Book Announcement, 20 March 2022

My book about Mystery Babylon is almost finished. I’m writing and putting the finishing touches on the last two chapters. After many stops and starts over the last two years, the finish line is in sight. Life gets in the way, but God is in control of the timing.

The preliminary manuscript should go out to my reviewers in April. The publish date would be some time this summer.

In terms of the message, I consider this book the most important of the books I’ve written. The outline is below.

Working title: HIDDEN BABYLON



CHAPTER 1 – God’s last exhortation to us, “Come out of her, my people,” is very important and can be missed if we don’t get it.

CHAPTER 2 – A New View: Babylon the great is the exact opposite of both the Bride and of the Spirit of Jesus, as shown by chiastic analysis of the Bible, and a plain reading of Scripture confirms every detail.



CHAPTER 3 – Scripture tells us what it means in obvious terms, that Babylon the great is “the mother.”

CHAPTER 4 – Who are the prostitutes of the Earth?

CHAPTER 5 – Why her name—and not her title—is “mystery” and what is that name?

CHAPTER 6 – The significance that her name is the name of the world kingdom and that it has not changed in thousands of years.

CHAPTER 7 – How tremendous the great city truly is, and why other cities are spelled out in similar terms, and who are the daughters.



CHAPTER 8 – What are the abominations, and the world’s signature sin, and the Laws of Idolatry which shape the world?

CHAPTER 9 – How the great city became three parts, and how the idolatry of each part determined how each of the three received the Gospel.

CHAPTER 10 – God has been, and will be, taking away the idols of each part to bring as many as possible to Him, for they will come to Christ when they realize Christ is all they have.

CHAPTER 11 – The last biblical exhortation: “Come out of her, my people,” and what it means – What we must do.

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  1. Mark, Look forward to reading it! Darrin

  2. Yay awesome news and a longtime coming/waiting.

  3. Thanks for your faithful commitment to this project. I’m anxiously waiting…

  4. To quote a line from Tokien, “His timing is never early or never late, it is always right on time”

    I wrote a song in the 90s after pondering on how so many major cities have strip clubs and also corrupted politicians abound too.

    This was one stanza from it that captures the thought..

    “Her spell still lives among us
    As the cities slip further to decay
    They take up her form of harlotry
    And trap women to walk in her ways
    The men fall further in lust for power
    Troubled with Nebuchadnezzar’s conceit
    Never knowing how to rise above it all
    And lead in true humility

    Ancient Babylon you left your shadow upon the earth….”

  5. On February 11 of this year, the US Department of State offered money rewards ranging from $493,827 to $987,654 to NGOs (non-governmental organizations) for documenting human rights abuses in Israel. February 11 was a Friday, the perfect day for posting documents that an administration does not want weekending congressmen or reporters to actually read.
    This open bribery by the “Biden” occupancy for hate organizations to dig up dirt about Israel was ignored by the CIA-controlled MSM. It was not until March 23 that The Jerusalem Post briefly reported on it.

    There is a way to experience Jerusalem while sitting in front of your computer. There is a guy named Dima who walks through Jerusalem with high-definition video and audio recording.
    The oldest part of Jerusalem, much older than “Old City” is the City of David, where Gihon Spring still flows.

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