Signpost Message on Local Colorado Christian TV

The P.U.S.H. episode featuring Mark Davidson and the Four Signpost message, aired last month on Rocky Mountain CTN.

Broadcast times were shown in this past post.

The episode is now on YouTube.

If you have family and friends with whom you want to share the Signpost message, here is a short 14-minute summary of the Four Signposts (the video goes on for 23 minutes, but is blacked out after the 14 minutes).

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  1. Mark, I just watched the video on you tube and you did a great synopsis of the four signposts! I want to share this with you and whoever reads this. I am not a pentecostal yet while I was in prayer Jesus took me to the story of Joseph and the 7 yrs of blessing and the 7 years of famine. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that from 2018 to 2025 to get my financial house in order for extremely difficult times will be from 2025 to 2032. Thank you for your diligent work. I did not know you were a aerospace engineer. My sister who is Catholic has read all your books and that is how I was introduced to your writings. She is a pilot for Delta and flys international. She has a unique perspective of what is happening globally. I will email her the video of your presentation. Darrin

  2. I was reading the 2 Kings 6 account of Elisha and a Syrian army invading Israel, which ended with the Syrians, though surrounded in Samaria, being lavishly fed and allowed to return to Syria in peace, which gesture of good will ended Syrian hostility against Israel. It is impossible to read this and not think about the Israeli reponse to the recent earthquake disaster in Syria, which, under Iran’s influence, has been at war with Israel. On the Israel Today website are three feel good accounts of Israelis helping Syrians harmed by the earthquakes.
    “In some cases, they were very emotional, very surprised that the Israelis weren’t who they were told we are,” Almog told TPS [Tazpit Press Service]. “One person said that everything he was taught all of his life about Israel was a lie. This was the first time they were meeting Israelis, and we weren’t as bad as he thought.”

    Right now Israel has good relations with two of the four heads of the prophesied leopard-like beast (Egypt and Albania) and improving relations with the other two (Turkiye, and because of Israel’s earthquake response, Syria). I believe that during the third signpost Israel will build the Temple in the City of David, now a national park, which is south of “Temple Mount” (actually fort Antonia which housed an entire Roman legion). No gift of prophecy is required to predict that the Siloam Inscription that was chiseled out from Hezekiah’s tunnel and taken to Istanbul by the Ottoman Empire, will as a gesture of good will, be returned to the City of David. The Siloam Inscription celebrated the completion of a tunnel directing water from the Gihon Spring near the Temple away from access by an encroaching Assyrian army (2 Chronicles 32:1-4). “It was Hezekiah who blocked the upper outlet of the Gihon spring and channeled the water down to the west side of the City of David” (2 Chronicles 32:30 NIV).

    Visitors to the City of David can walk through Hezekiah’s tunnel and see the place where the original Siloam Inscription was.

  3. Some months ago I learned that live photos of an Anatolian Leopard, once thought extinct, were taken in Turkiye, whose government is trying to keep alive any remnants of that species. Turkiye is one of the heads of the four-headed leopard-like beast of Daniel 7:6. Today I learned that there is a Persian leopard also facing extinction. One of them was caught on live video walking through snow in Iran’s northern forests.
    Iran is the bear of Daniel 7:5. Although the leopard-like beast of 7:6 is not portrayed as attacking the bear, in the corresponding Daniel 8, a ram (representing Shia Iran) is attacked by a goat (representing Turkish leadership over a four-country Sunni confederacy) flying through the air. Turkiye is a leading military drone manufacturer. Future confederacy member Albania has recently bought drones from Turkiye. The live video of a leopard stalking through Iran in snow may be a sign that when an Iranian bear comes out of hibernation to maraud through the Middle East, it will eventually be attacked by a four-headed Anatolian leopard.

  4. Prism – I might add, the four-headed leopard of Daniel 7 is given authority to rule. Authority is given quite often after having won a war.

  5. In The Watchmen’s Newscast, Erick Stakelbeck posted this yesterday. In it he mentions, Brazil’s soft attitude toward Iran and also how Iran could indeed plant missiles in Venezuela within reach of the US and provide drones.

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