Ms. Mogherini Prophesies Second Signpost

Once in a while, someone in the secular world speaks a prophecy right out of the Signpost interpretation of God’s word.  Iranian president Rouhani did it several months ago.  It happened again today with the breaking of this story.

Ms. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union, spoke these words while in the thick of the negotiations with Iran for a nuclear deal, about the deal itself:

“…[the] security of the world is at stake.”

How true are those words!  Her university thesis was “Relationship between religion and politics in Islam” according to Wikipedia, so there is a good plausibility she understands who she is dealing with, though she likely could not know the full extent of the current situation.  She likely meant her words to refer to a new nuclear threat from a fundamentalist Islamic nation.  But her words can be taken differently, as a threat to security to individual people’s lives in a way that is unimaginable.

The nuclear negotiations with Iran in Lausanne on March 30, 2015.  Ms. Mogherini is to the left of the Iranian representative at the head of the table.  (U.S. Dept. of State photo)

The nuclear negotiations with Iran in Lausanne on March 30, 2015. Ms. Mogherini is to the left of the Iranian representative at the head of the table. (U.S. Dept. of State photo)

The looming and quite unexpected Second Signpost is the next event in Bible end-time prophecy.  Iran will run out and conquer most of the Middle East!

The Persian ram of Daniel 8, the hungry bear of Daniel 7, and the second horseman of Revelation 6, will all work in concert to bring about the full event that is to be the Second Signpost.  The second horseman is specifically said to take peace, in the Greek, iraynay, from the earth.  This is the removal of peace of mind and stability, while being given the added burdens and concerns and worries of how people will feed themselves and get along in this brave new economic world that is coming to us once Iran takes over one quarter of the world’s oil supply.

Those who know about the Signpost message need to wake up and realize the reality and grit represented in Ms. Mogherini’s words.  The world, and the Church especially, would do well to heed those words about the Second Signpost: “…[the] security of the world is at stake.”

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  1. Mark
    Maybe you can give some thoughts about our recent Supreme Court decision and how it could lead into the second sign post. I think our countries moral demise must take place before Gods judgment can come upon the earth. I was reading Hosea on the day of the decision and it’s clear that God has given us enough time to repent and return to Him. Obviously, our country is being manipulated by the minority. We need to take courage and know that Jesus is on the throne and all of this is working to His glory and His good. We need to keep the faith and keep pushing back the darkness and let the Holy Spirit do his work.
    Chris P

  2. Chris P,
    What happened this past week with the supreme court does not tie in directly to the Second Signpost, but is indicative of the times we live in.

  3. Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron stated today that the fight against ISIS is “the struggle of our generation” ( He is not really wrong of course, but it suggests that he is underestimating Iran.

    In 2014, he said more generally “the struggle against Islamist fanatics is this generation’s Second World War” (, which I think is more spot-on.

    From the signpost perspective, the world we are now living in resembles Europe in the 1930’s, with a few people like Winston Churchill warning against the danger, and fewer heeding his warnings. Hitler re-militarizing of Germany, invading the Rhineland, all against treaties, then annexing Austria… Step by step, not too much at once, and he got away with it all. It is like Iran slowly taking over Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as they are doing today, and nobody opposing.

    I hope I am wrong in the following, but there is a serious possibility that in the future, Barack Obama will be viewed as we view British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain today. Chamberlain sold the democracy Czechoslovakia to Hitler for a false assurance of Hitler’s peaceful intentions.

    If the present negotiations with Iran lead to them acquiring nuclear weapons, that is like selling Israel (and some Sunni states) to Iran for a false assurance that Iran’s nuclear program is entirely peaceful.

    History does not repeat itself exactly, but it surely does rhyme.

  4. Adamant – I’ve noticed since last year that well-informed observers have increasingly commentated upon such similarities with Neville Chamberlain and that period in our history.

  5. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Have been lining up a short blog on the EU/Greece crisis with a point about this ‘High Representative’ and Europe’s political war with Israel. Very few know that the number of the document recommending creation of that office at the Western EU summit in Vienna in 1998 was ‘666’! (Details>

  6. Thanx Richard.

  7. Another similarity with the 1930’s: The Soviet Union sided with Nazi-Germany and ate up half of Poland and the Baltic States. Nowadays Putin sides with Assad (still supporting his regime officially, while they know full well that Iran is actually boss there), and with Iran, recently having made a deal about pipelines between them.

    (Later of course Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. Whether a unified Islamic state will ever try that remains to be seen, that would be some signposts further on…)

  8. I recently wondered whether we are overlooking something important: The Sunni world already has nuclear weapons, in Pakistan. Would Pakistan step in against Iran to give the other Sunni States an “umbrella”? Some say so.


    All this ambiguity implies that Pakistan will probably remain neutral in the second signpost. And I guess that these are the reasons that Iran will not strike eastwards, but “only” north, south and westwards:

    1. Eastwards is not in the direction of Israel
    2. Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and Iran does not want to provoke Pakistan by attacking them.
    3. Iran hopes/expects Pakistan will remain neutral during the Iranian assault.
    4. Eastwards of Iran lies India, enemy of Pakistan and presently friendly with Iran. But India would in all probability not like to have a neo-Persian Empire on its border, remembering the Muslim invasions India has suffered. So India might actually even support Pakistan if Iran would attack it.

