Day 297: American Christian, Be Awake and Alert

Today is Saturday, the last day of October 2020. It has been 297 days, almost ten months, since the grace period began.

It is a crazy time here in the United States.

As Daniel 8:4 says, “No other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power, but he did as he pleased.”

A series of events, which were essentially tests of the Persian ram’s ability to do what Daniel 8:4 says (“the ram butting westward, northward, and southward”), have finished. The Persian ram can now hit any US land asset, any US ship, any oil facility, anywhere in the Middle East.

So what is the Persian ram, otherwise known as the IRGC waiting for? Likely any sign that it can do what it pleases without being stopped.

As part of this crazy time here in the United States, we may be witnessing the opening scenes of America being hobbled militarily and economically right here at home. Half the people want to preserve the United States more or less how it was founded—a nation of laws based on its constitution. The other half support “moving forward”, i.e. away from America’s founding principles, and supporting and electing people who want to keep their power, in order to enact what their dark minds think is best.

It is evident there is some sort of Marxist and/or socialist core of powerful and influential people doing anything they can to change the United States into another form. Whether it is by using some people’s rage about the need for police reform, or some people’s envy that they may never have the good life earlier generations of Americans have enjoyed, or some people’s lack of education that socialism is good and that America was founded on principles of slavery and racism, they seem to be succeeding.

We seem to be headed for civil war. If Trump wins and the Republicans hold the Senate, there are many signs the Left is threatening violence in the streets. If Biden wins and the Democrats take the Senate, there are signs the Left will want to keep its power in a four-fold way: by packing the Supreme Court, making DC and Puerto Rico into states giving the Senate four more Left-leaning senators, getting rid of the Senate filibuster so legislation can be passed with a simple majority, and bypassing the Electoral College. They would do these things to try to keep power and execute their agenda, turning the entire US into something more akin politically to California. Civil war might then begin as soon as this new administration tries to confiscate the guns, as all modern tyrannies began by confiscating the guns. Think Hitler, Lenin, and Mao.

Whoever wins, America may be in for a rough road ahead. I would encourage you, if you are Christian, to vote, and vote those people in supporting Biblical principles behind such things as life, property, and law. Trump, though a very broken human, now has a solid track record of supporting those very principles. Now is not the time to sit on the side lines and be part of the 40 percent of the evangelical community that has not voted in the last two presidential election cycles.

After Election night, things may drag on, or move quickly. As I’ve said before, outages and problems with the internet, communications, and other infrastructure may pop up during the hard times to come. When (or if) the Second Signpost comes, you may be the only one in your community or church to know what is happening and can tell them what it all wonderfully means.

Be ready. Be prepared spiritually and cling to Christ. And be prepared materially to the best you are able.

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  1. Mark,
    To some degree it has been difficult to figure out what is going on in these riots that are still on in places like Portland. It is apparent these groups are closely eyeing on the police mistakes in apprehension of black Americans across the country and most likely will continue no matter who wins. What is really strange is when they do take advantage of a police error that they are going in that area and burning businesses that even include black and other minority businesses. It absolutely makes little sense if it was entirely a leftist move. They look more like mindless mercenaries that are being hired and being that of a collaboration of people that include those being paid off by foreign enemies. Look what has been happening in France prior to this election year. A lot of places in France were being burned. Very odd.

  2. Gary,
    The answer may be found through something you wrote: “mindless mercenaries that are being hired.” So who is hiring them?

  3. That’s the million dollar question? A lot of people are pointing to Soros but could there be other collaborators involved? Very possible.

  4. Daniel 8:4 may indicate who will win the election. President Trump, in opposition to the military-industrial complex, has stated that all US troops in Afghanistan should return home before Christmas of this year. A victory by Biden, a puppet for the military-industrial complex, would embolden thwarting Trump’s orders.

    Daniel 8:4 NASB: “I saw the ram butting westward, northward, and southward, and no other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power, but he did as he pleased and magnified himself.”

    Afghanistan is east of Iran. If Trump wins and all US troops are permanently removed from Afghanistan, the ram would have no reason to butt eastward.

  5. Been recommending your book Daniel Revisited to many others online again this morning, Mark. I will do this periodically but it has been awhile.

  6. This is what Iran has to say about the matter:

    JOL Staff –
    November 6, 2020

    In comments at the opening of a water supply project on Thursday morning, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said it doesn’t matter to Iran what the final result of the US presidential election would be tonight or tomorrow,

    “It is not important who is elected US president, he will surrender to the Iranian nation,” he said.

    The US government has no option but to give in to the law, the pressure of public opinion, and the resistance from the great Iranian nation, he added.

    The president said the Iranian people are the ultimate victor in the face of the US, as they have withstood the sanctions and the coronavirus-related problems.

    “Our nation would not buckle under the pressures. We can overcome the enemies and force them to resume honoring the law and regulations,” Rouhani stressed.

  7. Knowing about plans by the deep state to strip Americans of their God-given rights, a group of Christian patriots in the military intelligence community asked Trump to run for President. After he was elected the deep state tried to remove him from office. Knowing that there would be massive vote fraud to defeat Trump in the 2020 election, patriots designed a sting operation that would intentionally let fraud be committed to expose it for judges to rule on. Although the sting had to be kept secret in order for it to work, some Q posts enigmatically referred to it. On 2018-02-15 Q posted this: “WATCH the water.” From what has just been revealed about invisible watermarks on ballots, we now know that the sting had been designed prior to that post. Tony Shaffer, a retired intelligence operative on Trump’s 2020 advisory board has let the cat out of the bag: “A hypothetical question for all the Democrat trolls following my feed… What if DHS anticipated DNC counting fraud? What if they ‘tagged’ each legitimate ballot. What would happen if DHS does an audit of all counted ballots and find ballots without the tag – what happens then?” Real ballots were watermarked in a way that can only be seen in infrared light. On 2020-09-17 Q had enigmatically posted “RIG FOR RED.” If the watermark does not display under infrared light, that indicates a false ballot. On 2020-10-31 Q posted: “Are you ready to finish what we started? ‘Nothing can stop what is coming’ is not just a catch-phrase.” On 2020-11-06 Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “When America sees everything we are uncovering they will be disgusted and even the media won’t be able to pretend voter fraud isn’t real. Ending this crap once and for all will be fundamental to preserving our republic and faith in democracy.”

  8. Prismplay,
    It has been my prophetic hypothesis since December of 2019. I thought I was wrong possibly in mid-February. I went back to look back to see what I wrote in December 2019. Here is what I wrote:

    1) Biden will win a very tightly contested race
    2) Biden will win but with it Trump will an have a lot more popular votes this time around (he has approximately 7 million more votes)
    3) Biden will have a woman running mate
    4) Because of it being a tight race, the country will become even more divided.
    5) Republicans in the House will gain a notable amount seats. I thought it would be over 210 seats but it looks less.
    6) The Republicans will maintain the Senate.

    If Biden does win, he will drop the sanctions with Iran and will have to deal with country that is divided and will gut the military to deal with our debt and prop up his new welfare plans. The country will be in disarray and constantly feuding. Trump’s lawyers are still fighting the very apparent cheating in the states right now. Trump hasn’t conceded. The Sunday morning news shows will harp on the populous numbers Biden has and ask “Why Trump isn’t conceding? And harp on him.” Also, there will be more civil unrest over the weekend as well that the media will try to blame on Trump for not conceding. I believe the moderates will put pressure on him to concede next week as a result. I watched a couple of prophecy teachers this week saying they still “confirmation” will win his second term. Perhaps in the true numbers, he did, but that doesn’t mean it will be granted under God’s oversight.

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