January 6: A Crossroads Not Just for USA, But for Prophecy As Well

We as a Christian prophecy community are watching for the Second Signpost.
Two days from now, January 6, 2021, will be a day of crossroads—not only for the United States but interestingly for contemporary prophecy as well.
USA At a Crossroad
Because of the advance of evil in this country in the form of generally collectivism, and more specifically Marxism, the US has come to this point where the constitutional republic may actually be lost.
If you doubt its most current form working in this country, look no further than the “woke” community with its charges of racism and forcing of transgenderism. Marxism needs a victim class and a rich class. Since the American worker is generally happy, Marxists had to create a new victim/rich class—that is, women, minorities, and immigrants being the “victims” to racist white men. Ridiculous, but nevertheless there it is.
Marxism is evil due to its envy manifesting as theft of private property, and extreme pride resulting in wholesale murder. Mankind has witnessed in the last century a couple dozen times in which it was tried and it always resulted in misery and murder. And now its extreme pride which causes its proponents to say everyone must think the way they do, has compromised the elections in six “battleground” states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.
The courts won’t touch these lawsuits either due to the courts themselves are leftists, or they are conservatives afraid of being attacked in their private, personal lives.
So it has come down to January 6, the date at which both houses of Congress will certify, or not, the electors coming from the states.
Trump could still win reelection if the Republicans have a spine or if they all cared. And this is the danger—historically Republicans have only cared about themselves or don’t believe in anything. This is why over the last hundred years as the Left advanced their agenda every time the Presidency and Congress was theirs, these advances were not rolled back but allowed to stay whenever the Presidency and Congress were Republican.
And if the Presidency and Senate is won by the Left that may spell the end of the republic because the Left has got to the place where it will not let go of power. As Mark Levin said, we are staring at an abyss. States will be added, the Supreme Court will be packed, the Senate filibuster will be ended, and the Electoral College will be assaulted.
Of course, the Left winning has a direct impact on the Second Signpost, for the CCP-compromised Biden and his cronies may very well let Iran run out over the Middle East because the CCP told them to. What if there was no one to stop the ram because the only power that could was compromised by another power?
Prophecy At a Crossroad
The prophecy community that visits this website is in some ways a microcosm of evangelical Christianity in general in this country. Both here and in the country as a whole, opinions vary as to what will happen here in this country in the years prior to Christ’s return.
There are two camps. One says the USA is headed to judgment if we do not repent. The other says great days are just ahead for the USA.
The former position is held by many. Not only that but the Four Signposts of Daniel Revisited suggest that the USA will be in trouble (I wrote about this here). The findings shown in Chronicles also show that the USA will be in deep trouble with its people descending into great poverty.
The other prophecy camp shows great optimism for the future of the USA. What would drive this idea? General optimism may be one. Another might be American hubris which is driven by the normalcy bias. Yet another I’ve seen many times are all the people claiming to be prophets giving words saying the USA will have great blessing in the years ahead.
Both camps cannot be right.
The events of January 6 may give us more clarity as to which path the USA will travel.
If Trump wins and the Republicans hold the Senate, we stay the present course. The USA may indeed have a few good years ahead, and the Second Signpost may happen via a war between the USA and Iran in which Iran wins.
But if Biden wins and the Left takes the Senate, this will likely be the signal that (a) the Second Signpost can proceed at any time due to Biden appeasing Iran and/or China, and (b) the end of the republic due to elements on the Left basically telling the American people elections don’t matter and normal Americans responding to this challenge.
If the Left wins the election and takes over, time may show us all the contemporary prophecies telling us of America’s future wealth and power are all for naught.
January 6 indeed gives us a crossroad.

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  1. Honetly, I don’t think anything significant is going to happen in America on or after 6th January. They will get another president who will spend his time in office undoing all that the previous guy did. This may be perceived to be catastrophic for Americans who care about the previous presidents values, but for non Americans who don’t live there, it’s not going to nake any difference.
    I was caught up in the evangelical prophecy circus, listening to all that American prophets had to say. Over the last 10 years, I can’t recall any of them being correct. The doom and gloom camp always explain the lack of judgement as “a reprieve”. The prosperity guys say what we all know they say. Both say that their country is special – either deserving special judgement or special rewards.

