Day 372: What a Difference a Year Makes

Today is January 14, 2021. This is day 372 of the grace period set by the supreme leader of Iran.

Being day 372, we saw the one-year anniversary of both the supreme leader’s telling the US military to leave and the reason for his statement, i.e. the assassination of General Soleimani by the US military.

One year ago the supreme leader and the IRGC, the two horns of the ram, faced an America that was a constitutional republic, a nation of law and order that was in the habit of forcing law and order half way around the world from her homeland.

But now, after one year, the two horns of the ram face an America that is an oligarchy no different than that of the Soviet Union or Red China. How so? Whether it was four states unconstitutionally changing its election law to allow abuse and getting away with it, or the small group that controlled the strings behind the election process in those four states allowing supposed massive fraud, a small group of people decided who was going to be the next president of the United States cancelling out tens of millions of voters choices. As Stalin once said, the election result is not decided by the voters, but by who counts the votes. This is how America is now no different. Expect the next steps to be censuring of opposing voices and going for taking the guns, just like in every other thug oligarchy.

This of course is a huge development. The 232-year-old constitutional republic, formed very much with God and his Word wrapped up in the formation of this government, has ended and so has its impact on the world. For rightly or for wrongly however this nation acted on the international scene, it was far better for the human condition than would have been the Soviets or CCP taking over.

Personally, I fear we will never go back to the constitutional republic. We are in uncharted territory. There is no going back for many reasons, but this is a topic for another post.

So now the Persian ram, facing an American oligarchy who’s leaders are most likely compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, will likely and finally have the opportunity to run out.

As the initial 444 days of the hostage crisis defined the opening of the relationship between the USA and the Islamic republic of Iran and ended when a new president was being inaugurated, it wouldn’t surprise me if after 378 days the Second Signpost begin after another new president is inaugurated. And if not on the same day, very soon as Biden said he would seek to reenter the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) and end sanctions. Of course, these thoughts are only my speculation.

Though we cannot know when the Second Signpost will begin, as we cannot know when Christ returns, the former event should not be very far away now.

The enemy Iran faces has changed. Just as the USA forced the mind of the lion to be changed from something beastly to something more civilized (the replacement of Saddam with a democracy, 2003-2005) making the First Signpost, now in reverse the mind of the USA has changed from that of a civilized man to something beastly.

What a difference a year makes.

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  1. The prophecies of Mark Taylor must be regarded as false by Christians who think that God is done with America.

    2015-10-17 (four months after Trump announced his candidacy for President):
    The Spirit of God says,
    America, America, oh how I love thee,
    America, America, oh how I have chosen thee!
    For as England was to the D-Day invasion,
    so shall America be for My end-time harvest.
    For England was the Headquarters, the hub
    from which the D-Day assault was launched.
    So shall it be for My America for the end-time harvest.
    For as England had men, women, equipment, food, money, weapons,
    and supplies of all kinds which poured in from all over the world,
    so shall all these things pour into My chosen America.

    2015-11-17 (a month later):
    My America has been chosen
    as the launching platform for My harvest,
    and she will be a light unto the world once again
    as I clean up that which is the darkest.
    Fear not, America.
    Your greatest days are ahead of you.
    Arise, My Army, and fight,
    and watch what I will do for you!

    2016-01-28 (six months before Trump won the Republican nomination):
    There is an Army arising from the dust and ashes
    from many battles and enemy clashes.
    This Army that’s arising is coming in My glory and light,
    and the battle that’s about to unfold
    shall put the enemy to flight.
    For My Army is about to hit the beaches and shores
    of every country and nation afar,
    and they shall drive back the army of darkness
    at the sound of My shofar!
    For My Army will be young and old,
    and will save over one billion souls.

    2017-03-03 (two months into Trump’s Presidency):
    The love, mercy, grace, and unity that I am looking for will be what it takes in these days ahead to push back the forces of darkness so My gospel can go forth. These attributes are what’s needed to be a part of My Army. I am looking for men and women of God to put their differences aside. Come together in unity for this common cause in forwarding My kingdom.

