A Birth Year Perspective on the Times of the Signposts

Many who know the Four Signposts wonder when the Second Signpost, the next one, will happen and how fast the others might go by. In parallel to this, the Bible doesn’t tell us, nor can we know the day and hour of Christ’s return.

Jesus said that all the end time events given in Matthew 24 will all occur in one lifetime (Matt. 24:34). The end times are looking like they will indeed unfold over decades (i.e. one lifetime), since the First Signpost started in 1979 and here we are in 2020 still waiting for the Second Signpost.

Therefore, we should expect the birth years of the various national leaders to proceed over decades as well. And as it happens, the birth years of the leaders of the each of the Signposts tend to be clustered by Signpost, over the decades. It also appears so far that national leaders are mostly in their 50s and 60s, as we would expect.

The illustration shows birth years of various national leaders during the Signposts. Let’s examine the chart a little closer, starting in the lower left hand corner.

First Signpost Leaders

Saddam Hussein, who was the leader of Iraq, which is the lion with wings just before it was forced to stand in Daniel 7:4, was born in 1937. Ayatollah Khamenei, the current supreme leader of Iran, oversaw the growth of the second horn of Daniel 8:3 which occurred mostly during the First Signpost. In fact, if it weren’t for Saddam Hussein and his war on Iran the second horn (the IRGC) may never have started growing. (And therefore is it possible Saddam Hussein, the king of the lion with wings, is a candidate for the restrainer of 2 Thess. 2:6? Just speculating.)

The leaders of the First Signpost, therefore, were born in the 1930’s.

Second and Third Signpost Leaders

The leaders of the nations (Iran and Turkey, and others) to be involved during the Second and Third Signposts are all born in the 1950’s and 1960. Erdogan is the leader of Turkey. Soleimani was the commander of the Quds force, and Qaani is his successor. Salami is the commander of the entire IRGC.

There are two interesting points told by this chart regarding the Second and Third Signposts. First, is Khamenei’s successor. Ayatollah Raisi is seen by many as the strongest candidate. You can see his birth year nestles quite nicely in the Second and Third Signpost camp. However, this Fox story suggests Khamenei’s son might be his successor. However, his birth year is out-of-step with other Second Signpost leaders, being closer to the leaders of the Fourth Signpost. Just from this chart, Raisi should be the more likely successor.

Second, is the time of the Second and Third Signposts. The birth years of the leaders of the Second and Third Signposts suggest the two can be lumped together time-wise when all end-time events are considered, and they are separated in time from the First and Fourth Signposts. The Second may be quick—a few years at most, and the Third Signpost may last longer, allowing peace and stability to be restored to the Middle East for a time, but will follow right on the heels of the Second Signpost (per Dan. 8:5).

Fourth Signpost Leaders

The birth years for the Fourth Signpost leaders are sheer speculation on my part.

The King of the South (per Daniel 11:40), in opposition to Antichrist, would be the leader of Egypt just after the fragmenting of the huge Sunni Confederation at the end of the Third Signpost. Today he might be in his 40s. He may very well be in a government office under the current president, Al-Sisi (born 1954), or more likely in the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The man who will be Antichrist is possibly in his 40s right now. The time between the Sunni Confederacy conquering the Middle East, and the time the man to be Antichrist emerges and takes over one of the four new nations could be ten to fifteen years. Besides the Sunni Confederacy existing for some years, the Fourth Signpost will involve four new nations all vying for supremacy in the region, and may be at war with one another for years, particularly when the man to be Antichrist finally takes over as leader of the new Turkish nation. The Bible tells us the Antichrist will uproot three of the four kings of those nations (Dan. 7:8, 24). How long could wars between four nations last in past centuries?


We cannot know the times of the Signposts until they occur. However, looking at the birth years of national leaders during the Four Signposts may give us some perspective on the years involved with the Four Signposts.

Also, anyone born in the years around 1960 could very well witness everything including Christ’s return when all is done.

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  1. There are many that believe that 2033 is the day of Jesus’ Second Coming with the 6 days representing 6 x 1000 then the 7th, the Sabbath or Millenium

    4000 years
    Jesus resurrection 33 ad
    2000 years
    The Second coming 2033

    Therefore Daniels week starts 2026. And the Rapture 2026….only 5 or so years away ! …. Maranatha

    As you said no one knows the exact date or hour, but the rapid way things are developing this timescale
    Could work as so many of the things are moving into position.

