Global Triggers of the Signposts

The interpretation of prophetic Scripture known as the Four Signposts tells us four events will occur in the Middle East, one after the other, which will show us the emergence of the Muslim Antichrist. The case for this interpretation is made in Daniel Revisited.

The First Signpost was the forcing of Iraq, the end-time version of Babylon, as the lion of Daniel 7, to stand up and have its mind—its government—changed from something brutal to something more civilized. This occurred in March 2003. Saddam was replaced by a parliamentarian democracy.

We are now waiting for the Second Signpost. Many of the readers of this site have been waiting and watching for this for years.

The Signposts themselves are a Mideast-centric series of events. Yes, the Second Signpost would cause oil prices all over the world to skyrocket, but up to now I believed the triggers and the actions for the Second Signpost were to be confined to the Middle East.

The trigger for the First Signpost was the events of 9/11. This caused the Bush administration—whether knowingly or unknowingly regarding Saddam’s WMD, arguments can be made for either, just as the first horseman of Revelation 6 may have had or not have had, in fact, arrows, we just don’t know—provided the force to make the lion stand and change its mind due to that trigger.

Additionally, that trigger occurred at the start of the fourth seven-year cycle of the end-times. That trigger was also pulled on another continent, thousands of miles from Iraq.

For the Second Signpost to unfold, the Iranian forces—the IRGC and Basij—need to go out across the Middle East without hindrance (per Dan. 8:4 NASB, “no other beasts could stand before him, nor was there anyone to rescue from his power”), allowing the regime to do all it wants to do. What it wants to do is spread its Shia revolution of 1979 all over the Muslim countries in the region. This means the US military would need to be defeated, or withdrawn from the region.

A Pattern of Global-Sourced Triggers?

It’s looking more and more like the US forces will be withdrawn. The following is why.

First, the US military is fairly embedded in bases strung across the Middle East. Unless the world paradigm changes, there is no reason for the US military to leave.

Second, from time to time, the IRGC will attack Sunni or US positions, with the most recent being rocket and drone attacks in Syria on March 23, 2023. These are meant to both provide tests of the IRGC military capability, and to test US readiness and resolve. The IRGC hasn’t tried to take on the US military head-to-head because it believes it would lose, hence, the display over the years of what is called asymmetric warfare.

And, by the way, when the Second Signpost occurs, it will look quite different then anything we have seen in the last 20 years.

However, I believe the US military has been the inhibitor of the Second Signpost so far.

Moving on, third, Russia and China have allied together both militarily and economically to oppose the United States. Each of the two nations does so for different reasons. They are seeking to remove the US as the world’s only superpower.

Fourth, they also each now have a trigger. For China it is Taiwan. For Russia, it is now Ukraine, or, more precisely the five eastern provinces (the four contested plus Crimea) of Ukraine which are majority Russian.

Fifth and finally, just as the first war of conquest of the first horseman began the very hour of the first end-time seven-year cycle, and the trigger for the First Signpost that ended his reign was at the start of fourth cycle, so, too, the trigger of the Second Signpost may very well have occurred on the day of the start of the seventh cycle.

If the US is involved in a major war with China and Russia, the forces it has in the Middle East would almost certainly be withdrawn.

As is seen in many circumstances, once is an anomaly, twice is a coincidence, but three is a pattern. It seems the Signposts may very well be lining up with the seven-year cycles.

The seventh cycle began seven months ago on September 25, 2022. It seemed that in the days and hours around that date nothing significant happened. However, significant events don’t have to hit us in the face. After all, Saddam’s opening salvos happening that first hour would have been lost if not researched.

And by looking deeper into the events around September 25, 2022, it seems there was a potentially significant triggering event for the Second Signpost. This would suggest the Second Signpost will begin sometime during this seventh cycle (2022-2029), and sooner rather than later in those seven years. (The First Signpost started only 18 months after its trigger at 9/11.)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started in February 2022, took a more dramatic turn around the start of the seventh cycle which was on September 25, 2022. The invasion had been escalating into a war all along, but the events around that day require one to understand what it means to be Russia and Russian. (This will be the topic of an upcoming post.) This Ukraine war, if allowed to further escalate, could also be the trigger for the Second Signpost.

On September 21, Putin announced a mobilization of 300,000 Russian troops, a clear military sign of Russia’s escalation. On September 23, the four regions (“oblasts”) of Ukraine with a Russian majority held votes as to whether to join Russia. Finally, on September 30, Putin announced the annexation of these Russian-populated territories.

Whether or not the votes were real or staged doesn’t matter. The point is Russia’s government proceeded with the annexation of the four territories with majority Russian populations so they became an integral part of Russian territory. At some point, an attack on these regions becomes an attack on Russia proper. This will touch a historic Russian nerve.

The government of the United States, having inherited a long 1,000-year history of the West hating Russia, continues to do so as shown by its policies and the media. The US government is needlessly antagonizing Russia.


It seems to me that, just as the First Signpost trigger had a global source, so, too, the trigger of the Second Signpost may also very well be from far away from the Middle East.

There are rumblings in the conservative news sites of a possible World War 3 with Russia and China attacking the United States. There are many reasons that seem to lead to this conclusion.

Of course, we won’t know until it happens. If there is a nuclear attack on the mainland United States, Americans may not even see the Second Signpost unfold in real time, though the rest of the world will.

China’s activities around the world and what may unfold in the near term is the topic of yet another upcoming post.

In summary, we (Americans) may not see the Second Signpost begin on this side of a nuclear war. That Signpost may be triggered by global events.