    2020-11-05 (two days after foreign and domestic manipulation of election results):
    The true Ekklesia will be in the homes, streets, fields, highways and byways. You will see signs, wonders and miracles break out like never before. My Ekklesia is being established to rule and reign and will be the one true governing body to establish my Kingdom on the Earth.

    2021-01-07 (one day after Congress certified Biden as President-elect):
    The Spirit of God says, The time has come to hold all enemies of the Living God creator of Heaven and earth accountable for their atrocities against mankind. Repentance will save your soul but there will be NO MERCY in the Justice that is here now! Repent!

    Psalm 2:1-6 NASB:
    Why are the nations restless
    And the peoples plotting in vain?
    The kings of the earth take their stand
    And the rulers conspire together
    Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying,
    “Let’s tear their shackles apart
    And throw their ropes away from us!”
    He who sits in the heavens laughs,
    The Lord scoffs at them.
    Then He will speak to them in His anger
    And terrify them in His fury, saying,
    “But as for Me, I have installed My King
    Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

  2. God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform he plants his footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm. deep in unsearchable mines of never-failing skill he treasures up his bright designs and works his sovereign will.
    It would seem Gods thoughts are not our thoughts and plans differently then our wishes.

  3. I’d be interested to hear Mark’s thoughts on this Reuters article:

    …as it relates to the phrase “do not harm the oil and the wine” of Revelation 6:6?

    Traditionally I believe this has been interpreted as a signal that the gap between rich and poor will be widened, causing great distress. However, if Israel is now exporting olive oil and wine to the UAE (and presumably other Islamic nations soon), could this be now be interpreted that the nation of Israel could be somewhat protected from the economic chaos of the 3rd Horseman? I don’t like stretching for things like this… I just thought it was interesting that oil and wine were the focus of the article.

  4. Hi RG,
    Yes, every now and then God reminds us of the oil and wine of Revelation 6. If you recall, I did write about this in Chapter 11 of Daniel Revisited. Everyday staples that are grown each year such as wheat and barley will skyrocket in price like it did in 2007, but those foods growing from stalks that are perennials, there year after year such as vines growing grapes and trees growing olives, will not be touched.
    Additionally because the average person will spend all his money on wheat and barley, there will be no money left over for him to buy wine or oil so the demand will not increase.
    Also, keep in mind the direct effects of the four horsemen will be felt in the Muslim realm, just as the food price crisis of 2007 was mostly felt just in the same realm.

  5. The way I see it is that economics is the driver of all things to come.

    I’m not saying that China intentionally started the pandemic but if they want world economic dominance it is a perfect storm that has been created….and from what we are hearing with mutations, economies might be impaired for some time. quite possibly many Western Economies with suffer longterm 5-10 Percent drop in GDP.
    With higher unemployment caused by Covid changes and increased use of new technologies, If the people aren’t helped out of their increasingly desperate situations this will lead to huge social unrest. This is primarily why Trump was elected and why we have seen the riots.

    The more money is printed the more the super rich get richer and the common man suffers. these events are bringing into sharp focus Jesus’ teaching. in this state of adversity people are starting to think beyond their once easier cosseted lives…… Gods needs to shake things up.

    The USA is dependant on ‘King Dollar”, it has cleverly weaved its tentacles into every financial sphere throughout the world. The dollar, as a reserve currency means that countries take loans in dollars and even more are therefore held and printed. Normally these measures would cause debasement of a currency but the World is so interlinked with the Dollar and dependent it hasn’t really happened yet.

    if China flourishes then more people will hold the Yuan, it is obvious that they intend to dominate the Far east, their back yard, and this indeed might cause military confrontation with the USA. Economically China will soon surpass the USA.

    What God has in mind is certainly that sooner or later the USA will suffer economically . Then its military power will diminish, perhaps it will retreat to Fortress America as its Allies can’t/won’t help. In England our regular army will only be 72000 in 2021 !