    But as a non-American, I have to ask: do you seriously believe that America is more wicked than any other nation? Come to Asia. You’ll see it all here.
    Life is going to continue. America will get a new leader who will make some changes. But as for some impending disaster – I have been paying attention to this since 2011 and all I observe is life continues.

  2. Historically the voice of many “prophets” all telling the people of good and prosperous things with no message of doom and repent are generally a class of false prophets or soothsayers!
    But even if Trump wins that does not mean that he will bring us into a time of great prosperity. Things are going to go very wrong with the dollar. Their will probably be a civil type war and a world war in which both cases could cause a failure to the USD as the world reserve currency.
    Friends- Buy gold and silver.

  3. Two days after the November election, Mark Taylor, author of a 2011 prophecy about Trump being chosen by God to become President, released a new message he received titled “Dethroning Evil.” I can look past its misspellings to understand the message. The election has already been won in the spirit and must now manifest in the natural. America’s corrupt politicians and religious leaders must fall from positions of power because of their crimes against humanity. https://sordrescue.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Dethroning-Evil.pdf

  4. Near the end of The Avengers: Infinity War, Dr Strange was utilizing the green stone to analyze all possible outcomes. There was only one possible option lose to the stone to Thanos. It the conclusion of giving it up, he states “we are in the endgame.” Mark, some leadership seem like they are constantly resisting moving toward the apocalypse but it is inevitable. The decline of America is like giving up that stone. Several years back when pondering on the phrase “the Gospel of the Kingdom” it never hit me of significance of the coming Kingdom. I always interpreted it as “heaven” but there is so much more to the Gospel as it relates to anticipating the Lord’s return. We have become too comfortable in America and weeds have sprung in the garden of some churches. A believe a Biden win will cause many to turn back to FULL dependency on Christ. I am hoping it will cause many to reevaluate their leftist cisterns without water. I do think our enemies will take advantage of the US during this time and the ram will proceed but thinking that what looks negative materially will cause spiritual hope to increase. The Prosperity Gospel will be challenged during this time and it needs to be challenged. Not all will be lost over the next few years! Our hope is eternal!

  5. Now that the Manchurian, President-elect Biden has been formally recognized by Congress, we need to move beyond the micro and expand further out into a macro perspective for refocus. I have been praying and thinking about what “signs” would wake up the Body of Christ to help them know that it is highly likely that the Lord’s return is not decades and decades away but in my lifetime. Perhaps as little as slightly over a decade that all things shall indeed come to pass rather quickly and one of those things that may happen in the next few years is the rebuilding of the third Jewish temple.

    I don’t necessarily believe this temple has to be permanent but could be a temporary, moveable structure just enough to fulfill the Mosaic law of temple sacrifices. It would help that it was temporary so it would not be such a target for radical islamic terrorism but whether it is temporary or permanent such a structure is a clear sign from the Lord that he is indeed near, especially for those who are watching and waiting for his return. But also for the larger Body of Christ who are asleep or too self-absorbed with their own daily lives to pay attention to a highly prophetic sign that the end times are taking shape before their eyes.

    Also, I do think the person of the Antichrist is now alive on earth and fully behind the scenes waiting to take his first steps quietly toward his infamous destiny. Those who are close to the Lord and know prophetic scripture may intuitively through the Holy Spirit be able to identify this man initially but will stay quiet until more of what he does is confirmed. The rest of the Body of Christ will still be fully asleep and unknowing for quite sometime.

    These are my impressions that seem to fill my soul disturbing my sleep and whether you agree or disagree with them it is what I feel I was lead to say to my fellow watchmen on the wall for the Lord’s return.


  6. Every election cycle 3-4 million brain washed teen get out of the school system, and vote left, 3-4 million older Republicans die that’s why in last 20 years the Democrats win the popular vote. 4 years from now if nothing else happens that 7 million they won by this time, will turn into 10 million this has been 50 years in the making it’s a little too late, the schools have got our children I don’t think it’s got anything to do with cheating in the election.quite possibly the Republicans see the writing on the wall and did as much as they could to disrupt the election. I’m not saying this because I’m a Democrat I’m further right than most Republicans. Look at Georgia for an example they’re starting to turn all those left leaning kids out of schools and are starting to vote democratic Georgia’s been trending to the left the last two election cycles. this will start happening to other states that are close. Texas is another State starting to move to the left. unless the United States falls or gets into huge trouble people will not wake up. And probably this type of setup needs to happen before the return of the Lord I’m thankful Christ is in control of even the Democratic and Republican parties.