    Do you subscribe to the ‘day is like a thousand years ‘ timescale ?

    Best wishes

  2. Brian,
    To answer your question, sure, a day, a thousand years, can be thought of as the same things.
    However, dates like 2033 and 2026 imo, are complete guesses. We just don’t know.

  3. Mark, I used to think that the parable of the fig tree was about 70 years from the beginning of Israel until I dug a little further in realizing that the fruitfulness of Israel dealt with Messianic believers living in the land. The first real established residences of Messianic Jews began after 1968 not 1948. I hate to say this but the LORD’S covenant is not established with Jews that keep rejecting His Son. We need to pray for the continued revelation of Jews with regard to Yeshua! To bless the seed of Abraham is to pray for their spiritual eyes to be open!

  4. Hi, whist speculative, what you are saying is very close to what the Lord has shown me. I was born in 1980 and I am given many prophetic dreams. One of them was back in March before covid really got going and the Lord clearly said “He is here” plus the details of the dream were clearly about the anti Christ. The sign post system you have lines up with all the signs the Lord is showing me. So as a 40 year old living in New Zealand I await and pray that I can wake up those around me. Blessings.

  5. Tension between Turkey and Iran has erupted over Erdogan’s recital of a poem. Russia’s RT tried to explain what the fuss is all about. https://www.rt.com/news/509380-iran-erdogan-azerbaijan-poem-region/ Turkey’s Daily Sabah also weighed in. https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/diplomacy/turkey-condemns-irans-aggressiveness-over-poem

    During Suleiman’s reign, Turkish forces prevailed in battles against the Safavid Persians. Nostradamus was here predicting that the forces of a future Turkish leader would be defeated near the Aras (Araxes) river that flows eastward through eastern Turkey before serving as borders between Turkey and Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan, and Iran and Armenia on its way to the Caspian Sea.

    The area in white depicts Armenia.

  6. Mark, what if, depending on how you view “The Manchild”, either corporate or individual, “The Antichrist ” fits the same mold so to speak? Maybe, just maybe it Is a group of people collectively representing “The Antichrist ” just as “the Church” collectively represents “The Body” or “The Bride”. If you let your view of the world “religions” as representing (the degenerate church) as, that they mostly preach a message which they claim to be “The Gospel”, but not in fact not “The Gospel “, you can obviously see how this would make sense. So as each individual member of the degenerate church, sits in “The Temple ” of God, (which is his own personal body) claiming that he himself is God. Thereby denying the true Gospel of denying for yourself the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. All by which claiming that he who sits in the degenerate church of his false temple (his body) is in fact God. This is in fact Antichrist! All just depends on how you view the truth for what it is. The hearing ear and the seeing eye, even the Lord has made both of them…..

  7. Gregg,
    The Bible calls the Antichrist, “the man of lawlessness.” Daniel 11 talks about the king that will do as he pleases, and that he hears alarming reports. I believe there are too many places in the Bible to ignore referring to the Antichrist as a man. The church is also called “the body” by the Bible.

  8. Mark
    Do you think that Erdogan Could be the antichrist?
    He certainly has the pompous nature and the grandiose ambitions to create an Empire .
    He also built a huge gilded palace for himself .

  9. Hi Brian,
    No, I do not believe Erdogan is the Antichrist. I do believe, however (and this is in Daniel Revisited as well) he is the first prominent horn of the goat of Daniel 8.

  10. Google has either been hacked, or is playing games. The top search result for most subjects for a google search is usually a Wikipedia page, if the topic has one. Search results for king Belshazzar show “king” Belshazzar, just like that, with “king” in quotation marks and with a lower-case letter K. Wikipedia doesn’t do that with their article titles. King David, for example, has a capital K and a capital D, with no quotation marks, just like that, King David. When Jonathan Cahn released his book The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled, Amazon’s on-site search results showed the suggestion as The Oracle: The Unclean Mysteries Unveiled. Google and Youtube were trending on Twitter earlier today because they had some kind of outage. Were they testing new spyware targeting inconvenient Christians? It wouldn’t exactly be a surprise.


