Day 305: The Nightmare Election of 2020

Today is Sunday, November 8, 2020. It has been 305 days—a little over ten months—since the start of the grace period announced by the Iranian supreme leader.

While we don’t know when exactly the Second Signpost will begin, it seems we are getting closer. Since Daniel 8:4 (NASB) says, “No other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power,” this would mean the United States does not succeed in stopping Iran’s massive future invasion and occupation of much of the Middle East. Why the United States? The US would be the only nation to attempt to stop the IRGC—not Russia, not China, nor Europe.

The US military might not succeed in three ways now. The first is that the US military is defeated. We’ve seen evidence that is possible from this event and this event.

The second is that the US military packs its bags and goes home. That might happen if America becomes embroiled in an internal conflict or crashing of its economy. This past post talks about this possibility.

There is a third way. If Joe Biden and the democrats do indeed lead the US government, Biden could just allow Iran to do its invasion. A Chinese-CCP-compromised US president could do that quite easily if Biden doesn’t do it himself.

The 2020 Election

It looks like that aforementioned second way or even third way has become much more possible in the last few days. The presidential election of 2020 is unprecedented.

Definitely since the 1972 election which I can remember earliest, and likely going back many decades before that, we always knew the results of an election later the night of the election, or by the next morning (except for the legal wrangling over the Florida vote in 2000).

But this election is a nightmare with the number of irregularities that have cropped up not in just one state but in six states. Not only is the race close, but there is evidence of either ill intent or simple incompetence, and after five days we still don’t know the outcome.

Arizona is awaiting the final count. Georgia will have a recount. Wisconsin and Nevada have both had a “funny” flipping of results. Michigan not only has reported 6,000 votes switching from Trump to Biden in a county with only 12,000 votes, but there are reports of extra ballots showing up generated in blue Detroit.

Investigations, recounts, and lawsuits may have an effect on outcomes in these five states. Some of these instances might be innocent. Some might be incompetence. And some might be fraud.


But the stark evidence of outright fraud comes from Pennsylvania. Radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin was on a rant November 6. On his show’s Audio Rewind dated November 6, he talks about this topic from time 14:55 to 19:02. He makes the point that Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 says only a state’s legislature can make the laws for that state’s election process. So the democrat governor and state supreme court went around the Republican legislature to say that ballots can keep coming in after the cutoff November 3, and that count observers can be escorted out. Wow. And so Trump with a 20 percent lead is suddenly trailing Biden.

America on a Knife’s Edge

Ironically, our constitutional system was born in Philadelphia (in 1787). It might be Philadelphia that sees its death as well. Why do I say that?

Like two teams depending on the neutral referee, Americans have depended on a fair voting system regardless of party. If the fair systems go away, games never start, and the people lose faith in the electoral process.

Voter fraud has been going on at some level for a long time in this country, but it has never been caught, and never dreamed of by most people to the degree that it seems to have happened. Notice in all six states mentioned above, the “funny” votes went the same way, for the same candidate. That alone, but combined with whistleblowers, and the Pennsylvania governor doing what he did, should be cause for a six-state investigation and litigation.

If we as a country do not do this, with both parties fully participating and honestly wanting to straighten this out, we are in real danger of losing  what Ben Franklin challenged: “This is a republic, if you can keep it.”

If the basic decency of fair elections cannot be realized, our republic cannot operate with the peaceful transition of power. And then America becomes something else. People will find another way to rule.

One thing President Trump has hopefully taught Republicans to do is stand up and defend themselves against wrongs. If Biden is declared president, those on the Right may never accept it. If Trump is declared president, those on the Left will never accept it. Unless this is resolved in the courts to a degree that satisfies most Americans, President Trump may indeed be the last (and 42nd) person constitutionally elected president.


We have an election where evidence of fraud has been caught, and on a massive scale. America will either hopefully work it out and continue with most Americans still invested in this nation’s political system, or it may not and instead we may see realized the pastor’s vision of violence in the streets in November.

The latter scenario of course could result in the Second Signpost, among other happenings.

Be alert. Be watchful. Be continuous in prayer.

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10 replies

  1. Jesus also said to pray that the end does not come in winter.

  2. I agree Mark. Not only is the whole thing fishy, but the result of how it all unravels will set in stone whether we as a country remain a republic. It very well could also spark a civil war2 scenario regardless of who wins. If that happens the faith that other countries have in our currency system will be destroyed and the dollars will surely be sent back here, losing our reserve currency status. That all would make sense. If fear that what is coming may be more scifi than that!
    If you are referring to the dreams from pastor Dana Coverstone, I will second that his dreams have hit home to me and I am expecting the end of November to be everything that he said in them.

  3. K,
    Not exactly. Jesus said pray that the start of the 42-month Tribulation does not start in winter.

  4. Excellent summary Mark.

    Something I found this AM:

    Harris in Hebrew means destruction
    Biden translates to B’Din which means “in judgement”

    My belief is that the 2nd signpost may be upon us shortly.

  5. Mark,

    Many on the conservative side had expected fraud to take place. But what is breathtakingly brazen is the extent to which it was conducted. No thinking or fair American believed that Biden could win just from sheer events over the last year. No need to go into detail. If you are half way paying attention you have to come to a conclusion of out right fraud.

    Perhaps this is how God intends to lessen America’s “foot print” in the world so that his plan for returning his Son to rightful rulership will come about. America is losing influence as an example of global leadership and the Middle East will rise now to ever increasing prominence as the Beast takes it place in the role of Jesus’s return.

    The more I pray about this, the more surrendered my heart has become and find solace in this as Jesus and his return becomes front and center.


  6. Courts will decide.

  7. Christians were of a very high majority of the colonies in early America. Unless revival occurs where al large number of people come to Christ AND also repentance occurs, America will continue to lose it’s influence in the world. Liberal churches need to abandon the teachings of Jezebel and the fundamentalist have got to get off social media (that goes for me too) and get out to evangelize their communities again, meeting needs too without turning to intersectional Marxism.

  8. As Yogi Berra said: It’s not over till it’s over. Rather than post the article from whence I got this information (it might be called wishful thinking conspiracy theory) I decided to go to the original source: The White House website. Many on our side think that Trump is simply playing 3-D chess all the time and luring the enemy into a trap and like batman is always around for next week’s episode. This information lends credence to that supposition.
    President Trump in 2018 signed an executive allowing the seizure of assets of any person or entity attempting to steal an election or COVERING UP EVIDENCE thereof or misreporting results.

  9. Julie-

    Very on point!

  10. There is a 2020-11-17 article in Gateway Pundit titled “Since Election Day Over 100 of 243 Dominion Employees on LinkedIn Have Deleted Their Profiles.” Dominion software engineers are being accused of shifting hundreds of thousands of votes for Trump to Biden. The article states that all of Dominion’s software engineers “were located in Serbia.” Why would accused stealers of the 2020 United States presidential election be in Serbia? The official U.S. Department of State website, where the text of a 2019-04-23 U.S. extradition treaty with Serbia is posted, may have the answer. Within the treaty itself is this statement: “Extradition shall not be granted if the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense.”

    Removing Trump from the Presidency via trickery by software engineers in Serbia is doomed to failure, because we are learning about it prior to the intended removal. Ironically, it was President Trump who persuaded Serbia and Kosovo to make peace with each other.

    President Donald Trump participates in a signing ceremony with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, left, and Kosovar Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, Sept. 4, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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