Four Signpost News – 31 March 2023

The theme of these first three months of 2023 could be called delay, it seems. There have been delays in both the book getting out as well as an ongoing delay in the coming of the Second Signpost itself. However, what we may think of as delay is simply God doing things in His time.

Many things are happening both with this ministry and in developments in the world as they work toward the Second Signpost. I plan to post more often now that most of the book work is past and that the trigger for the Second Signpost is coming into focus.

The Book, Hidden Babylon

Initially, I thought there should be no reason why it couldn’t come out in late January. The process to get to publication has been slow with unexpected problems in the process itself. However, the book should be out around the end of April. Excerpts and endorsements will be posted as we get closer to the actual date, which will be announced very soon.

I thought Hidden Babylon was going to be a smaller book but out of necessity over the last two years it grew until it’s about the size of Daniel Revisited. It covers the initial proposed new view of Babylon the Great, the scriptural case to back it up, the application to end-time prophecy of this new view, and finally the meaning of “Come out of her, my people.”


The livestreams announced earlier should happen in late April and May. Even these have been delayed.

Refocusing: The Second Signpost Trigger

Though the Middle East never truly becomes calm, the news out of the Middle East while much of it is just noise, is showing symptoms—along with other indications in the wider world—that the window is starting to close on the Second Signpost. Posts will be coming that are along these lines. The new focus of watching for the Second Signpost, for this season, must turn to Russia and China as triggers.

The kings of the IRGC, the leaders of the Persian Ram, are reaching retirement age. If they really are going to spread their Revolution, they had better do it soon. Once they retire and are gone, the leaders of the cult of “let’s follow the supreme leader” will be pretty much over.

The US military has held back the IRGC now since Saddam fell in the First Signpost. Neutralizing or removing the US military in the region seems to be the key, per Daniel 8:4 (“No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power”).

There is now mounting evidence almost to the point of being incontrovertible, it seems, that the Second Signpost “Trigger” and the commanding of the Persian Bear is relying on Russia and China.

In fact, I believe there is a good chance that if the war goes a certain way, Americans may not even see the Second Signpost occur in real time, because they will be dealing with their distress in their own homeland.

Russia and China and the Cutting Off of West Earth

In this earlier post (and others like this one) I proposed the view of the earth (i.e., Babylon the Great) has divided into three (per Rev. 16:19, “The great city split into three parts” which happened over the last many centuries) and that these three parts will become distinct self-contained areas of the world going into the last days.

As almost everyone is likely aware, Russia and China are forming, with an alliance of many nations in Asia and Africa, a separate banking and economic system apart from the USA and the West. This is why we also see China and Russia making alliances with Iran and Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The West is being separated out. The US petrodollar is ending.

The Second Signpost Trigger will likely be a major world war in which Russia and China attack and take out the US.

America today reminds me of the ancient city of Babylon the night Cyrus conquered it (in Dan. 5:21). Instead of manning the walls and watching for signs of the water level falling, they were partying and reveling in themselves and what they wanted to do. Instead of readiness, they catered to their feelings. And they were being irresponsible toward their country in part because their hubris said they were unconquerable, that everything will continue as is. And the enemy easily took them out.

Likewise, those in American government are not manning the walls and instead reveling in what they want to do. “Wokeness” (how I hate that ungrammatical word) is killing our military. Wokeness triggered the current banking crisis (SVB exec going woke rather than managing asset risk). They are being irresponsible toward the welfare of their nation because their hubris says they are unconquerable, that everything will continue as is. And the enemy will easily take them out.

Then, once Russia and China quickly—literally what may only be one hour—take out the US, Iran is free, called to come out and gorge, and to charge across the Middle East.


It is rather obvious why China would do such a thing. They want to be the new world master, per Pillsbury’s book The Hundred Year Marathon. They want a world ruled by China. Their takeover of East Earth is predicted in this post, and in Hidden Babylon.

As with all red lines, once you cross it, anything is possible. Cross the line of gay marriage and anything outside of a marriage of one biological adult man to one biological adult woman is possible. Likewise, once the red line is crossed with China taking Taiwan, anything is possible for China, especially if the Second Signpost hobbles the economies of all the nations around China.


Russia is more complicated. In addition to my day job and finishing my book, I’ve been studying Russia since the start of the most recent seven-year cycle in September 2022. Once you realize what Russia is, what it is to be Russian, understand their history both centuries ago and in the last many decades, everything Russia and Putin has been doing has made total sense. (I’ll be posting on Russia soon.)

Perhaps 90 percent of everything you are hearing from the western press, both mainstream and conservative, is rubbish. There is a systemic, deep-seated hatred of Russia by the West that has been going on for almost one thousand years, and it continues to this day even by our news media and our government. Some of it may be justified but most of it is rooted in Christianity tearing itself apart. As Hidden Babylon shows, catering and obeying one’s idol clouds one’s view of reality.


Just as Taiwan is the reason for China to end US power, so, too, Ukraine is the reason Russia will be at the side of China. As long as Ukraine was not an issue with Russia, Russia would not do what China wants to do.

However, I believe that since February 2022, the world has been staring at the completed Trigger of the Second Signpost: Ukraine.

