. Early on Tuesday morning here in Missouri I am reading about something that has already happened on Tuesday in Iran. “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Tuesday launched the final stage of a large-scale military exercise in southern Iran, including in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.”

    While Iran is gearing up for its prophesied end-time role, America is going through ugly internal conflicts. A rope-a-dope strategy is being used by patriots to defeat America’s traitors. The anarchy that traitors are being allowed to promote is showing Americans what they don’t want their future to look like.

  10. Prismsplay,

    You live in Missouri? I do as well. May I ask where in our state, please? Just curious.


  11. Prismsplay: I hope you’re right, but I seldom see the other side losing ground, BUT, as I have said to others, if this was a done deal, and the other side knew they could launch their final strike w/o repercussions , they would have already done so. So they (the far left) are waiting for something else to be put in place. Is Trump keeping them guessing?

  12. Hello, Missourians!

    Your state had a standoff with Iowa during the Honey Wars with militias on both sides facing off, didn’t you?
    The main casualties were honeybees and a deer split in half and buried with full military honors, with one half named Lucas and the other half named Boggs.

    Boggs was quite a character. He was involved with fighting with the Mormons, one of whom left a bullet in his face for the rest of his life, fighting with abolitionists, and just narrowly missed being stuck with the Donner Party.

    May your current and future governors serve the good people of your great state better.

  13. How is Mike Parsons? How good of a job has he done so far?

  14. Forget about me. Look at what just happened during Iran’s war games yesterday. A mockup of a US aircraft carrier was set up and precisely attacked. A video in English of the exercise is at the top of this article:

    The American website Radio Farda also has a video halfway down the page. Although there is no English translation, the visual images are self-explanatory.

    Radio Farda is also reporting on Iranian missiles striking near US bases in the Persian Gulf during the war games.

    Iran is now saying that they will respond to any provocation by the US.

    The war games included a kind of weapon Iran has not used before: ballistic missiles launched from deep underground sites.

    For years IRGC leaders have claimed that that their homemade weaponry is for defensive purposes only. Now they are admitting they are shifting to offensive mode.

    Recently, Greece and Turkey were on the brink of war. German Chancellor Angela Merkel intervened to stop it by persuading Erdogan to back off. Who can persuade Iran to back off? The Creator of the universe has said, “No other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power.”

  15. Mark, Some latest information on these riots is that there are other parties being involved where even certain BLM leaders are saying a lot of this not from those associated with them.

    This was quoted from the following article….”Gabriel Johnson, a 48-year-old Black man and retired Marine, said that after he went to protest outside the courthouse with his American flag in hand on July 19, he was called racial slurs and members of Antifa followed him home.Retired Marine who marched into Portland chaos with American flag says he was attacked by Antifa members. ‘These people have nothing to do with Black lives. Our Black community leaders need to stand up and lead because what’s happening is they’re letting a group of terrorists that don’t represent me use me, and that’s not right,’ said Johnson.”

    I have heard of Antifah’s involvement but I seriously wonder of others. A few days ago,I was looking at a map of Portland and the fires over the past month (and they are still going). From that image my mind instantly got to thinking back to a map of France I saw a couple of years ago where fires were going everywhere. I really think it is quite possible that the cell groups in America have been activated are exploiting this crisis completely. We are even seeing statues of Northern heros and black men like Fredrick Douglas being toppled. As i am writing this, I am even feeling confirmed in my spirit…..for toppling statues was a strong trait of ISIS. Note where this began…..Minneapolis area and note where did a core group of people who left the US went to join ISIS. The same area. Last night I read where certain Democrats are even concerned that if this stuff continues in certain places that they could lose certain local elections. Right now, it does look like this is being exploited by others and we are caught off guard in the distraction of the election year. Iran and others could indeed be very emboldened to light fires and toppling statues, across American cities while others are not quite getting ALL the details of why this is happening. The BLM narrative would play very nicely into their cover while they do this.