  7. what about the two witnesses . no one ever places them in the scenario

  8. Mike,
    A Balkanized country is what will result. The :U:S can only go only so far left that the Republic splits apart. I am also reminded of a discussion I had about six years go with William Federer at a homeschool convention. He stated Islam has overwhelmed many countries in Europe where they begin to strongly influence those countries. They may turn on the liberals in our country very soon as well.

  9. Now that google and apple are joining the lib media ‘conservative voice’ blackout push, are we going to see that civil war sooner than we think, of course all egged on by the left. So many options turning up all at once for the Ram to make its move!

  10. It looks to me that Iran is about to launch its prophesied invasion of the Middle East. I went to archives of the prophecies of Kim Clement (1956-2016) to see what he prophesied concerning Iran. I found a transcript of a remarkable statement dated April 1, 2015. I then found the original video that the transcript is based on. Go to https://youtu.be/LB4dgB_1MpY and start at the 24:12 point. Kim is standing in silence with his eyes closed. He exhales as if he has seen something unpleasant. He then says, “I see a king falling. [exhales again] I see a king falling. Saudi Arabia, Yemen [portions of which are armed by Iran], Solomon [Saudi Arabia’s King Salman?]. Lord, You’re not pleased. [bows his head] The wall, there’s a wall being built that will not be completed [two days after this 2015 prophecy, Saudi Arabia began removing portions of a wall between itself and Yemen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saudi%E2%80%93Yemen_barrier ], for a takeover, already a plan. Iran, you have wicked plans. Your wickedness cannot be covered. I’ve seen you, says the Lord. I’ve already spoken about you [in Isaiah 21:2, Daniel 7:5, 8:4,21, Revelation 6:4]. Father, I just pray You’d [whew!] stop, just for a minute.” Isaiah, at 21:3, had a similar reaction to what he was shown]: “My loins are filled with pain. Pangs have taken hold of me like the pangs of a woman in labor. I was distressed when I heard it. I was dismayed when I saw it.”

  11. The Left will collapse when the economy collapses, People will get angry on both sides when their belly hurts. War will start in middle East when American troops pull out to deal with civil unrest in America.

  12. “Honetly, I don’t think anything significant is going to happen in America on or after 6th January. ”

    Gman, at this point I almost wish you’d been right.

    America is the one that led other countries to start legalizing same-sex unions as if they were marriages and attacking people who tell the truth, that they are not marriages, and did it in such a way that a mere change of president would not be able to undo the SCOTUS opinion. That, by itself, would have been bad enough. Now, the incoming president and both legislative houses are seeking to further empower radicals who have no sense of morality except to do what gets them support or makes them feel good, and attack whoever opposes them. The first president, George Washington, was wary of political parties for this very reason. They only serve to entrench division and distract from the truth. Evil gets ahead for a little while in this world by fighting dirty, but it isn’t enough for it to win in the end.

    George Washington also warned that a lack of faith would bring about a nation without morality.

  13. The rubberstamping by Mike Pence of illegal slates of electors in order to deliver the Presidency to Biden was infamous because it intentionally ignored the violation of election laws in swing states and thousands of sworn affidavits by witnesses to election fraud. Outside, there were hundreds of thousands of Americans protesting handing over the Presidency to the cheating side. This will not end well for those who cheated. Back in 2018, President Trump issued executive orders that now can be used to punish those who maliciously made Trump’s landslide reelection look like a win for the unpopular Biden. A 2018-01-30 EO keeps the Guantanamo Bay detention camp open for later use. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-executive-order-protecting-america-lawful-detention-terrorists/ A 2018-09-12 EO allows for the seizure of the assets of those involved in allowing foreign tampering of American elections. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-imposing-certain-sanctions-event-foreign-interference-united-states-election/

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