Now Is The Time To Seek His Face !

Now is the time to seek His face.

Now is the time to get close with Him, spend more time in the prayer closet with the King, and in His word.

This is the overwhelming urgency that has filled my soul these last many days, as in Psalm 27:8, “My heart says of you, seek his face! Your face, LORD, I will seek.”

Every phase of the end times gets weirder and weirder, especially in society here in the United States.

The first phase (First Signpost) saw the lion with wings forced to stand and its mind swapped out. The force behind the attempt to make Iraq more civilized was the United States. And yet, the second stage (Second Signpost) will see no one around to stop the ram nor to rescue. No one. I wrote a few years back that this whole situation had ominous possibilities for America.

I believe the answer is right there in God’s word. It is subtle but it is there. The first phase saw a power reach in and change Iraq. The second phase will not see any power other than Iran.

What happens between the first and second phases if this is all true is the decommissioning of the United States as the world’s policeman. Forces of evil growing for the last hundred years in this country have finally taken over. We saw it on November 3rd and on January 6th. This freaky piece just came from Time magazine. It boasts of all that was done to “fortify” the election, calling evil good and good evil, and to make this country an oligarchy (I recommend you copy/download this article for it may not last long online). And this op-ed from Roberts confirms the US has entered a new phase of its existence.

What does all this mean? Can’t we return to “normal” with the 2022 election? No, a true and fair 2022 election is not guaranteed.

It confirms that West Earth is being prepared for the last years prior to the King’s return (i.e., grinding poverty, ref. Chronicles of the End Times), just as Central Earth and East Earth are being prepared for the destinies that await them. The First Signpost and Second Signpost are the first steps in preparing Central Earth for its ruling Antichrist. The awakening, resurgence and relentless push for world domination by the CCP is preparing East Earth for its role in the end times, ruled under communist China. And finally, here in this country, the leader of West Earth, the oligarchy of America will bring this country to complete economic ruin.

Some will try to restore this country back to the republic, but I believe it will not happen without great tumult and distress. The grip by the Left on this nation is great. If this nation is to be judged, it will be judged. So, yes, it is time to seek His face above all else. It is time to make sure you are His, you are in Him, and you are in His shelter (Ps. 91) and on his hill (Ps. 15), so you can better sense the promptings of the Holy Spirit and depend completely on Him, and be kept safe from intrigues (Ps 31:20).

Get yourselves ready. The impossible—persecution of Christians in the United States—may likely happen very soon. The oligarchy could declare any group of people in this country to be domestic troublemakers on the slightest fake evidence. (“. . . an American no longer has to commit a crime in order to be arrested and prosecuted.” – Roberts)

I believe in the years ahead Christians in America could end up echoing Paul’s words saying about themselves, “We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired even of life. Indeed, in our hearts we felt the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.” (2 Cor. 1:8-9)

With Big Tech silencing voices, we may be silenced. This site may be silenced.

It has been my wish since this website started that all you readers learn the Signposts for yourself, learn the Scriptures behind them for yourself, and be able to explain them to others as you may be the only one able to tell people in your church that the IRGC running out was foretold in Daniel 7 and 8 and is the next sign in Christ’s coming (ref. Daniel Revisited). Learn to interpret news events for yourself and don’t rely on this website. Learn to separate the noisy events from the truly significant events.

Now is the time.

Now is the time to seek His face.

It really has been for the last many years, but if you haven’t, the time is now. Don’t procrastinate. All the physical preparations are fine, but let God be your treasure, not your guns and groceries, in which pests can destroy and thieves can steal.

Now is the time to purposefully seek His face.