  16. Mark,
    I felt led to reply again. I was watching the Dana Coverstone video link in your post. I have been watching James Goll’s Insight the last two weeks and in one of the episodes he mentioned about the prophecies of Amos and how he interceded and THAT some outcomes changed. Convicted that we need to watch and pray!! For endurance! For justice! For a merciful outcome! To be sympathetic for the economic disparity that exists in the Body and America!

    As I watched the link, I remembered in December 2000 that I was simply distraught of the materialism of Christmas and that it was not even His birthday. As I was praying, the Lord stated something significantly will happen the next year. I had forgotten it for awhile even after 2001 and then in studying on when he was most probably born, several articles were pointing to September 11 3 BC, which was Rosh Hashana, I then remembered it. From James Goll’s video he mentioned strongly if God shows you a warning dream to pray over it like Amos. So what we can take from this is not just speculate but even more so pray and intercede for others!!

  17. Hello Gary,

    This may be off-topic from Mark’s article, but on target for your last comment. The Body of Messiah is dividing over a rabbit trail regarding the birth of the Lord:

  18. I don’t know about anyone here, but for as long as I can recall I’ve had nightmares about a countless number of different versions of me, each slightly different, but all told, all together and summed up in the end, they counted as nothing. No good. They didn’t amount to anything.

    Why? Because they didn’t do God’s will. They didn’t, as Christopher Mantei points to in scripture, cultivate oil. The only possible version of ourselves that amounts to anything good is the the one that walks in God’s will.

  19. Howard,
    Definitely not absolute on this…. it is merely what some have deduced to be the actual date. It is interesting on what date on the solar calendar it actually falls on.

  20. God is giving the culture a shaking and exposing evildoing. Ellen Degeneres, a popular TV show host, is having allegations exposed about the behavior of the staff of her show.

    It’s too bad this has been going on. Hollywood culture is corrupt, as seen with their values drift and with behavior like Harvey Weinstein’s. God is reaching out. Justin Bieber and Kanye West, two ‘bad boys,’ publicly acknowledge God, and Jesus Christ as their savior. Angus T. Jones pulled out of the show “Two and a Half Men,” calling it filth, a few years ago. The star Charlie Sheen had to get help for substance abuse. While evil continues to march and shout and batter swords against shields, trying to make itself sound big, God is showing how He’s really in charge, and how badly we all need Him.

  21. Disgusted by the fake news and partisan tone in American media, I have found some TRT World videos to be better produced and more informative. Since TRT is funded and overseen by the government of Turkey, some might caution that these videos are nothing more than Turkish propaganda, and some of them are.

    The 1:41 “NASA astronauts complete first splashdown in 45 years” has no political ax to grind. Genuine human interest is displayed in the 2:34 “NASA’s next Mars rover, Perseverance, to launch Thursday” “60 years of US intervention in Iraq explained in 10 minutes” is very critical of American foreign policy. Although it moves too fast through history, it has some revealing footage. If one has time for it, the 52:18 documentary “Neo-Nazis of the Mediterranean” is excellent in every way.

  22. Europe has a Union that’s not ready for a serious crisis, and is already in one.

    So is America.

    The people who are supposedly working on holding America together are talking about ‘Qanon,’ time machines, remote viewing, secret space programs, and 9/11 as an ‘inside job’ instead.

  23. Donald Trump is not the ‘second coming of God’ he quoted some guy in a tweet as saying about him. That’s not a political opinion. It’s a fact. Jesus is. We don’t need a Trump-worshipping cult, but like it or not there is one out there all the same. Like any cult, it’s potentially bad news, and a distraction at best. They won’t necessarily accept an electoral defeat. There are millions of them and they would use rhetoric and symbols that might draw in people who would otherwise have nothing to do with them. It’s an old trick. If there was a war and they gained power, that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing.

