Biden Begging for the Second Signpost?

The coming Second Signpost has hung over the world as the next major event predicted in Bible end-time prophecy, according to the new interpretation of the Four Signpost, written about in Daniel Revisited.

Ever since the predicted First Signpost started back in 2003, we have been watching the preparations for the Second Signpost. The Persian Ram’s second horn has grown longer per Daniel 8:3. The Islamic/Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has grown in power exceeding the power of the supreme leader.

The Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) only brought Iran closer to a nuclear weapon to better back what the IRGC would do, and that is to carry out the Persian Ram’s mission to invade and occupy most of the Middle East. This occupation will, according to the Signpost’s direct interpretation of Scripture, cause the oil spigot to be shut off, cutting off one-quarter of the world’s oil supply and ending America’s standard of living as the Petrodollar would finally die.

Of all the things that have been going on the last many years to speed up or put the brakes on the coming Second Signpost, this recent development just shows the insanity of Leftist rulers in our nation.

The Biden administration has been trying to resurrect the nuclear deal, and has been presenting incentives to Iran’s leadership. The last incentive has crossed a line: the US government would grant visas to visit our country to former IRGC members provided they don’t have any more desire to harm the US using some vetting process.

I can imagine the following scenario – –

US Official: “You swear you won’t blow-up anything or shoot people in our country?”

Former IRGC member: “Yes, I swear.”

US Official: “Welcome to America!”

This news is surprising, but not unexpected given our insane leadership.

Of course, Islam encourages its adherents to lie in order to gain the advantage against its enemies.

If former IRGC is allowed in, the Second Signpost, when it occurs can only be worse for America.

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  1. At this point, the DNC is basically just the floppy, weak little horn of the Persian Ram.

  2. God planned the end times we are living through from the beginning. The sudden invasion of the Middle East by Iran will destroy many false interpretations of Bible prophecy. The invasion of Jordan will focus attention on the Moab prophecy of Isaiah 15-16 and its expansion in Jeremiah 48. When Israel in 1967 gained control of the Temple Mount but then turned the control of it over to Islamic Jordan, that was not a betrayal, because it had to remain under Islamic control so that Isaiah 15:2 (Dibon goes up to its temple, to its high places to weep) and Isaiah 16:12 (When Moab appears on the high place, when he wearies himself and enters his sanctuary to pray, it will do him no good) could be fulfilled. The Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are built upon the ruins of the Roman fort Antonia to show that the Hellenic dominion of Greece and Rome was historically replaced by Islamic dominion. The Jerusalem temple in the City of David to the south made direct use of Gihon spring water for washing away the blood of sacrifices. The ancient letter of Aristeas reads: “The Temple looks towards the east, and its back is turned westwards. The whole floor is paved with stones and slopes down to the appropriate places, so as to admit of its being flushed with water to wash away the blood from the sacrifices; for many thousand beasts are offered on the feast days. The water-supply is inexhaustible. An abundant natural spring bubbles up within the temple area. There are, moreover, wonderful underground resevoirs passing description, at a distance, as they pointed out to me, of five furlongs all round the site of the temple, each with innumerable pipes, so that the various channels converge. It was explained, too, how all these cisterns had their bases and sides overlaid with lead, and over them is laid a great mass of plaster, so that everything is made secure; and how there are numerous outlets at the base of the altar, which are invisible to all except the actual ministrants, so that all the vast accumulation of sacrificial blood is swept away in the twinkling of an eye.”

    Click to access letter-of-aristeas.pdf

    There is no spring under the so-called Temple Mount. Isaiah 16:14 may be an indication that Iranian occupation of Jordan will not last longer than three years.

  3. Yes it is insane letting the Revolutionary Guard into America.
    But it measures up to Biden’s behaviour.

  4. Prism,
    . . . or, as I wrote about in Daniel Revisited, Israel may act fast enough to see the IRGC coming, and invade and occupy the west half of Jordan itself, to secure the Holy Land from the direct invasion by the IRGC.

  5. “The Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are built upon the ruins of the Roman fort Antonia to show that the Hellenic dominion of Greece and Rome was historically replaced by Islamic dominion.”

    This part stood out when I read Prism’s comment, especially the phrase “Greece and Rome,” G-A-R.

    A few weeks ago, I was out in the woods near a creek, when I looked down and saw more garfish together in one place than I ever saw before, all in one place, and all holding still, facing west. It may be that too much of the world has been looking west, in the direction of Greece and Rome from the primary biblical setting of the Middle East, to notice what’s coming.

  6. To hear IRGC are allowed to visit the US sends shivers up my spine. I was a teenager when they took control of the country after The Shah left in a hurry. They represent the most powerful faction since the beginning and were behind the US embassy seizure.

    I lived there till 1984 and have not been back since, because Pasdaran or IRGC are very intimidating—and are brainwashed to destroy any trace of truth or reality other than their own agenda. The only reason they would even set foot in America is to organize sleeper cells, from my point of view. Very bad plan to give them visa but perhaps part of the prophecy and future fulfillments.

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