Why Marxism May Spread Over the Earth in End Times

When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the West celebrated, congratulating itself that Marxism was dying and that democracy would triumph.

It was this same mindset behind the coddling of China—moving companies and technology to China—that the country would move on to democracy. It didn’t work, of course. It only made a more powerful Marxist nation and one that is set to reverse their century of humiliation (ca. 1839-1949).

Surprisingly perhaps, Marxism may be about to make a great comeback, covering most of the world in the years prior to Christ’s return. Why do I say this?

The Three Parts of the Great City

As I wrote about earlier in Chronicles of the End Times and in this post and this post, the world has been divided, is being divided, and will be divided, into three distinct zones. These three zones became differentiated by the cultural idolatry they each embraced over the last many centuries, and each will suffer different consequences as God deals with the idolatry of each in order to draw as many people as possible to Him. He will deal with idolatry by taking it away from the people in each zone. (This is all due to Babylon the great being the whole unsaved world and the repercussions that come from that.)

It is becoming apparent that the way idolatry will be dealt with, and taken away in each of the three zones, is by God allowing and using Marxism. Marxism has already caused the Church in China to literally explode in size.

The Evil that is Marxism

Don’t misunderstand me. Marxism is sheer evil. The only other ideology that could match it for its depths of depravity might be Islam. God has used evil the past to bring about great good (just look at the circumstances around Christ’s crucifixion).

Marxism was started by Karl Marx. His book, The Communist Manifesto, is all based on false assumptions, i.e. lies. The very first sentence, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles,” is a lie. Marxism poses as a way for most people to have a better life and to be treated more fairly, but then the leaders of the people become oligarchs seizing power.

That cannot be prevented—it’s the way Marxism works. Marxism views the world in non-godly, materialist terms and attempts to fix society in terms of materialism using government control. It is an ideology of envy in part, and laziness, and hubris, theft, and murder, carried about by not only the ruling oligarchs, but also the people they rule.

In addition to all this, because the ideology is based on a lie, Marxism seeks to remake culture and society to fit its false narrative. It always seeks to wipe away the old culture and replace it with one that sees the need for one ruling Marxist party.

This is the part that God would use.

Marxism Proven to Erase Cultural Idolatry

No matter whether it was the Soviet Union, or China, or the United States today, every time Marxism attempts to wipe clean the former culture, it must lie to the most gullible segment of the population—young people. Marxist forces than whip them up into a frenzy to do the Marxist leaders’ bidding. We saw this many times in the last century and see this going on now in the US.

It already occurred in the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, and Cambodia. In the Soviet Union and Cuba, the governments there tried to wipe out Christianity along with many other traditional institutions, but when the Soviet Union fell, the Church made a big comeback. The Church in Cuba continues to grow underground.

In Cambodia, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge tried to wipe out East Earth’s idols, namely Buddhism, as it was practiced in Cambodia. They succeeded, but this left a spiritual void and so the Church has been growing like never before in Cambodia in the last few decades since the Khmer Rouge fell.

God already allowed the evil of Marxism in China to bring over 100 million (and only God knows how many more) souls to be saved. In China, there were about 750,000 Christians in China in 1949 when the Bamboo curtain descended, cutting off China from the rest of the world. With the reforms Mao instituted, which included the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) carried out by—you guessed it kids and young people—the idolatrous heart of China was wiped away, tossing out Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. These three institutions were the state religions and systems of morals in China that made growth and spreading of the Gospel nearly impossible. Of course, to assist with this wiping clean it required the deaths of 20-50 million people who would not change.

When Nixon reopened China in the 1970’s, amazingly, that spiritual void (which was made by forced worship to the CCP) had resulted in tens of millions of Christians. Today it is estimated the number is in excess of 100 million. And these are all battle-hardened, persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

So Marxism has been proven to drive out the idolatry of a culture, create a spiritual void, creating an environment which fosters people to come to Christ.

As Tim Keller said in his book Counterfeit Gods, people don’t realize all one needs is Christ, until Christ is all they have.

Marxism in the End Times

So how does this relate to the end times? We may very well see it active in all three parts of the great city, i.e. earth.

In East Earth, China, ruled by the CCP, will take over that region of the earth, conquering and occupying, or pressing as vassal states, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well as India and Russia. Wherever China goes, Marxism will rule. Marxist forces will continue to root out Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and Hinduism (or whatever cultural idolatry prevails), in those other countries, creating spiritual voids in those populations. I believe there will be a huge end-time harvest in that part of the world, by simply looking at the numbers. Today, half the world’s people live there and less than 10 percent are Christian despite the size of the Chinese church.