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  1. Of course, Mark, this will vary from state to state and region to region from the red, blue, to purple. At this point, currently, some on the right have been shooting down the conservative yet moderate toned-voices as in so called “alliance” with the left. The true enemy is causing much confusion on Body solidarity and that has been the tactic over the past year. Christians like Ron Cantor and Michael Brown have stated concerns of threats from either side although the left is more intentional and the right reactional to Trump’s loss. The left has lost the beligerent Trump to make themselves look better. The enemy always need effective strawmen in place. When they leave, they suffer effectiveness to some degree. Tactics need reevaluation. Also, I don’t know if you saw the post bout Putin resisting the NWO reset as well. He and 70 other nations are not fond of alt left positions. Trump may have softened the moral angst of the Old World as his strength was respected. It’s not there now as the West moves back toward the road of moral decay and liberal progressivism. There is definitely much to watch for in the coming months.

  2. Well said Mark.
    I have been closer to Him in the last year than I have for many years. And He has shown me and guided me in many ways last year that are quite miraculous. He has been speaking more in the last 12 months than ever before.
    One of the clear things that He spoke 12 months ago was to get what I had worked hard for out of the US Dollar. And in 2020 we printed 25% of all dollars in existence. The dollar is a fake system that makes it so that we can project power all over the world. It is only upheld by the fact that the entire world is strong armed into using it due to the US Petro Dollar agreement. That I believe will fail soon.
    Buy Silver. Pray about crypto. Some will tank and some will do well.

  3. Jesse,
    Wonderful to hear! Thanks for sharing!
    Regarding crypto, I avoid it simply because it’s worth is supported by two things that will likely go away in one form or another: people’s trust, and electricity. Not so with silver and gold.

  4. Mark, get a grip. I’m with you regarding the 2020 election and the current administration… However, the Lord has impressed upon me how many are coming forward to contest Biden’s plans… it’s actually reinforced what is ultimately true… The Lord is (still) in charge. I know you are pretty sold-out on your theory… I just caution you not to loose sight on the Power and Ability for the Lord to *keep His own* – this has been my prayer closet affirmation from the Lord time and time again… so, brother, be mindful of those who have a weak faith in what you write and testify about… I have seen negative effects with many “sayers” at least since Hal Lindsey… and no doubt those that came before him, and since… as for me, I want the Lord (on that day) finding me simply trusting him by doing what I am suppose to be doing, according to His word… there is no getting off the planet for this coming world-wide stage… I’m in the Beatitudes constantly.
    Blessings to you Mark.

  5. Chuck,
    Thanks for your reminders. This last post was me reminding people if they are not close to Him for any procrastinating reason, now is the time. I’m rejoicing with you that you are in His closet.
    Regarding whether we can turn back the tide of Leftism by law or by distress, that’s all up in the air (though I believe it will be the latter). The only thing I’m relatively “sure” about, yes, is the Signpost theory of interpretation which has so far checked all the boxes in Daniel 7, 8, and Revelation 6, in regards to history, Scripture verses, and today’s geopolitics, and no one has come forward with a good counter-argument.
    I have said/written before, too, that if the Signpost theory is wrong I’ll put up a big fat apology on this site, and then shut it down.
    Funny, it was Hal Lindsey’s teaching that made me question what was the significance of 9/11.
    God bless

  6. I’m with you Mark.

    I think there are many things that are (to use a Fractal term) “self similar” in the scriptures… an example of this is Abraham and Issac both stating that their wives were “sisters” to get them out of a bind… or 12 sons of Jacob and 12 sons of Ismael… numerous others… so, assigning literals to spiritual (symbolic) future events continue to remind me that Daniel is sealed… and the only one worthy to break seals (according to Revelation) is the Lamb. Even Revelation is written to “Bond Servants” and I think John was making a definite distinction there rather than possibly Paul’s use of “Saints” which we all are.

    I know the topic is deep.

    I was affected *negatively* to the writings of Lindsey (42+ years ago, buying “fire insurance” is not a great way to get saved) that the Lord has taken at least this amount of time to wash (the many errors of Lindsey’s natural wisdom) out of me – by me digging into the scriptures for myself.