  24. K:

    I have been following Q posts and various Q interpreters for over two years now. One of my favorite interpreters is Bernie Suarez. His “Truth and Art TV” has a video introduction to what Q is all about.

    The military-intelligence style language Q employs can make understanding posts a challenge. The Q team are patriots who recruited Donald Trump to be President in order to disrupt and defeat a deep state that was on the brink of destroying American freedoms forever. A Bible passage often quoted by Q is in Ephesians 6: “Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”

    The book “The Trump Prophecies” by Mark Taylor was published on July 4, 2017. Q did not start posting until October 28, 2017. Since Taylor had in 2011 predicted the election of Donald Trump, Q posts sometimes echo what Taylor was inspired to write. For example, on January 28, 2016, Taylor wrote: “The Spirit of God says, There is nothing that the enemy can do to stop this that I, the Lord God, have started, for it is now time for the army of darkness to be departed.” On November 6, 2018, Q confidently stated: “Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing.” What is coming is already here. Deep state operatives are being called into the Senate to be questioned. Their evil plans are being exposed. They are desperately hoping that Democrats win in 2020 so that they might escape severe punishment for sedition and treason.

    Neither Q nor Taylor display any awareness of what Iran will accomplish in these end times. In his 2016 “Babylonian Prison” prophecy, Taylor wrote: “The Spirit of God says, There’s a beast in the east that’s trying to arise that thinks he’s the best, but I have one in the west that will give him a godly surprise and take him down to the least.” Taylor still thinks this refers to ISIS. I take it as referring to a Middle East invasion by Iran, followed by a counterattack from Sunni nations west of Iran.

  25. I noted that when this all Covid virus started hit the US in March that it was affecting the “good” and the “bad” immoral in America. Some were trying to say it was a judgment on immoral but it appeared to be hitting everyone. The hypocrisies in America apparently are rising to the surface and everyone is being disciplined each for there own issues. I have doubt that the US is going through a “crushing” as a whole. Many theaters have not opened back up and thus the immoral industry is taking a hit. Prosperity theology and filthy lucre in the pulpit and churches are being confronted as well. The political media is not who we need to be listening to now, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Kayne West can’t save us. We need to sit back and listen to what God and Scriptures have to say to US. The Torah proclaims periodic Shemitahs that cancels debt. Maybe we need to consider taking this approach more than delving out more stimulus packages that tend only drive up inflation, worsen existing economic disparities, and creates the likelihood of a greater depression down the road.

  26. I have no doubt…sorry for the typo. We are going through a crushing but as Paul says, “we are crushed but not in despair.” I pray encouragement as well for those who are struggling in despair. I have no doubt that PTSD is setting in on the citizens of Portland and other places. Secondary or vicarious trauma can sit in on some as well, just in watching these riots.

  27. GaryC, one of the really striking ironies of an economic system that refuses to cancel debts and wipe the slate clean every so often so that people aren’t drowning under the power of the ‘almighty dollar,’ is that eventually all that unsustainable debt gets cancelled anyway, or else taxpayers get stuck with the bill in the form of bailouts to support the big banking executives so they can do it all over again. We could choose to follow a clean, fair, and orderly system instead, but here in America, cash is king. Back during the Revolution, churches changed ‘God save the King’ to ‘God is our King.’ America by and large seems to have thrown away that idea, and not for any benefit.

    I didn’t mention Kanye to suggest he’s actually going to become president someday, or get into any public office, although if he really applies himself, he might get elected to the House one day. Much less qualified people have done it before. He has the name recognition and fundraising ability.

  28. This map shows the six countries making up the Gulf Cooperation Council. The GCC has just asked the United Nations to extend an international arms embargo on Iran, which was set to expire 2020-10-18.