  11. When it comes to the actual situation in the Middle East I see it as a possibility that a similar scenario could be emerging as the scenario that emerged on the eve of the Second World War. On the eve of the Second World War, we saw two evil and totalitarian entities emerging. This resulted in Western countries allying themselves with one of these totalitarian entities, namely the Soviet Union, to battle the other one (Nazi Germany). Is a similar situation possible in the Middle East today? Yes, I am afraid of that.

    We could end up in a situation, where some nations ally themselves with Turkey to battle the ram (namely Iran), that begins its invasion to the west, north, and south. And if not allying themselves with Turkey, at least supplying that country with arms in a similar way that the United States of America supplied the Soviet Union (Lend-Lease) during the Second World War.

    Of course, I could be wrong, but I think we should be aware that such a scenario is not in any way ruled out.

    Of course, the situation on the eve of the Second World War was difficult with two totalitarian entities, but one should consider which benefits this brought to the Soviet Union. The communists could advance their positions and consolidate their power in Eastern Europe for decades. Could we see Sunni Islam advancing its positions similarly in a coming war against Iran?


  12. Watchman,
    In Daniel Revisited, the Second Signpost and Third Signpost are all about a great Sunni-Shia war, between Iran and a Turkish led confederacy of four nations.
    In the bigger picture across the world, we are seeing the two great powers develop who will carve up much of the world. They are shown in Chronicles.

  13. Daniel Revisited opened a door to understanding the sequence of end-time events. Its comparison of Revelation 6, Daniel 7, and Daniel 8 could have been noticed by anyone at any time. Yet no one wrote about it until we were already knee-deep into the first of the four signpost waves predicted. That involving Iraq was confined to the Mesopotamia area and seemed like a ripple. Yet every word and phrase pertaining to it was precisely fulfilled. Next comes a “great” (Daniel 8:4) wave soon to break through the Middle East in three directions. It will overwhelm the wimpy Sunni Middle East, showing how militant Islam is supposed to be done, a lesson that will be learned, since the next wave, involving Turkey and three others will be “very great” (Daniel 8:8). This third wave, out of sync with the second, will cancel that out. The third wave will eventually break up into four competing surges that the Islamic Antichrist will eventually unite to sweep through the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

    The ascendency of China, is simultaneously on the brink of collapse. Enduring empires cannot be built on dirty tricks like inflicting the world with a pandemic, infiltrating Western institutions and companies, stealing military and business secrets, and using compromised computer software and printing fake ballots to elect their puppet to be the US President. A second term for Trump would expose CCP wickedness, desperately being covered up by America’s deep state.

  14. Prism,
    Well stated and written on the Middle East.
    However, unfortunately, Chronicles showed how the Bible chiastically hints China will continue to ascend, take over a third of the earth, and challenge the very rule of Antichrist himself.

  15. There is a chiastic link between “the armies of the horsemen was two hundred million” (Revelation 9:16) and “the way would be prepared for the kings from the east” (Revelation 16:12). But that is not proof that China’s path to that role will be steady. Nor is it proof that today’s CCP will still be ruling then. The CCP bribed American politicians and election officials, who are now desperately trying to prevent election machines and software from being examined, because it would expose them as traitors who should be in prison. Two Christian prophets predicted years before it happened that Donald Trump would be elected President, Kim Clement as early as 2007, and Mark Taylor beginning in 2011. Some of what they prophesied, such as Trump building the southern border wall, has already been fulfilled, and both prophets indicated that Trump would be a two-term President. The CCP has been caught trying to trick Americans into accepting the unpopular China-loving Biden as President. There will be severe economic consequences for China as this is exposed for the world to see. Trump issued an executive order in 2018 concerning foreign interference in US elections that he can now use to punish violators. By intentionally allowing the deep state and foreign entities to almost get away with stealing this election, patriots caught them in the act and can now bring them to justice in a public way that will call for permanently closing down current ways of interfering in elections.