    We do differ greatly on several key points, but at the rate things are going, it will all be clear (quite possibly) soon.



  7. Since reading Chronicles of the End Times, whenever I study Bible prophecies that are difficult to understand, I look for chiasmi for help. Micah 5:8-15 is a difficult passage. A converging chiasmus spanning it opens up its meaning.

    A verses 8-9
    B verse 10
    C verses 11-12
    B’ verses 13-14
    A’ verse 15

    Panel A’ does not tell us how God will execute judgment. But by comparing it with panel A, we see that God wants to involve valiant servants to help execute His judgment: “And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people, as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep; who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver. Thy hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies shall be cut off” (verses 8-9).

    By itself, panel B sounds strange: “And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord, that I will cut off thy horses out of the midst of thee, and I will destroy thy chariots” (verse 10). But by comparing panel B with panel B’, we see that the horses and the chariots were idol images: “Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands. And I will pluck up thy groves out of the midst of thee; so will I destroy thy cities” (verses 13-14).

    Micah’s career as a prophet ended during the reign of Hezekiah (Micah 1:1). Panel B of Micah 5:8-15 was not fulfilled until the reign of Josiah: “And he took away the horses that the kings of Judah had given to the sun, at the entering in of the house of the Lord, by the chamber of Nathan-melech the chamberlain, which was in the suburbs, and burned the chariots of the sun with fire” (2 Kings 23:11). At the same time, panel B’ was fulfilled: “And he brake in pieces the images and cut down the groves” (2 Kings 23:14).

    Central message C is good for both historical and end-time fulfillments. America’s 2020 election map by county shows that contempt for God’s laws is strongest in urban areas, where bearing false witness on election results is gleefully practiced. Micah 5:8-15 gives me hope that election fraud techniques in big cities will be cut off before the next election.

  8. On 2121-02-03, ten days before the outcome of the second impeachment trial was known, Trey Smith, who believes that Kim Clement (1956-2016) was a prophet of God, went out on a limb by reinterpreting a 2014-02-22 prophecy by Clement to mean that Clement had indeed predicted two impeachment trials of Trump, both of which would end in acquittal. Here is a transcription of Clement’s 2014-02-22 prophecy. It reads like a riddle. But because Trey Smith carefully studied it, Smith pointed to a second acquittal before it happened.

    I am only just now looking into Clement’s prophecies. I am a believer in the signpost perspective, which is entirely based on Bible prophecies. That is a safer place to be. However, with the signpost perspective in mind, when I study Clement’s 2014-02-22 prophecy, I see allusions to Iran, which I believe to be on the brink of invading the Middle East. I have put these allusions in capital letters and my comments in brackets. “For God said, I am dissatisfied with what emerges from both parties. AND THEN THERE IS A NATION, HE SHOWED ME, HE TOOK ME, ITCHING FOR A NEW KIND OF WAR WITH AMERICA. They will shout, ‘Impeach, impeach,’ they say, but nay [first acquittal]. THIS NATION SHALL COME VERY SUBTLY, BUT HE SHALL NOT COME IN THE TIME OF PRESIDENT OBAMA [then in office]. THEY SHALL COME WHEN THIS NEW ONE ARISES, My David that I have set aside for this nation, a man of prayer, a man of choice words, not a man who is verbose, who has verbosity, who speaks too much. They will even say [when he has left office], ‘This man is not speaking enough,’ but God says, I have set him aside [until the election fraud is revealed for all to see]. They will shout, ‘Impeach, impeach,’ but this shall not happen [second acquittal], and then, God says, highly embarrassing moments when another Snowden arises and people will become very afraid [when the election fraud is fully revealed]. They’ll say ‘we have no protection’ [from Iran] and then God says, Am I impressed with your weapons of war? Am I impressed with the strength of your men’s legs? Ha! I have said I will bring this nation [America] to its knees [in prayer], and God said, you have been humbled, and yet some more, AND THEN YOU SHALL HEAR THE SOUNDS OF GREAT VICTORY [by Iran]. For where are the people gathered? Where are My people gathered? Where is the sound of unity from My people?” [Because of political division in America, Iran will be free to invade the Middle East.]

