Battle for Ukraine is On

The Battle for Ukraine is on, and there is more significance to this than meets the eye. What is written in this article may seem strange, but then again, the end times are turning out to be strange. I wrote about Europe and the late Fourth Signpost in my book Chronicles, Chapter 56. Developments in Ukraine are falling right in line. A question in Chapter 56, is, how will Europe be divided?

Western governments and western media all say Russian president Putin is a madman or a butcher. He is not. He is simply an intelligent, consistent, Russia-first leader. He is trying to make a securer future for Russians, and their close cousins, those in Ukraine and Belarus. Though Putin himself likely does not realize it, he is making a go at saving them all from the future Antichrist.

Here in the end times, the world’s three parts are taking shape, being made ready for the years of the Tribulation.

East Earth vs. Center Earth

Two of the parts focused on in this post are East Earth and Center Earth.

East Earth is led by China, and includes India, Southeast Asia, with Australia and New Zealand likely falling as its prey. East Earth’s historical worship of its myriad gods and man-made sense of morality (e.g. Confucianism, Buddhism, etc) is being wiped away and taken over by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Starting with the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s, this trend will continue throughout East Earth, into the last years.

Center Earth is to be led by the Antichrist, who will spring out of the Muslim Realm and will wipe away all the precious “-isms” (e.g. Secularism, Marxism, Mohammadism, etc.) worshiped by Europe and the Muslim realm. The Four Signposts tell us how the Antichrist will arise.

(Note that the idols are being wiped out. God is using forms of Marxism to take away all three Earth parts’ idols. The CCP is Marxist, the future Antichrist will be Marxist [in the form of an image cult], and Marxism is already being felt in the West including the US, to take away wealth.)

Most of the borders between East Earth and Center Earth are fairly set, which includes the border between India and Pakistan and between Central Asia and China. What is not set is the border between Western Europe and Russia.

Western Europe, having fallen away from the faith just like the Muslim Realm did centuries earlier, is ripe for takeover by Antichrist. Russia, which absorbed the Gospel and never fell away, is being blessed by God to be saved from Antichrist by becoming an ally and energy provider to China. The church was suppressed by the Soviets for the time they were ruling, but when their rule ended the church came back strong.

The question posed in my book Chronicles of the End Time, as reflected in the Map (from Figure 152 of Chronicles), is where will the boundary be drawn in Europe between Center Earth and East Earth? The areas with vertical lines are today’s Muslim realm, with the diagonal striped areas to easily fall to Antichrist. These regions are part of Center Earth. The areas with horizontal lines are up for grabs.

A Line Being Drawn

Most nations in this zone have decided to side with the West, either by joining the EU or NATO, or both. The red dashed line has been added to the Map to show the nations Russia is attempting to keep in its orbit.

Belarus is in the Russian camp. Most of Central and East Europe has decided to join the West to their own destruction. The current Battle for Ukraine will likely settle this for Ukraine. Ukraine—like Russia—never fell away from the Gospel. Even today, 80% of Ukrainians still go to church on Sundays.

If Russia is allowed to oust the Ukrainian pro-Western government (installed via coup in 2014) and occupy Ukraine, Russia may very well have saved Ukraine from the grasp of the Antichrist to come. If Russia fails and is ousted from Ukraine, that nation will likely march with Western Europe right into the grasp of the Antichrist.