  9. Adamant,
    Your four points about Pakistan are all valid. But for a little history – Pakistan and India are arch-enemies with an enmity that goes back centuries. I know several Indians and their faith – Hinduism – is part of the Indian state and culture. In many Indians’ eyes to be Indian means to be Hindu. And India has been under assault by Islam for over one thousand years, being a bulwark against its eastern spread on the Asian continent. An excellent book on this topic is Defeating Political Islam by Moorthy S. Muthuswamy (its in Daniel Revisited’s bibliography at the bottom of p. 266), pp. 81-133 titled “Seige of India”.
    Pakistan, also ruled by a secular strongman, will never allow itself to be weak in front of its enemy India. Any involvement with a war against Iran will weaken its position. Pakistan is facing an enemy with 10 times the people and many times the area. This is why I believe Pakistan might only get involved at the end of the signposts, when Antichrist’s empire is bringing in the Muslim nations. And remember Daniel 8 – the Persian ram will do all it wants to do.

  10. Really how could Iran or the backwards military of these Islamic nations ever compete with the west military might. Even 10 years from now?

  11. Mark is correct about Pakistan and India are fierce enemies of each other. Some years back, I truly thought we were headed for a nuclear exchange between these two countries. It was breath-taking to see these two countries pointing nuclear weapons at each other like it was “Noon at the OK Corral”. It was terribly scary. Somehow they were talked off the ledge of mutual self-destruction and nuclear war did not ensue, but it was very close.


  12. Mike,
    I know, right? But if the signpost interpretation is true and you look at Daniel 8 literally applied to today, it is quite clear. The Persian ram will get to do all it wants, and it says no one could rescue either. This is what tells me the USA will not stop Iran, likely because it cannot.

  13. Mike, the plausibility of a weak West and and even weaker USA is very real. Obama has nearly crippled our military viability thru deep budget cuts, ignores the counsel of his Military brass on anything because he wants America to have parity like all other nations in the world. The American public has been given the “illusion” that we can defend ourselves if there was an attack to defend our national security, we simply cannot. And we are going to find this out very shortly with great horror on the scale worse than 9/11. Now, whether this takes the form of economics, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP’s) shot from international waters by Iran to America or some other form to incapacitate us is unknown. The method is not told in God’s Word, but the result sure is as Mark has stated in his post and his book. If only the church, let alone our government, understood this…preparation would change drastically.


  14. Mike, ‘how could Iran….compete with west military might, even 10 years from now?’.

    The United Apostates of America is treated with contempt across the Middle-east as a result of POTUS’ abdication of responsibility. This is why Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel are working together. They’ve noted quisling POTUS’ back-channels approach to Iran ever since his inauguration.

    It would need a change of president as well as will across NATO, plus better funding from Europe to tackle Iran – but first they have to deal with ISIS.

    BUT more importantly, how could the West win now they’ve come from under the Lord’s hand of protection by turning against Him?

  15. I,m in the process of reading marks book,and I know God can change dynamics at any mail with oil, a destroyed economic situation,(massive debt) the only way I see America not getting involved more in mid east and slow your countries decline, at home or abroad. is if the reelect someone like Hillary, God forbid. Anyway my point is America has 2000 nukes maybe just cannot complete with that power.And history has shown when American backs are against the wall they be sure if the ability of AC is such as Hitler able to Mobilize the breast, economic and military.I could see fear arise in the world. By the way I am Canadian.But in the end the world will Mobilize. With its latent power,Maybe I am sort sighted and do not yet understand AC Scripture says.I have just found out about Islamic paradigm and am reading up on it now.blessings

  16. Mike,
    It simply comes down to what God’s word says – Iran will do all it wants to. Now consider all the possibilities if you wish. We may think anything but we are told to watch. I don’t know why or how Iran will do this, whether America is out or not, I am just presenting what I believe to be the most plausible path given today’s geopolitics and economy.

  17. Mike, a total crippling and/or total passivity of the USA or the West is a possible scenario, but not the only scenario to make an Iranian assault successful. It can also happen when the USA and its allies are still relatively strong.

    Such a scenario is a stalemate, with on one side Russia and China (and India?) backing Iran, and on the other side, the USA and its Western Allies backing Israel, Turkey (NATO member) and other Sunni states after all (too late to rescue most of them, only believing Israel and the Sunni states when Iran itself proves them right).

    If Iran’s allies threaten to use their own nukes against NATO in case NATO employs any of its 2000+ nukes, then I do not see NATO using them against Iran. Especially if Iran is clever enough NOT to hit the USA and its Western Allies at all (except verbally), so not giving NATO the feeling that they are with their back against the wall.

    And who knows – after the Neo-Persian empire is established in the Middle East, and the West gradually is pushed with its back against the wall, economically, oil-shortage-wise, etc., and realizes it… would they then not support the Turkish unicorn goat with all their might to make it successful against the Persian ram? Even without using nukes, though maybe with them.

    In this scenario, both the second and third signposts can occur even when USA and its allies are still relatively strong – and Russia, China and India are also still relatively strong. Then both signposts resemble the proxy wars from the Cold War Era. Only on a far larger and bloodier scale.

    All this does not imply that nukes never will be used. Some of the disasters describes in Revelations might be caused by nuclear war – either started by the Islamic Empire, or by what then remains of the strength of the rest of the world. Maybe then nukes are all they have left. But if so, that would after the fourth signpost.

  18. I have a question about the second horseman as taking peace. Not sure as I see the horseman as Iran specifically. They are considered as spirits from heaven in Zachariah. Really believe such laws as the one passed on June 26th has no ability to Sh’ra Iran already. For it cast a dispersion in any having any true vision.

  19. Hi Gary,
    The second horseman is not Iran, as I show in my book. It is the Second Signpost, the second event prior to the Tribulation, and the event where widespread war covers the Middle East and peace of mind is taken from the world. The horsemen are not just the announcers that each Signpost has begun, but are the conditions and even embodiment of each Signpost.
    Daniel 7 and 8 merely show us the main country in the spotlight for the Second Signpost is Iran.

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