  9. When Iran’s IRGC leaders catch up on news, one of their sources is Tasnim News. Its IRGC publishers also produce a condensed version for the English-speaking world. Right now, IRGC leaders must really be feeling the Iranian equivalent of their Cheerios. Why hold back from the English-speaking world what they are busting their buttons over?
    “Iran, China Working in Win-Win Cooperation: Zarif”
    “Russian Flotilla in Iranian Waters for Joint Drill”
    “India, China to Join Iran-Russia Naval Drill”
    “Iranian, Russian Forces Shoot at Aerial Targets in Joint Naval Drill”
    Iran sees itself as part of Western Asia. Daniel 8:4,20 indicates that Iran will conquer most of the rest of that area. Iran knows that the three biggest countries in Eurasia (Russia, China, and India) will do nothing to stop it.

  10. Mark,

    What is your take on this article? If Turkey does become admitted, Islamization of Europe could spread its influence quite easily.

  11. Gary,
    It’s only one man’s opinion. It really doesn’t matter whether Turkey joins the EU or not – Turkey will still lead the Sunni Confederacy and Europe will still be victim to the AC’s coming empire.
    Also, Europe is already under the onslaught of Islamization (see Strange Death of Europe).

  12. That is what I was thinking. I find it interesting that they are trying to still be a part of the EU. I am wondering if there will be enough of an the Islamization of NATO as a result that will eventually set up for the beast system. I am about three-quarters through Chronicles.

    In light of the 2nd signpost, I just got through watching John Haller’s prophecy’s update and he mentioned and showed that there are quite of few of Iranian troops and stations in Syria already. I believe that 2nd signpost is there already.

  13. Gary,
    The Second Signpost will not be here until all the conditions in Scripture are met: (a) IRGC gets to do all it wants to do, (b) the Mideast is shocked, (c) lots of killing in the Mideast, (d) loss of peace of mind over the rest of the earth.

  14. Well it is definitely in position
    I read this earlier today…..

  15. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938), the founder of the Republic of Turkey, stated in 1922, one year before he became Turkey’s first President: “The progress of nations which insist on protecting some traditions or beliefs that are not based on any logical proofs [by this he meant Islam], will be difficult; perhaps it will never occur.” By promoting science over Islam, Ataturk put Turkey on a course to become a great nation. Science enthusiasts in Turkey revel in NASA accomplishments and want to see Turkey involved in space exploration. Since 2014, Turkey’s President has been Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has sought to simultaneously promote Islam and scientific advancement. Turkey is planning to build a launching site for its space missions in Somalia for an advantage of being able to launch at or near Earth’s equator.
    As Turkey revealed its Somalia spaceport plans, it had to express concern about political instability in Somalia.
    Turkey had an Ataturk to encourage interest in science. Somalia has not had an Atasomali. Turkey’s space aspirations will be put on hold because of the second signpost. United Arab Emirates now has its Hope Probe in orbit around Mars because it learned from non-Islamic scientists. But UAE is in Iranian crosshairs because of its making peace with Israel.

  16. Chronicles of the End Times called attention to the Hebrew and Aramaic portions of Daniel and explained why. I just discovered that the fragments of Daniel in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are a thousand years older than the oldest Masoretic texts of Daniel, confirm that Daniel has always had Hebrew and Aramaic portions.
    “The manuscripts confirm the traditional, bilingual composition: Hebrew and Aramaic. The places where the book switches from Hebrew to Aramaic and then back again to Hebrew are confirmed. The copies of Daniel at Qumran did not contain the (late, Greek) additions found in the LXX (Septuagint) versions of it, which are not retained in the Protestant and Jewish canon.”

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