  6. Isaiah 26:20-21 NASB:
    Come, my people, enter into your rooms
    And close your doors behind you;
    Hide for a little while
    Until indignation runs its course.
    For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place
    To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
    And the earth will reveal her bloodshed
    And will no longer cover her slain.

    Beginning in 2020, I have taken this to mean that the coronavirus pandemic will not go away until God has exposed crimes against humanity which have been kept hidden. On 2021-01-14, Christian prophet Amanda Grace posted a prophecy, not mentioning Isaiah 26:20-21, yet indicating that Washington DC crimes against humanity are about to be exposed. [my comments in brackets]

    “You must understand My children, My son Donald, upset the balance of powers, and a blow in the realm of the Spirit was delivered unto them when he took office. He is a builder by nature, however, builders are diggers, they have to survey the property and dig around on it to ensure it is solid ground. Well, Donald and a select few went digging and what they found was frightening, sickening, darkness that brings you to the point of being physically ill. And they panicked, these snakes, sorcerers, and thieves panicked because NO ONE was supposed to find out who was not puppeted by them to keep them in check. There was not one string they could pull to reign [pun on “rein”] him back. And so they went on a quest they made a pact to not only destroy him and his family but to destroy the entire country as punishment for the way they so voted their conscience and their voice. And so says the Lord of Hosts they met with the great Red Dragon, and worshipped the dragon, and committed harlotry with this blasphemous being, and plotted every evil that only comes from the pits of hell that were so-called up by Lucifer himself, and contracts were signed, pacts were made. And so in their desperation, they attempted to unleash hell against this country, in attempts to get them to turn on the president and put their trust in the very people who went on a mission from hell to destroy them, whose allegiance is to principalities and powers, not to the Lord God the great I AM, and not to the people says the Lord.

    “And says the spirit of the Lord this day, now is the hour where I the Lord God shall gut open the great Red Dragon and pull forth out of its belly all it has consumed and its contents that is highly sensitive material. There were codes exchanged with the great Red Dragon, codes for missiles as well. And just as they have so wickedly opened the door for infiltration in this country purposely giving jobs and favor to those who were indeed operatives, just when they think they have a hold I the Lord God Yahweh say this day I shall raise My right hand in judgment against them and shall send in a fierce warring army to literally rip them out of their bunkers, offices, positions, I the Lord God will strike a fatal blow to the Red Dragon and that sickness shall carry to Persia for their hand shall be cut off for dipping their interests into such a wicked scheme and the god they serve will be deaf to their cries as shaking, quaking, and explosions so go forth in that country, they will be sorry they ever tried to harm America and Israel, and so their operatives that have been waiting for their que [pun on “queue” and “cue”] deep within the government in America and other areas of the world, those operatives shall be pulled forth out of their offices, and hiding places. And the media of deceptions shall quake as these things come forth and the people shout for their dismantling says the Lord of Hosts this day.”

  7. there has been a four part appraisal of Sultan Erdogan’s Turkey Expansion and Global Interests recently in the Financial Times, today i was reading about its activities in Ethiopia ! All the pieces of the puzzle are gradually coming together.

    Turkey is clearly a big player in Somalia, but mainly it is a very important commercial player in Ethiopia,” said Rashid Abdi, an independent expert on the Horn of Africa. “Ethiopia is a huge, huge, opportunity for Turkey because it’s a big market, it is a vibrant economy. So, this is the right frontier for Erdogan. It is clearly the target for the Turks to win Ethiopia.”

  8. Definitely seeing elements of the signposts already in play…I almost believe the 2nd signpost is there already just not the full thrust of the ram quite yet.
    Speaking on last year and prophetic utterances, as well as confronting Trumpism, I caught this forum last night that had Ron Cantor, Daniel Juster, Michael Brown, and a fewer others. I would highly encourage you and those following you to watch it! Very insightful!

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