Day 219: IRGC Adds to Ram’s Shock Effect

Today is Friday, August 14, 2020. It is Day 219 of the grace period.

The Persian Ram of Daniel 8:4 will charge out and, like a ram shocking people, its strike will shock the Middle East region.

So we shouldn’t be surprised when we learn that the IRGC is adding to that effect. It was a couple weeks ago that the IRGC executed its Great Prophet exercise.

It marks the first time the IRGC launched ballistic missiles from underground. As shown in this video from the Daily Mail, there are no concrete silos and big metal doors as there have been for America’s underground missile silos. No, it seems the missiles emerged from the dirt itself. This of course will keep foreign intelligence from finding them.

The IRGC launches a ballistic missile from underground during the Great Prophet exercise July 28.


We continue to see more and more capabilities such as this as time goes by.

Such capabilities will make the Persian Ram’s shock greater.

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  1. As one watches this video showing missiles bursting up out of the ground, one may wonder, “How is that possible?” Also, “Why would the IRGC even let this new way of launching guided missiles be videotaped? Shouldn’t it have been kept secret until needed, when it would be an element of surprise?” After releasing the video, the IRGC published an article that reviewed past plans for and examples of launching underground missiles, and then explained how their system is different.

    Why would they spend money and labor to develop such a system, and then tell the world about it? The last sentence of the article may have the answer: “Defense analysts and military observers say that Iran’s wargames and its advancements in weapons production have proved as a deterrent factor.” Notice the language. It doesn’t say “may prove.” It says “have proved.” The IRGC knows that military experts at the Pentagon are troubled by the IRGC’s advanced weaponry, and now this. “The wargames were monitored for the first time by the Nour-1 Satellite that was launched successfully on April 22.” In other words, “You’re watching us; now we’re watching you.”

    What God has decreed concerning Iran in the end times trumps all human military planning. Not responsibly taking into consideration Bible prophecies could have disastrous consequences. No one should want this to happen:

    Hosea 4:6 NIV:
    My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.
    Because you have rejected knowledge,
    I also reject you as my priests;
    because you have ignored the law of your God,
    I also will ignore your children.

  2. Yes, the missiles already would have been recorded by satellites. Layers of dirt can only hide so much. Missiles and missile parts made of steel move magnetic fields, so tunnels don’t fool sensitive enough magnetic sensors with a missile big enough to have significant range. The Navy uses magnets to find submarines. It made the news a few days ago how the Air Force wants to switch from GPS to a magnetic locating system, so they have pretty good sensors if they’re thinking about relying on them. A solar storm could still throw them out of whack, though.

  3. It doesn’t even take something this strong to throw off some instruments.

    A helicopter crash in Afghanistan several years back was caused by solar activity.

    ‘Space bubbles’ may have led to deadly battle in Afghanistan

    Space May Have Cost U.S. Lives in Afghanistan
    New analysis reveals that unusual space weather may have scrambled radio signals and sent a rescue mission awry

    Solar weather is hard to predict, and wouldn’t leave much room for adjustment if Iran took advantage of a geomagnetic storm to launch its attack.

  4. The IRGC is inventing and producing weaponry that USA military cannot thwart. The revealing of that weaponry is a deterrent to any military provocation against Iran. Here is an article revealing the advantages of IRGC “missile farms.” The author frequently mentions TEL without telling what that means: Transportable Erector Launcher. Public disclosure of advanced weaponry gives Iran a psychological advantage in their quest to get USA and European military out of the Middle East. The more people learn that Iran can right now at will destroy all USA and European military bases and ships in the region, the more people will dislike the advice of deep state warmongers like John Bolton and Liz Cheney, and the more they will agree with Trump that we should not be engaged in endless wars in Islamic countries. If Muslim on Muslim violence resulted from USA and Europe getting out of the Middle East, so what? There’s no problem too great for Allah to solve!

  5. Don’t accept any COVID-19 vaccine approved by Tsar Putin the Poisoner.

    If you’ve ever seen videos of Hitler’s rallies alongside Putin’s, the similarities are eerie.

  6. The editors of Iran Front Page News may have a mischievous sense of humor. On 2020-08-20, their lead story, “Iran’s Defence Power Poses No Threat to Neighbours: Rouhani” was juxtapositioned with one titled “Iran Unveils ‘Soleimani’ Ballistic Missile with Range of 1,400km” (1400 kilometers is about 870 miles).

  7. Iran’s boring machines are probably not as good as Elon Musk’s, but they’re enough to get the job done when it comes to hiding missiles.

  8. The media is so focused on American politics that significant struggles elsewhere are often ignored. International tensions in the eastern Mediterranean have so many moving parts that describing them is difficult. The best summary that I have found is this 2020-08-18 article in the pro-Turkey Daily Sabah:
    The author, Dilara Aslan, has an excellent command of the English language. I found a photo of her taken during her Daily Sabah interview with Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Turkey, Khazar Ibraham, earlier this year. I notice that she does not wear a headscarf.

    American politics and international tensions in the eastern Mediterranean are taking attention away from what Iran is gearing up for: “a red horse went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him” (Revelation 6:4 NASB).

