Mark to Appear on Good Morning Ozarks Friday, March 11

While preparing the post that should be out in another day or so, Charlie Engram, one of the hosts (Keith being the other one) of Good Morning Ozarks on KLFC Radio out of Branson, Missouri, reached out to me today to talk about the situation with Ukraine and what does it mean.

The interview will begin at about 8 AM Central Time. I hope you can tune in or live stream at the link given above. (For live stream just click “Listen Now” at the top and then click the little arrow on the left side of the window that pops up.)

It’s been a while since we all visited and so it will be great to visit Charlie and Keith again!

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  1. I couldn’t get the link to work but they also have the podcast on Spotify.

  2. The standard interpretation of the bear of Daniel 7:5 is that it was fulfilled by the ancient Medio-Persian empire. Daniel Revisited shows why this interpretation is wrong. Both wrong and right interpretations rule out any application to Russia. As patiently explained by a Russian-American friendship group, the bear as a symbol of Russia came from outside of Russia during the middle ages, continuing until Russians began to accept it, though not officially. The double-headed eagle remains the official symbol of Russia.
    Although the 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict has little to do with the Islamic sequence in Daniel 7, Daniel 8, and Revelation 6, its timing is interesting. What a biblically unprophesied bear [Russia] is trying to do has shifted attention away from what the biblically prophesied bear [Iran] is about to do. In 2020, Christian prophet Amanda Grace anticipated a Russia-Ukraine conflict during which Psalm 35:2-3 would be fulfilled: “Watch Russia with Ukraine, says the Lord, testing the waters. Psalm 35: Take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for their help, also drawn out the spear and javelin and close up the way who pursue and persecute them, the Lord is their deliverance.” The word “javelin” has proven to be significant:

  3. Mark: You can explain the Russian-Ukraine crisis in a few minutes what takes me a half hour to explain to others. I have shocked many fellow believers by taking Russia’s side in this issue. Everyone has patiently listened to my reasons and evidence and were surprised that there was another side to this conflict. No one rejected my opinion outright.

  4. Eugene Bach of the Back To Jerusalem movement has not studied the signpost perspective. Yet his March 13 blog article “Will Iran Join Putin in Ukraine?” should be of interest to anyone expecting the second signpost to happen soon.
    Bach’s arguments make a lot of sense. Perhaps some involvement with a Russian bear could stir up the Iranian bear to gorge itself within its own realm.

  5. Karl,
    It amazes me how it seems everyone has the wool pulled over their eyes.

  6. The CIA-controlled MSM has skewed its reporting against Russia and for Ukraine, because Russia is exposing American deep state maliciousness in Ukraine. On 2022-02-24, Russia invaded Ukraine to seize control of its US deep state bio-labs, document their malicious purposes, and stop them from being used for depopulation. On 2022-03-11, the Russian Federation presented its findings about US bio-labs in Ukraine to the United Nations Security Council. Russia has recovered documents proving that the American deep state has violated the international accord governing chemical and biological weapons. On 2022-03-15, Russia imposed sanctions on deep state operatives “Biden,” Antony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, Jake Sullivan, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, William Burns, Justin Trudeau, etc.

    Zelenski, who has courageously reacted to his country being invaded, will eventually realize that Russia had to stop deep state operations in Ukraine designed to kill millions of people. A christian prophet I respect has revealed that, in a last ditch effort to save themselves, the American deep state will shut down the internet, but it won’t last long, and during the blackout both human and angel armies will descend upon D.C. to bring the Hamans of this world to justice.

  7. Mark:
    After church today a lady I was sitting next to struck up a conversation with one of the elders in the isle. She said to him “I’m into prophecy. Have you heard of Chuck Missler and his book The Magog Invasion?” She talked a minute or two about that and Ukraine. THEN she added “I’ve also read a book called Daniel Revisited by Mark Davidson”. THAT caught my attention, and I interrupted “Lady, I can see that you are INFORMED”. A wonderful conversion ensued. I had to correct her on one or two points, but she basically got it. I then gave a free plug for Chronicles of the End Times.

  8. Interesting interview, just wish it was a little longer and you talked more about the Russia Ukraine war. I’m not really taking either side in this, trying to stay neutral but attempting to understand both sides of this. I feel bad for the innocent citizens of both countries, being dragged into this through no fault of their own. I’m not a fan of Putin for obvious reasons and I don’t trust Zelenskyy either, definitely wouldn’t turn my back on either one of them. This war seems to be dividing the countries of this world into different groups depending on which side you support or at least it seems to be happening to me. Definitely will be interesting how it plays out and what comes next.

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