Russian Oil Embargo: A Worse Second Signpost for Europe

With leftists back in the White House after the 2020 election, the US is less prepared for the Second Signpost, having lost its energy independence. Actions beginning with the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline project have resulted in the average price for gas in the US at $6 per gallon.

Europe is doing the same thing to itself, making the future Second Signpost effects worse.

The European Union (EU) has been calling for an embargo of Russian oil in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The EU must seek other sources of oil to fill the void. Of course this embargo hurts Europe, not Russia.

Russia can simply get more customers such as China and India, who are lining up to buy Russian oil. That situation is making East Earth oil independent. Oil produced in East Earth, i.e. Russia, stays in East Earth, and is consumed by East Earth, i.e. China and India.

Europe must find new sources. Unfortunately, the new sources are all future Antichrist territory such as the Middle East and Africa. By depending more heavily on oil from these areas, Europe will be brought even lower economically when Iran runs out across the Middle East and turns off the oil spigot, cutting off one-quarter of the world’s oil supply.

Europe has been looking at new sources of natural gas from Africa. This article from reports more detail about the rerouting of oil.

In the simple diagram below, derived from various government oil sites, the reader should be able to see how oil is being redirected so East Earth is more independent from the Middle East and Center Earth, and i.e. Europe, will be easy pickings for the Antichrist of the Fourth Signpost. About 2.7 million barrels per day of Russian oil is changing course from Europe to China. That same 2.7 million bpd must come from somewhere, most likely the Middle East.

Bottom line, what was already going to be a hard time for Europe in the end times is being made much worse.

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  1. A 2022-06-11 article in Tehran Times should be of interest to anyone anticipating the second signpost.
    The commander of the IRGC navy is concerned about stability in the area of the Persian Gulf. What would be his responibility should instability result from friendliness with the Israel by gulf countries like UAE and Bahrain? He has over a thousand crews of fast attack boats equipped with missile launchers at his command. “The growing contact between Israel and the Persian Gulf’s Arab states could dampen hopes for any incoming thaw in Iran’s relations with its Persian Gulf Arab neighbors, because Iran has made it clear that it views Israel’s presence on its doorstep as a major threat to its security.” The commander is aware of the threatening statement made on 2021-10-03 by the Supreme Leader of Iran, who “stressed the importance of ensuring the security of the country with the help of the country’s own armed forces, saying: ‘Those who think that by relying on others they can ensure their security should know that they will soon be struck a blow (for entrusting their security to foreigners).'”
    The commander of the IRGC navy is not shy about warning countries that he is obligated to launch attacks against.

  2. I like your East Earth Mark.
    It’s happening I.n The oil realm.

  3. East Earth very good description.
    Thanks Mark.

  4. Hi Mark. I don’t know that Europe is making the situation much worse, but that the consequences of the Second Signpost are worse than may have been thought. The timing of these events are in Jesus’ hands, and we know that the worst is yet to come after the AoD.

    Thanking God for Jesus! Where would we be if we didn’t have Him?!

  5. The Bible’s “thou shalt not bear false witness,” the standard in judicial court proceedings in nations whose laws are (or at least were) based on biblical teachings, is missing from Islam’s holy Qur’an. Islamists cite Qur’an 25:72 to claim that it is there, but that verse is so vaguely worded that no equivalency to “thou shalt not bear false witness” is left ringing in one’s ears. Here is a compilation by Islamists of how Qur’an 25:72 has been translated into English:
    How to make sense out of these word salads? Christians should read “The Islamic Antichrist” by Joel Richardson, and its chapter “Understanding Dishonesty and Deceit in Islam,” freely accessible at:

    Click to access Islamic-Antichrist.pdf

    The Qur’an is emphatic about just weights and measures. Whoever inspired the Qur’an to be written knew that Islam had to be a civilized society in order to replace other societies. But he does not have a reputation for telling the truth, as shown by his denial that Jesus was crucified: “they did not kill him nor crucify him, but it seemed so to them” (Qur’an 4:157).

    “Imagine if Christians [in countries where having a Bible is forbidden] could hide a Bible in their mouth and listen to it at the same time, without anyone knowing – wouldn’t that be amazing? Please continue to pray for BTJ as the team works on the research and development of this new Bible.”
    Was the Isaiah 59:21 phrase “my words that I have put in your mouth” the inspiration for this?

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