Book News: May 25, 2022

The last time I reported on book progress, it looked like the manuscript would be done by May.

The first three-quarters of the book has been made ready for reviewers. However, though this book may be revolutionary in our understanding of Mystery Babylon, if the message is true, it’s still a big “so what?” unless it applies to our lives. That’s what the last quarter of the book is about—the last three chapters.

There is still some material that needs to be boiled down, to make it more teachable.

That, and life happens—major home repairs, new additions to the family, and so forth.

I’ll be running hard to make it by the end of June which I hope is the point in time the manuscript can go out to reviewers.

Sorry to my readers that this book is taking so long. But it will get done, God willing.

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  1. And no doubt the enemy is at work to stop you. We pray the Lord removes these obstacles, strengthens your resolve and makes your path straight. Your work is so important. Your book ‘Chronicles of the End Times’ made a big impact on me. May the Lord bless you and yours mightily.

  2. Thank you for the prayers, Barbara.

  3. It’s the beginning of July, so how is it going?

  4. Gary,
    The book grew by two chapters, I wrote them, and now its down to the last chapter. Thanks for asking.

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