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  1. Although I had been aware of claims that Zelenski has evil intentions, I found that claims that he is a puppet for Soros are false. I assumed that all other name-calling against him is also false. Since he is Jewish, I thought that claims that he is a Nazi were ridiculous. However, his calls for another world war are serving the interests of the very American deep state that set up malicious bio-labs in Ukraine and wants attention diverted from that. What I thought was courage in Zelenski I now see as desperation. I had imagined him to be a Mordecai when he is a Haman. On March 29, Christian prophet Julie Green prophesied: “President Zelenski of Ukraine, you are a liar and a snake. You cry for help and act like a victim, when you are the one helping cause destruction in your own country. Oh yes, the world will hear and find out the truth on who you are, whose side you are on. Obama, yes, helped you and paid you for this to take place. You were well-compensated with blood money to cause destruction and chaos on your own people. Your heinous crimes will be known to the world. And Zelenski, you are being judged by me [God] and your end is near, and you will not survive the fall you are about to take.” @ 5:45

  2. In case people have run out of things to worry about: Ruble Surges After Putin Ditches Dollars and Euros for Russian Oil and Gas,

  3. Prism,
    My own opinion on Zelensky is, he is a criminal, installed by the Western elite via the coup in 2014, working against the best interest of his own country.

  4. One word Donbass!

  5. According to Ivan Kesic, a Croatia-based freelance writer who has worked at the Cultural Center of Iran in Zagreb Croatia, a false flag scheme to anger NATO into attacking Russia failed on March 10, 2022. On that date, a Soviet-era drone, no longer used by Russia, was launched by the Ukrainian military intended to strike a student dormitory in Zegreb, Croatia. “The UAV first entered Romania and flew for 3 minutes, after which, it continued flying through Hungarian airspace for the next 40 minutes and finally through Croatian airspace for the last 7 minutes. All three NATO member states, as well as the NATO Integrated Air Defense System, claimed to have monitored the 14-meter-long 6-ton drone with radar but bizarrely failed to react. There were no fighter jets being scrambled, no anti-aircraft missiles fired, nor even air raid sirens in Zagreb.” In other words, NATO wanted Croatian students killed by an apparent Russian UAV so that it would have an excuse for launching a war against Russia. Why did the UAV miss its target? God was protecting those students. The deep state is not going to get the world war they wanted to shift attention away from Russia’s exposure of malicious bio-labs in Ukraine. The One who thwarted NATO’s plot to kill Croatian students on March 10 also inspired the publication of Ivan Kesic’s article on March 15. These are the days of Haman, when those plotting massive killings are being exposed for what they have become. It is they who must receive the standard punishment for treason.

  6. We must remember that Soros is also Jewish who turned in Jews to the Gestapo to get their property as a reward. We must also remember that Judas was also Jewish who betrayed the God of Israel to the Romans. Mark, you are right: Zelensky is a criminal.

  7. Mark,
    I agree with you about Zelensky, just watching what he has said and done since being in office is alarming. He definitely is pulling the wool over a lot of people’s eyes while being extremely corrupt according to the Panama Papers release. Not to mention his Nazi militia association and crimes against the Russian Ukrainian people, which should of been called genocide in my book. Not to mention his recent banning other political parties and news organizations. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it amazes me that the US is blind to what he is doing, either that or the US has become so corrupt itself that it doesn’t see anything wrong with what he is doing or saying. Zelensky may have fooled some people but he doesn’t fool me.

  8. Your map of the border between Center Earth and East Earth is getting interesting. Despite an all-out effort by globalists to stir up animosity against Russia, April 4th elections in Hungary and Serbia resulted in landslide wins for leaders who are friendly with Russia and opposed to supplying military aid to Ukraine.
    People are seeing through the constant lies of anti-Christian globalists and their media. Since Hungary and Serbia are at the border between Center Earth and East Earth, their fate is still unknown. But as you wrote, “Russia may very well have saved Ukraine from the grasp of the Antichrist to come.”

  9. Prisms,
    Interesting news about Serbia. Serbia is historically a long-time ally of Russia. The reason Serbia and Russia have worked together is they have a common enemy: Sunni Islam. Russia has fought it for its whole 1,000 year history. And Serbia has been fighting it in the Balkan Peninsula since the days of the Ottoman Empire.

  10. America’s deep state was involved in getting Pakistan’s parliament to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan from office. But soon after slapping high fives with each other over pulling off yet another coup, our arrogant deep staters learned that this happened:

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