  16. Prism,
    Yes, the chiastic link only shows the kings of the east will be accomplices with the 200 million.
    I’ll be making a post soon about the CCP. I find typically the most obvious choice in a field, with only years to go, is likely the correct candidate. Erdogan is an example. I’ll be recommending the Hundred-Year Marathon, by Michael Pillsbury. It’s eye-opening.

  17. On December 22 in Iran, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said that US President Donald Trump “will be prosecuted [for ordering the killing of Soleimani] as soon as he stands down presidency after his term ends.” https://www.farsnews.ir/en/news/13991002000347/Tp-Secriy-Official-Iran-Deermined-Take-Harsh-Revenge-fr-Assassinain The anniversary of Soleimani “martyrdom” is January 3. On January 6, a joint session of Congress will meet to determine whom the American people, not manipulated voting machines, elected to be President and Vice President. Since massive voting fraud has been demonstrated, despite an orchestrated effort by “main stream” and social media to censor it, the presider over the joint session, Vice President Mike Pence, can reject electors from States that allowed (or even promoted) election fraud. Article II Section 1 Clause 2 of the Constitution gives solely to the legislatures of the States the power to control the electors who will decide the presidential election. Several Republican-dominated State legislators are sending slates of electors different than the slates of electors resulting from manipulated election data. There is a clear path for Trump to win a second term, which would delay the Iranian regime’s intended prosecution of Trump by four years. Do they have the patience for that? They may look at their red button for launching the second signpost and decide to push it.

  18. I will interject here, Mark, and say the 200 million are not human…at all. But the released prisoners of the Abyss. It makes far more sense as the climax of their final defeat at Armageddon by King Jesus who defeats them instantly.


  19. Of all the Islamic national leaders that may be destined to play significant roles in the end times, the most interesting to me is Turkey’s Erdogan. I have been following his remarks as reported in the English language Daily Sabah. Erdogan is a great leader steadfastly loyal to Turkey’s religion and country. Israel must build the Temple prior to the rise of the Islamic Antichrist. Because of the Iranian regime’s animosity against the State of Israel, the Temple could never be safely built during the second signpost. Could the Temple be built during the third signpost when Erdogan might be the “notable horn” of Daniel 8:5 KJV? Consider these remarks by Erdogan concerning Turkey-Israel relations. https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/diplomacy/turkey-hopes-for-better-relations-with-israel-erdogan-says With the Temple being built where it should be, above Gihon Spring south of the so-called Temple Mount controlled by Muslims, I can’t see Erdogan, if he becomes the “notable horn,” objecting to its construction. When “the great horn was broken” (Daniel 8:8) is fulfilled, the Temple may already be a functioning reality.

  20. Prism,
    Yes, and it could still be built during the Second Signpost, especially if the Psalm 83 war coincides and as Psalm 83 says, Israel wins a great victory. It is during this time I believe Israel will annex the west half of Jordan. So the Temple might be a given during this time.

  21. As a believer in the infallibility of Bible prophecies, I know that the Temple in Jerusalem must be built prior to the Antichrist entering it. Where it will be built is the subject of Robert Cornuke’s 2014 book “Temple.” The political, military, economic, and religious realities that must be dealt with prior to its building is the subject of Norman Andersson’s 2015 book, “Jerusalem’s Temple Now.” Andersson agrees with Cornuke’s biblical analysis of the location, but uses military analysis that he was familiar with as a brigadier general in the US Army to point out problems that must be overcome prior to construction. On page 61 he discusses “the fundamental threat from Iran.” Andersson was not familiar with the signpost perspective. He assumed that Iran would be a threat when the Temple is being constructed: Iran “will coerce and co-opt radical groups to do their bidding to destroy the Temple.” Not if the Iran regime will have been destroyed by a Turkey-led Sunni confederacy (Daniel 8:7). The growing list of Sunni countries that have made peace with Israel (Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco) indicates that building the Temple will become politically possible during the third signpost. It will be built south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. When worshipers in that mosque bow towards Mecca to the south, the Temple will be directly between them and Mecca.

  22. All indications are that China will overtake the United States by 2028. Even the American news media is reporting that. Unfortunately it looks like the Americans will have a weak president in Joe Biden. But America needs to be downgraded So Middle East tyrants will have free access whether it’s turkey or Iran.

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