As Hidden Babylon will show, knowledge of the Signposts coupled with knowledge of the three parts of the real great city, yield a global picture of the phases of the times leading up to the Tribulation. It is this global picture that is driving these agreements between Iran and Turkey, and Iran and Saudi Arabia (these certainly are not permanent, erasing centuries of warfare and mutual hatred). These will fade when the Second Signpost begins.

And this is only my opinion, but I believe there is a strong chance of the triggering of the Second Signpost occurring before the next presidential election in 2024.

We will see. Stay tuned. And remember, it’s not about times, but about the signs.

(Book news, 24 April 2024: The release of Hidden Babylon and God’s Last Warning should be less than one month away. More news coming.)

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9 replies

  1. Book news should be 2023 and not 2024 – Uor work continues to enlighten – anxious to order Hidden Babylon.

  2. Yes I can see an invasion from Iran and an attack on Israel going by rhetoric.
    Thanks Mark.

  3. Hi Mark. Just reading Daniel Revisited at the moment. What you hypothesise makes sense and it appears to be the closest match to the reality unfolding on the current World stage.
    Muslim AntiChrist?…. Obama.

  4. Hi Superpuppet,
    Get ready to put our assumptions on the shelf. Daniel Revisited chapters 1 and 2 will show you the Antichrist cannot be anything other than a Syrian-Arab. Obama is a Kenyan.
    Blessings – –

  5. Apparently there have been a lot of removal of munitions from US bases in Far East to replenish supplies used in Ukraine.
    If Taiwan is invaded, dependant on the Russia picture, USA might give this up.

    The USA is very much increasingly adopting a Fortress America stance, perhaps they want to concentrate efforts on dominating Europe. Defeating Russia is one huge task but Russia and China perceived as too risky ?

    The US has already moved the majority of its forces from the ME.
    Perhaps with the switch to green energy and the self sufficiency in oil will cause the US to give up the ME too as it has proved to be a can of worms and the US is so vulnerable being regarded as the Great Satan.

    The Bible appears to say/infer nothing about the US presence participant in the wars in the ME, so once again the scenarios are conforming with future prophecies.

    Mark, how do you see the war prophecies playing out.? is it just Ezekiel 38 or Psalm 83 followed by Ezekiel 38?


  6. Hi Brian,
    Though much of the personnel have been evacuated, there is still a significant presence of the navy and air force.
    I believe the Psalm 83 war will occur during the Second Signpost. Here is an old post from ten years ago, detailing why –
    This will likely occur during the Second Signpost. Then we will have the wars of the Fourth Signpost and early Tribulation, as the Antichrist emerges, consolidates his Islamic Empire, and goes on conquests of Europe and Africa. After expanding his empire as large as he can, he will turn inward, and on Jerusalem.
    The Ezekiel 38 war is all about the 42 months of the Great Tribulation. Pay attention to the exact words of Ezekiel 38. You’ll see. Verses 5-6 reads as a list of the ten nations of the Antichrist (the Islamic realm – see Chap 12 of DR) Verses 19-22 read as the same as the seventh bowl and seventh trumpet of Revelation.

  7. Also, Mark, the recent leaks revealed that ISIS is training in Afghanistan. Add that also to prophetic equation of no one being able to oppose the Persian ram. I guaranteed also as well there is a General or Colonel that is not liking this direction our military and dropped this information into a lower class military man for a reason. This will cause soldiers not reenlisting and the number of recruits dropping as a result. The number of men disinterested in joining under Biden is staggering. Also I heard today that the Pentagon had to step in to stop a plan attack on Moscow by Ukrainian forces. I really suspect a lot interesting things will start happening and particularly around the first week of June. I will post something to you Mark at a later time as to why I think this.

  8. If the Psalm 83 war precedes the Tribulation then the chronology would be (I will use dates to simplify )

    2023/4- Psalm 83 War (Religious motivation: To irradiate Israel totally) possible nuclear strike on Damascus and Arman .Forces peace.. Peace in the land now of unwalled villages. Temple rebuilt as a consequence.

    2024/6- Iran runs amok in ME. Rise of antichrist. Antichrist and allies overcome
    2026- 7 year peace accord with Israel

    2029.5 3.5 years on : Accord broken -Ezekiel 38 War. (Economic motivation:for Israels riches). Parallel to plagues and catastrophes as per Revelation leading to

    2033 ARMAGEDDON after the Israelis flee to Petra. Second Coming .Gog is defeated (is this where, in Ezek 39.12 , for 7 months Israel buries dead and radioactive residue.

    Note: if this time scale did prove to be correct possibly 2033 is 2000 years on from crucifixion. End of 6000 years from Adam, start of 7th year Millennium

  9. Brian,
    Time-wise, your guesses are as good as anyone’s.
    Events-wise, I believe there will be no 7-year peace accord with Israel. That is a product of (a) not knowing the Signposts, (b) only knowing traditional prophecy teaching and because of this, only knowing or considering Israel. That “strengthening” of a covenant with “many” will likely be the new Mahdi being the next prophet in Islam after Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Each one confirmed / strengthened a covenant in the Islamic viewpoint. The “many” are the one-quarter of the earth’s population that are Muslims.
    Please realize, there are countless many things in our heads we have “learned” over the years and decades, that are all based on the traditional teachings that ignore much Scripture (e.g. Dan. 8:17, 19). Even now I’m realizing I have to unlearn things. As I discover new interpretations, they clash with what I already “know” and I have to ask myself, why do I think that? Why is there a contradiction? And after prayer and study I realize what I thought I knew is false.
    The building of the Third Temple will likely commence right after the Second Signpost. With the victory spelled out in Psalm 83, Israel would feel confident to go forward with its temple plans.

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