More on this in coming weeks.

The Divorce of East Earth from Center Earth

After the Second Signpost occurs, as all you readers know, the events leading to the Antichrist rising in the Islamic realm will then proceed with the Third and Fourth Signposts. When the Beast rises to take his empire, Russia and China will separate from the Islamic realm and much of the world around it.

This will lead to the Sixth Trumpet and Sixth Bowl, also explained in Hidden Babylon.


I believe the Second Signpost is coming within this year or next at the latest. The IRGC leadership is retiring. The supreme leader is hated at home. Signs of the regime’s end abound in Iran.

Russia’s and China’s edge in military technology in the form of hypersonic cruise missiles is enough to take out the US (in literally minutes), but will only last until 2026 or so when the US starts fielding these weapons of its own.

Wokeness and the current inept administration will only assuredly last, helping China, only until the next election in late 2024. It may go further, but November 2024 is all China can count on.

For all these reasons, along with the Trigger occurring right on the day of the start of this current seven-year cycle (and the rider of the white horse started on a cycle as well), I believe we are very close.

More coming on this website. Please stay tuned.

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4 replies

  1. Brazil is currently a partner of China as part of the movement Mark mentioned away from the U.S. Dollar as the world reserve currency.

    Brazil apparently won’t become a military power any time soon. They just scuttled their only aircraft carrier, already pretty much just a toxic floating wreck, in the middle of the Atlantic earlier this year. They had a deal with Turkey to salvage it in a Turkish port, but the dockworkers went on strike when they found out just how toxic the São Paulo was. I can’t say I blame them a bit. After seeing just a partial list of chemicals used aboard, I wouldn’t want that job, either.

    If the CCP decides to attack the U.S., then they will attack Japan, too. They do not want to give Japan a chance to shift their economy to a wartime footing. Threats of sanctions over offering military supplies to Russia as Biden and others have made may be a threat that China is simply unwilling to take lying down. If they feel they are cornered, and that time is running out, that the gilded window of opportunity Biden and Milley have given them is closing, then the CCP may attack before they are truly ready. Their assault on Taiwan may fail even more spectacularly than Russia’s attempt to seize Kiev, but that doesn’t mean that a single battle would end the war. In a protracted war, China might seize Okinawa for a forward airbase. Those islands are smaller than Taiwan, and so offer defenders fewer options of terrain in which to disperse, but are also farther from the Chinese mainland, and thus even harder to resupply. It would be harder for guys on the ground there to move around through the countryside like the Ukrainians did earlier in their defense to stall the Russians. That works both ways, either for U.S. and Japanese defenders, or for PLA trying to hold it against Allied recovery efforts. If they did launch such an assault, the PLA might figure on holding the islands just long enough to give them time to consolidate and fortify Taiwan itself.

    Pray for the followers of Christ in all nations, for all will be tested.

  2. Thanks for the update, Mark. This morning, I just saw this Fox report in possible shifts in global currency dependency.

  3. Early reports are that China is preparing some sort of blockade of Taiwan. It may be just a bluff. Time will tell.

    Also, the United States Libertarian Party has just announced that they oppose all arms sales to Taiwan so that it can no longer defend itself against Communist aggression. For the record, I reject the assertion that the CCP rebellion against the Republic of China was in any way lawful, nor was it at any point capable of forming a legitimate government over any part of the territory of the Republic of China. The Libertarian Party’s current shameful stance is an example of why over a billion people, more than one sixth of the human population, live under the yoke of enslavement to a man who, among other crimes, forces Bible-believing Christians to bow down in prayer to portraits of himself, and rewrites the Holy Scriptures at will. At least the emperors of Imperial China recognized Heaven, a force above and greater than themselves. The Communist Party claims to be anti-imperialist, yet still seeks to overthrow every regime or government that will not bend to its will, and claims to represent the final form and best possible good of human governance, yet cannot assure basic rights and freedoms for people in any of the land it already rules. Any further trade with this entity cannot hope to build goodwill since the CCP has at no point negotiated or acted in good faith, nor has it rejected the use of force to invade Taiwan. Xi Jinping the leader of this so-called government, has lived in the United States. He has no excuse for acting as if he does not know what can be done to improve the lives of his people, and to make certain that the Chinese people have every opportunity to do the most good that they can with their own lives while they are alive to do it.

  4. GodBlessU brotherMark, I cant express enough the diffrence you and ChrisMantei and JoelRichardson and a few others, made for me thru your teachings; I am a catholic and the Lord “push” me to understanding that I needHim and I have to do somethin more than just say “IM catholic” ..not enough. So, I got bapt în 2019 and around that time I begun reading the Bibel and searching on internet …one thing led to another, I found Joel and Dalton ..Chris ..SoniaAzam7 ..ReggieKelly some Point Chris talked about you and your books and I listen to the4SP and what you display îs amazing and diffrent from many others. Much info out there some îs True but also much deception. I thank the Lord all the time for all of you .. besides some old testament stories and the story of what theLord did on the cross for us ..I knew literaly nothing about endTimes and Daniel and how to understand everything. So, many thanks and mayTheLord BlessU and keepU and your family allTheTime. Shalom!

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