In Center Earth, the Antichrist will instill a Marxist government. We get clues of that directly from the Bible. Revelation 17:16 says the Beast will hate the Harlot, burn her with fire, and make her desolate. In other words, the Harlot, being the idolatries of all the unsaved peoples who will be under the rule of Antichrist, will be wiped clean and changed.

He will do this in three ways. First, the economy in that part of the world will be put under his control via the mark. Second, he will make war on every ideology that is not of him, and he will create a cult of personality (a common theme in Marxism—just look at Mao and Stalin), i.e. the created image of Revelation 13:14-15. Third, the ultimate wiping away of the former culture, even of Islam, will be his walking into the Temple in Jerusalem and declaring himself god. In short, Antichrist will wipe clean the idols of Center Earth, that of the numerous “–isms,” whether humanism, nationalism, or Mohammadism. These three actions are all features of Marxism.

In West Earth, Marxism will be used in one form or another to wipe clean the idolatry of the West, i.e. money and wealth. We’re already being set up. Due to having a Central Bank, with its mismanagement either due to greed on the oligarchs’ part, or simply incompetence, the US dollar is losing and will lose all of its value. The Second Signpost will assist along these lines as well. Parallel to this, here in the United States, there is tremendous pressure by Marxist forces to instill a Marxist government in the USA.

The BLM and Antifa groups, the Trans and Woke movements, and Critical Race Theory (CRT) all have one thing in common: to wipe away American culture and replace traditional society, with one in which the Christian white male is demonized and made to become the bourgeoisie of Marxist thought. This whole movement going on in America has Marxism written all over it.

Most of the US population just tolerates all this and doesn’t fight it with all their effort because they think it might be a passing fad, but they don’t realize Marxism is behind all of this, and that what’s at stake is the traditional USA itself. Unless CRT is wiped clean from classrooms across the country, the US will assuredly descend into Marxism some time in the future. Pushing back the tide of Marxism will only come from a population that is awake and fighting.

Whether there is a Marxist government in the US outright, or there is war against Marxism, the West will be preoccupied with battling a force that will wipe away their god, i.e. money. And in a great irony, the traditionally Christian United States having drifted away from God, may finally dread and fight Marxism, the very force that will wake up the church in America and cause the last great awakening before Christ’s return, if God so wills.

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  1. I think the 3 divisions are Christianity (i.e., grace), Islam (i.e., law), and Secularism (i. e., no god). Push come to shove these are the three directions people will run toward in a disaster mode.

  2. During the Six Day War of 1967, Israel gained access to two fake holy sites and one true one. The two fake ones, “Temple Mount” and “Mount Sinae” were subsequently turned over to Jordan and Egypt. Those who thought that these were where Moses received the Ten Commandments and where Solomon built a Temple that housed the Ark of the Covenant containing the Ten Commandments tablets may have screamed in protest. But the true site, the City of David, in which Gihon Spring still flows, is now a national park of Israel just south of the fake “Temple Mount” (actually the remains of the Roman fort Antonia that Josephus wrote about). So when the time comes for a new Temple to be built in Jerusalem, its building site is within an Israeli national park. As for the true Mount Sinae site, in his tome on the subject, The Exodus Mysteries: of Midian, Sinae & Jabal al-Lawz (2019), Glen A. Fritz points out that it is almost due south of the City of David. The peak of Jabal al-Lawz is only about 5 miles east of the line of longitude that passes through the City of David:
    The tablets that Moses placed in the Ark of the Covenant were still there when Solomon was annointed king. The exact spot for that annointing in the City of David is shown near the end of this video:

  3. Always thought that this verse was interesting

    Rev 11:10 “And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth.”

    The passage seems to indicate some type of socialism is favored and the beast’s new economy is received. Not sure what to make of it quite yet. Bitcoin with his image on it involved in this too?

  4. Gary,
    Interesting idea. I’m thinking its possible if the image is 2-D it might be derived from the new “deep fake” technology that’s out there. Just speculating.

  5. Long before Marxism began killing off 100 million people it deemed to be worthless, the gospel was taught, despite persecutions, throughout the world, waking up people to the reality that the worth of all persons is great in the sight of God. Within the Roman system of slave ownership both slaves and owners sensed its wrongness. When the western Roman empire collapsed, basic human rights for servants were acknowledged by the Christian Byzantines in the eastern continuation of the empire. By the time that Islam conquered Constantinople in 1453, Hanafi Sunni Muslims had already been influenced by Christian outlooks on life. Mehmed the Conqueror acknowledged that many good aspects of the Byzantine empire should be continued in the Ottoman empire. When snooty Christian leaders began expelling Jews and Muslims from Spain in 1492, Ottoman leaders were eager to employ the superior medical skills of Jewish doctors in their empire. Marxism is falling, not rising. The CCP of China, in a last-ditch effort to control people’s beliefs, is producing a CCP-authorized Bible with text edited by atheists to conform to communist doctrines:
    Is the CCP stupid enough to think that their Bible will become the standard text for Christians in China?