  9. Don’t except any vaccine from any country. Especially in the near future.

  10. Revelation 6:4 mentions “a great sword.” In “Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament Numerically to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance,” articles on Strong’s 3162 “sword” and 3173 “great” have been there all this time; today I studied them. Among the various meanings of 3162, Thayer lists the Greek word translated “sword” in Revelation 6:4 under “as a weapon for making or repelling an attack.” Among the various meanings of 3173 “great,” Thayer indicates that in Revelation 6:4, due to its connection with 3162 “sword,” the Greek word translated “great” means “long.” Since we now know that Revelation 6:4 is speaking of the end times, “a long weapon for making or repelling an attack” must be referring to Iran’s missiles, which have already been used to strike targets hundreds of miles away with pinpoint accuracy. God planned the end times from the beginning, and inspired first Daniel and later John to write what they wrote. Joel Richardson’s book forecasting an Islamic Antichrist was not in print until 2006, when Iraq was already being forced to become a more civilized country in fulfillment of Daniel 7:4. Saddam Hussein added “Allahu akbar” (Allah is greater) to the Iraq flag in 1991, 3 years after the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988 and 11 years after 22 uses of same phrase were first displayed in Iran’s flag in 1980. The four beasts of Daniel 7 and the four horses of Revelation 6 describe events in the Islamic world that are incrementally leading to the rise of the Mahdi/Antichrist.

  11. Wheat

    When Time passes, and the seasons have all run their course,
    Heaven will be rolled up like a scroll,
    Earth will be destroyed by fire,
    All will stand before God, and kneel before His

    White-robed harvesters enter, all tallied.

  12. Everyone please be careful. There is a phone scam going around with a guy’s voice that sounds like Christopher Mantei’s voice. They have been doing it for several months. They may have chosen to impersonate him because he is somewhat well known but not so well known that somebody would spot the fake right away The caller doesn’t claim to be him by name. The call is usually from a different number each time. It’s one of these, except it isn’t always saying press one; sometimes it says press two, or another number:

    “…I usually hang up but I wanted to see what the scam was. Gift cards? Western Union? Bank account number?, SSN? Etc. But he just kept rambling on until he just stopped. He never asked for money or anything. Why would someone go to the trouble of robot calling numbers and not ask for money or try to blackmail or extort me?

    Anyone know what the purpose of these calls is?”
    “I’ve been getting weird calls/vms from random numbers saying “There is someone plotting against you press 1 press 1 now to learn how to fight them hurry they are moving against you as we speak you must press 1…”

    It goes on for awhile I figure it’s one of those “press a number and someone hijacks your phone for expensive International calls schemes,” sort of things.
    Is anyone else getting the weekly calls from the guy who rambles weird end-times prophecies in a rapid carnival busker cadence and frequently says “press the numerical button one NOW!?” I have actually started to look forward to these. “THIS is the year god will SEVER the head of the serpent….press the numerical button one NOW!…” He goes on and on for several minutes.


    The FTC warns you can’t trust caller ID because scammers can spoof it, even the name or number of somebody you know.

    Don’t trust your caller ID

    Scammers can make any name or number show up on your caller ID. That’s called spoofing. So even if it looks like it’s a government agency like the Social Security Administration calling, or like the call is from a local number, it could be a scammer calling from anywhere in the world.

  14. Although current tensions between Greece and Turkey seem to have those countries on the brink of war, chapters 16 and 17 of “Chronicles of the End Times” indicate that Turkey will have to wait until Iran has fulfilled its end-time role before fulfilling its own. Figures 34 and 35 show that even though the Turks of the Ottoman Empire functioned as the final phase of the historical Islamic realm of iron, in the end times Turkey and three other countries that had been part of the Ottoman Empire will become reminiscent of the historical Hellenistic realm of Bronze. The founder of the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk, was born in Macedonia and grew up admiring Western culture. By suppressing Islam and favoring Western influences, he made Turkey more reminiscent of the Hellenistic realm of bronze. Many bronze statues of him have been made. Here are a few.

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Izmir, Turkey

    Washington, D.C. Turkish Embassy

    Washington, D.C. Turkish Ambassador’s residence

    In a recent speech, Turkish President Erdogan referred to Greece (officially the Hellenic Republic) as being “unworthy of the Byzantine legacy.” According to “The Great Sea” by David Abulafia, Mehmet II, who in 1453 conquered the Byzantine capital of Constantinople, “resolved the dispute between those relatively cautious advisors who opposed rapid expansion for fear of over-extension, and the more adventurous faction that saw Mehmet as the leader of a revitalized Roman Empire controlled by Muslim Turks who would combine Roman-Byzantine, Turkic and Islamic concepts of rule. His aim was to restore and fulfill, rather than destroy, the Roman Empire. His Greek scribes issued documents describing him as Mehmet, Basileus and Autocrat of the Romans, the title by which the Byzantine emperors had been known” (page 385). To say that Greece is unworthy of the Byzantine legacy is too imply that legacy is worthy of restoration.

  15. The signpost perspective can bring order to the study of Bible prophecies. Parallel prophetic passages reveal the sequence of end-time events that incrementally lead to the reign of the Antichrist. Chiastic patterns in those prophecies can be used to better understand them. By revealing the roles that some countries have in the end times, their histories can become interesting. Here is a short video clip that is interesting for two reasons: (1) it was narrated by President John F. Kennedy shortly before he was assassinated in November of 1963; (2) it has actual footage of Ataturk, founder of the Republic of Turkey.

    The Turkish people have a tradition of pausing in the middle of daily activities at 9:05 AM each November 10 to honor Ataturk on the anniversary of his death. Behind the desk of Erdogan in the Presidential Complex is a large portrait of Ataturk.

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