    At the GCC’s official website in English, there is a map of the Persian Gulf labeled “Arabian Gulf.” This wrong-naming of the Persian Gulf by the GCC, and its call for an extension of the arms embargo agreed to in the Iran Nuclear Deal of 2015, irritate the Iranian regime, even though Iran self-produces almost all of its military equipment; an arms embargo extension should hardly be of concern. But in a tit for tat, the Iranian regime is calling the GCC the PGCC (Persian Gulf Cooperation Council). Wrong-naming the Persian Gulf is about as smart as doing a Bronx cheer at a bear that is not in a cage.

  29. Isaiah 26:20-21 NASB:
    Come, my people, enter into your rooms
    And close your doors behind you;
    Hide for a little while
    Until indignation runs its course.
    For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place
    To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
    And the earth will reveal her bloodshed
    And will no longer cover her slain.

    Why would God’s people be confined to their rooms? Could pandemic restrictions cause this prophecy to be fulfilled? If so, two things must happen before the pandemic ends: (1) a manifestation of divine wrath; (2) the exposure of crimes against humanity. Or perhaps these two things are one thing; public exposure of crimes against humanity would be a manifestation of God’s wrath. Those hired to maintain peace are being attacked and defunded. Might that indicate that there are people in high places afraid of being perp walked for their crimes?

    2020-08-09 Mark Levin interview with Attorney General William Barr:
    part 1
    part 2
    part 3

  30. Regarding Q and Mark Taylor…

    I do think there are elements of Q that are worth paying attention to. However, there is a lot to use discernment over too. There is a segment that is bordering on cult like aspects.

    Mark Taylor needs to be scrutinized by Biblical standards.
    1. Do his said prophecies come to fulfillment exactly? If there is anything that is not exact, it’s not from God.
    2. Do his prophecies line up with scripture? They can’t contradict scripture. If they do, he is not from God.

    Things that concern me about him: He originally said that God told him that there would be 3 justices that Trump would appoint. Now he said there are 5. Did God change his mind?

    He referenced a recent lightening strike on the Washington monument as a prophetic sign and pointed to “Operation let my people go”:

    2 A lightning strike and a great wind
    shall topple the so-called great monument,
    and they will not be able to mend.
    It will be a sign that the Luciferian reign
    and ungodly powers are coming to an end.
    I have had it with time and truth that bends.
    When it topples and shatters,
    the capstone the builders accepted
    will be exposed for all to see,
    and the One they rejected, Who is Me.

    Notice anything? The lightening strike did not topple the monument to the point that it is not able to be amended. It did not shatter.

    Satan is the master of deception. He layers deception with truth which makes it very intriguing. We must have discernment that is grounded in scripture during this time. Be cautious of anyone who claims to speak on behalf of God. If it is not 100% accurate or 100% grounded in scripture, I don’t believe it is from God, even though it can be laced with many truths.

  31. Prisms, have you noticed how closely Isaiah 26:20-21

    Isaiah 26:20-21 NASB:
    Come, my people, enter into your rooms
    And close your doors behind you;
    Hide for a little while
    Until indignation runs its course.
    For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place
    To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
    And the earth will reveal her bloodshed
    And will no longer cover her slain.

    parallels Revelation 6:11 New American Standard Bible

    9When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained;
    10and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”
    11And there was given to each of them a white robe; and they were told that they should rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed even as they had been, would be completed also.

    Sorry if you’ve mentioned it before and I hadn’t noticed until now.

    It’s actually a bit surprising Iran hasn’t lit crop fields on fire before now.

    “A Special Message From Truth and Art TV” and yet they say in the video that spreading disinformation is part of the plan.

    I have heard of Mark Taylor but I’m not very familiar with him or his teaching.

    S is right about how the Washington Monument is still standing.
    They used an aluminum capstone. It was the tallest manmade structure in its day.

  32. I caught this video last night, Mark. This video really breakdown what is going on between the protests, the rioters, and the looting and how each are differently involved. It is through Terrence K Williams youtube page.

  33. This is a good interview to watch. This South African gives several unpleasant parallels between the fall of South Africa to communism and the current riots in the U.S.

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