  6. Those who have read “The Islamic Antichrist” by Joel Richardson may recall that one of the scholars praising that book was Robert Spencer, founder of the Jihad Watch website. On the May 3 release date of Spencer’s book “The Critical Qur’an” I received a copy. I am learning how Muslims interpret their scripture. When they recite its opening prayer, “those who have earned your anger” to them means Jews, “those who have gone astray” to them means Christians. All Qur’ans teach that Jesus was not killed or crucified, the most antichristian statement possible. Spencer’s translation shows that Muhammad was repeating something that Gnostic Christians had taught, and he lists four opposing theories by Muslims on who was crucified in Jesus’ place. Spencer cites alternate readings of the Qur’an, which Muslims have been covering up because it refutes their doctrine of having a perfect book. Spencer’s characterization of the Qur’an: “a collection of sermons, the longer of which deal with a wide variety of topics, with no clearly discernable unifying thread. It makes no attempt at linear history, either as a whole or, generally, within the individual suras.” But like Joel Richardson, Spencer loves Muslims. His dedication page reads: “offered with love to all the people of the world who love the Qur’an.” The Qur’an was revealed from 610 to 632. Its revealer said nothing about Jews returning to their promised land, nor Christians fulfilling their great commission. Its revealer did not want those things to happen. It’s time for Muslims to realize that their Qur’an is outdated and out of step with where God is blessing. The United Arab Emirates has a satellite in orbit around Mars studying its atmosphere. That achievement required some learning from “those who have gone astray.”

  7. Prism,
    “Marxism is falling, not rising.” Just wait. Not only does the CCP have an iron grip on their country, but the Antichrist has not even come to power yet.

  8. The tiger is watching the bear to see if prey is running good, or if it’s still too soon to break cover.

  9. While studying Robert Spencer’s “The Critical Qur’an” I found something that ties in with the discussion on iron in “Chronicles of the End Times” (beginning on page 164). The rise and fall of the historical iron kingdom, Islam, was linked to the availability of Damacus steel, iron with significant carbon and vanadium, used to make the superior swords used in Muslim conquests. Well, it so happens that Sura 57 of the Qur’an is “The Iron.” This title is taken from verse 25: “… and he sent down iron, in which is mighty power and uses for mankind, and so that Allah may know him who helps him and his messengers, although unseen. Indeed, Allah is strong, almighty.” Here we have the Qur’an comparing Allah to a special iron that Muslims were given. No wonder they nearly worshiped their Damascus steel swords.

    Who will be the US President when Iran invades the Middle East? Donald Trump’s first post on Truth Social: “I’M BACK! #COVFEFE.” C=carbon, O=oxygen used in making steel, V=vanadium present in Damascus steel, FE=iron, FE=iron. Iran’s great invasion may nearly duplicate the original Muslim conquests with Damascus steel swords:

  10. Salman Al-Farsi (the Persian) went to Arabia to meet Muhammad, converted from Christianity to Islam, became a companion of Muhammad, and came up with the idea of digging a trench on the north side of Medina, which helped save the 3,000 Muslim defenders from being wiped out by a pagan Arab army of 10,000 at the Battle of the Trench (AD 627).
    “Salman had a knowledge of both the Christian scriptures and the Quran in addition to his earlier knowledge of the Zoroastrian religion. Salman in fact translated parts of the Quran into Persian during the life-time of the Prophet. He was thus the first person to translate the Quran into a foreign language.” One of the oddities of the Quran is that it portrays the Haman of the Book of Esther as a contemporary ally of the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Whether or not Salman called attention to the anachronism, it was not corrected. Salman Al-Farsi is a great hero to both Sunni and Shia branches of Islam. His tomb is in the Salman Al-Farsi mosque in Iraq:

  11. Hi Mark, thank you for all work and info; like a year ago while reading Dan11 ..he will speak against AllmightyGod ..he will have no regard for any god ..he shall exalt himself above all ..but he shall honor a foreign god, not known by his fathers ..( this is longShot) ..IT cross my mind like he will throw every so called god, and theLiar, idols and GodAllMighty în to the mix as all are ‘man maidUp’ ..but there is an “UltimateSourceOfCreation” ..way older than any God. As an ultimate deception.

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